Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pippi in Winter

(yellow cast from evening, indoor lighting)

To help me not miss Pixie Andrew too much, a new Pixie has come to visit.
A funny little girl...
altogether asymmetrical.
She is an impossible mixture of mischief and sophistication.
This picture is of her face before carrot red braids are added,
and before her little monkey companion climbs up into her arms.
Her name is Pippi,
 and she prefers mismatched longstockings too!
Hopefully this child will be finished in a week or so
and as soon as she is,  I will post portrait pictures for you to see!

Life steadily moves along here inside the house,
 one day leading seamlessly into another
in my familiar homey landscape. 
But outside...well, that's a different story.
This winter has been an everchanging diorama outside the windows.
Grey blue skies and buckets of rain.
Heavy fog, hail and sleet.
Even a surprise visit from the sun
that stretched a rainbow across the empty corn fields in front of our house.

Yet, in all the blustery, erratic winter weather, there were no snow flurries!
But finally the wild birds
wintering in our little community alerted us  
that snow was on the way. 
And snow it did
for a few short but brilliant days. 
Everything here at the farm looked whitewashed, pretty and new.

The guineas were not near as anxious as the children were to go play in it. 
 Of course  they made the chickens venture out 'first,
to investigate this strange, cold stuff falling all over their yard.

Then they sent out the ducks.
(Although the ducks insisted it was their idea first.)

School was cancelled and soon anything with wheels
was pulled out and filled with children...
and dogs...!
Finally, everyone headed for the barn
to warm up after an afternoon of wagon racing, snow people building
and snow ball throwing.

The chickens never did report back to the guineas. 
Rather, they headed to the barn, too,
 and waited it out with the goats and the rabbits.

A perfect end to a snow filled day was...snow ice cream, ofcourse!
Back out in the barn,  our goat Joe was really curious about all the goings on...
 I am adding this picture because his expression reminds me of myself,
poking my head into your studio windows from my side of the computer!


Dear friends, please know that your visits are all so precious to me.
  Like Joe, I poke my head into your blogrooms,
 but unfortunately words do not flow from my fingers easily late at night.
  Very often, I will leave quietly without a word. 
But my heart lingers behind, wishing you well in your artistic endeavors.

Happily, my Doll Room schedule is full right now. 
 To find the time to devote hours needed for dollmaking,
 my computer time has been sacrificed.   
 But I will be faithful to post pictures of my all Little Ones for you to meet
 and hope they bless you
as your own creativity always uplifts my spirit!

The thoughts that you take the time to leave here are read with much affection
and are so appreciated.
Please forgive me for not being able
to do the same for you right now.

Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the world!
until later...always love, Rose


  1. Your dolls enchant me so, and your world is so magical x

  2. ooooh how i love and adore all your little treasures! your such a great artist! best wishes and fairy hugs! di

  3. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pics and fun comments, made my day. Pippi is absolutely exquisite, such character in that face. Quite understand your decision to cut back on blogging and more time creating, I need to make the same decision.

  4. Create your magical creature dear Rose,they feed our souls.
    You always bring us joy!

  5. You have a talent beyond compare. You bring the magical and secret world of the Earth Dwellers to the Mortals. Never stop believing. ---<--@

  6. My dear Rose
    If this is not the happiest little girl I have seen! Love her expression.. I can't wait to see the completion of dear Pippi..
    Thank you for sharing your family photos.. I love them all, but the ones of the children are priceless. They are really having fun.. Even the dog! The photo of Joe the goat made me laugh.. Too cute!
    So good to see you back my dear friend.
    Take care, have a great weekend.
    Love and blessings,

  7. Your pixie Pippi is wonderful. My pixie is just loooking for a wife, so hurry up and finsh her. She´s got a good chance :)

    Have a nice weekend,

  8. Rose! It is SO good to hear from you. :) Glad to know that all is well. Your Pippi is wonderful. And all the beautiful winter scenes warmed my heart. Take care! Theresa

  9. What a wonderful post you given us! Pippi, family and Joe!

    Yes, create first, blog second. I wish you joy in your creativity.

  10. Such idylls... I love coming here. The music, the magic it a dream world I never want to leave. Thanks. Blessings, Amy

  11. Dearest Rosa,
    *Pipi* is magical and I just can't wait to see her all done and her companion too!!!
    I love to see the pictures of your farm and the children too. I know you are so very busy my friend but do find a little time to keep your posts up because i know I am not ALONE in this- I LOVE TO VISIT YOU!!!*grin*

    I too have been limited but please know that I come here often.

  12. Visiting your post always feel like sitting down with a friend. Looks like you are having a wonderful March!

  13. Dear Rose, no apologies needed my friend, we understand, well, I know I do completely! It seems as though there are not enough hours in the day most often. I frequently find myself "peeking in" as well, and leaving without a comment, but always with a warm heart, and much inspiration. Your new Pippi is already a testament of all things whimsical, yet her brillance shines through! I can't wait to see her in complettion. Your photo and comparison to Joe is so funny. I think I must look alot like him too! Our winter was not normal this season at all. We live in Ky as you know, and for us to get over 4 inches of snowfall per season is rare! This winter, it snowed many times here, with accumulations of over a foot at a time! Of course the grandchildren loved it, snow ice cream is a fave here too! I actually helped my eldest grandson, Howard build a snowman in our yard. We had so much fun that day. The snow rolled up like dryer lint, only beautiful, and fluffy white! Our snowman became our model..he began as a regular snowman with the classic carrott nose branches for arms, and big black eyes..then we got the idea to change him up, with each picture, it was more and more fun. He became a snow woman, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and a Samuri soldier before we were through! (giggles) Hope you are still enjoying your winter Rose, and find time for yourself, and lifes simple pleasures. I miss talking to you, and truly appreciate your emails. With much Love, Christel


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