Saturday, January 14, 2012

A long winter's nap...

Happy New Year everyone!
A little belated, but I do hope January is off to a good start for you.
As for me, I am still waiting for my long winter's nap!
There has been precious little sleep in our house between Thanksgiving
   High excitement, friends and family gatherings, shopping, and more shopping.
The  hustle bustle of the holidays seemed to fill each day to overflowing.

Now that the ornaments are packed away until next fall,
the clean palette of 2012 has stirred me with new creative imaginings
borne from a very special Treasure Box.

It landed on our doorstep
just after Christmas.

Upon closer inspection, we saw the address was from Finland.
A hint perhaps of what...or who might be inside.
As we gently separated the tissue, you can imagine our surprise.
This is what we found!


Tucked within a wooden box that had been painted in Pippi colors
was a cheerful bouquet  bursting with treasures!
As you can imagine, I was completely
Overwhelmed.  Speechless.
My daughters had to provide the words.
And did they ever.
My own Pippichild was sure her friend had returned...
She squealed, "I see her face! I see her face! She's back!"


Yes, she was back...
but this time in a different form.
(Don't you think she looks like a Finlander now?)

As each treasure was uncovered, we marveled at the....
Endless details.
Meticulously crafted sentiments.
Brilliant colors on fanciful designs.
Just look at this gorgeous card made by Pippi's new mama...


I could not believe someone would do this...


A little orange haired doll brought a Living Angel into our life...
This extraordinary expression of gratitude
 arrived  at just the right time...
Right in the midst of my soulful end-of-year ponderings about the future of my dollmaking.
You see, my children are growing older, and they are needing a different quality time from me.
My concentration needs to be more focused on their art abilities.
So that perhaps each one of them could experience the bliss, the absolute joy of creating something lovely that comes from the center of their own heart.
I want them to feel, in their own unique way, what I feel when I make a doll.
Would there, should there be enough time for me to devote to the Doll Room this year...
But such serious thought had been momentarily replaced by Sweets.
Of course, Pippi did not forget to send along Sweets. 
And there are even even more treasures deep down in this box...
Would you like to see them? 
Here is the seating arrangement in Pippi's new living quarters...
carefully displayed in a handmade picture album.
with plenty of extra pages to add more pictures of my own!


Something special to hold my favorite beverage.

Coffee tastes really good in this cup!
(A tiny Mr. Nelson is in the works, and I hope to include pictures of him in my next post.)


Finally, encased in an artfully painted tin box, we found this...

As I watched my children's responses to the contents of this box,
I knew that they were actually experiencing the full circle of giving and the true essence of art.
Once they identify with my doll, they can't help but become absorbed in the creation process.
Yet at the end, they have to let them someone else.
Pippi came back to them through the art of someone else...and they figured it out!
  WHY I send the dolls away...
My dollmaking just took on a whole new dimension to them, and me...within this Treasure Box.
Thank you again, Sari
 for encouraging our artistic vision for 2012.
God bless you!
One more exciting piece of news...
Please welcome a relatively new and upcoming doll artist!
Penny's ( of Bebe fame at Angelsdoor) sister
Connie created Freckels.
I just love the irrepressible  expression on her face!
It kind of reminds me of a Bebe adventure must be on her mind.
Come see more of her on ebay here!

Still hoping for that long winter's nap...!  Rose  


  1. Happy New Year my sweet Fairy friend!!!! Wish you and your & family Health and Joy and lot of Inspiration!!!!
    This post is wonderful!!!! I can imagine how happy you and your sweet kids must felt when you opened this Magic Box full of beautiful treasures and feelings!!! Your daughter in this photo is sooo beautiful and i can see in her expression how grateful she is!!! Well, yes!!! The circle of giving and sharing and the expression of our gratefulness inside the art is a wonderful thing!!!
    You are so sweet and i'm very glad i met you!!!! Kisses to you & your lovely kids!!! Have a great week!!! :o)))

  2. What a great, great "thank you"! It really must be something to see your doll "coming back home".:) Thank you for sharing your joy with us, Rose! We have a sentence over here The good once given away comes back twice as strong. And so it is with the Art and Gratitude I think.:)

  3. How wonderful and heart warming, a beautiful "post" it's really wonderful to see all the love created and given, your beautiful dolls gives so much joy, to so many!! The love behind it shines through...Thank you Rose for sharing my" Freckels " on your post, its most exciting !! you are so very sweet!!...loving thanks Connie

  4. Rose, your dolls are among the most beautiful dolls I've ever seen. Very sensitive and full of love.
    I greet you with admiration,

  5. Dear Rose, The Pippi child has been given full circle. Saris gifts have filled the hearts of you, and the children with gratitude, and love. It is a wonderful soul that gives like that. Sari is a true friend, and I am sure she now has a special place in the hearts of you, and your family.

    I want to remind you of something, just a bit more that three short years ago, I found you through your art. The art is so very important for many reasons, as you know. What your dolls represented to me was a great hope. The hope of one day having the skills to create such beautiful heirloom pieces. Amazement and awe, amazement of the mastercraftmanship within your hands, the true meaning of magic, being able to capture a magical moment in time within the clay, I was, and still am, truly in awe of your talents. As time progressed, with your loving encouragement, I must say, that through dollmaking,blogging, and emails, I gained a true love, and respect for you, and your family. I still have so many skills to master, and still feel that hunger for perfection,( although I now know, as an artist, I doubt I will ever reach "perfection", I don't think it is within our grasps..we are our own worst critics) but more importantly, I have the desire to share the love of the dolls, the love of creating with emotion...creating what comes from the heart..I think you gave me that special gift Rose. I know you will go on to guide the children, and their artistic paths, but please Rose, don't forget your heart, your art is much more than dolls to many of us.Perhaps as time allows, the dollroom will becon, and you will still create dolls as only you can, each having that special magic, that will come full circle once again.Even if there are only a few that you find time to devote to, these will become even more special. Thank you for always being my mentor and friend Rose, it means so much more than you know. Much Love, Christel

  6. Greetings mirsini, Ewa, Connie, and Christel! Thank you for your sweet visit and wonderfully thoughtful words. You give me much to be thankful for, you really do. It is so easy to become lost within the endless details and lose sight of the bigger perspective...and that is what I do NOT want to do.
    Christel, I think you have described well the quandary of the artistic search for perfection. Boy do I struggle with that!! Actually, WE are the work in progress, aren't we :)
    I have visited your blogs, but am having trouble when I try to leave a comment. My page goes blank. It is only just now, by coming in through a different browser, that I am even able to leave a comment here.
    I so look forward to seeing what this year's palette holds for you all...let's do take this journey together and find, Rose

  7. Happy new year Rose ! I too am late with my greetings in blogland :0)
    My Pickering arrived at the weekend and I am simply delighted with him ! he is far too lovely to put away until next xmas so has now taken up permanent residence hanging in my studio where he looks wonderful. Thank you so much, it was such a beautiful parcel and such a treat to unwrap :0)
    kind regards
    julie xxx

  8. Dear Rose
    It has taken me quite a while to access your blog, but was most certainly worth the wait.. This time I did not get a white screen...
    What a beautiful thank you from Sari.. I know you must have been overwhelmed with joy, just as she must have been when she received Pippi child... Everything does come full circle in life my friend and goodness has come back to you..
    Yes, there should be time for you in your doll room this year Rose.. It is there that you leave little pieces of your heart with each new creation.. I believe the children have learned much from watching you create.. I think you have taught them more than you know. So please, teach and spend time guiding them with the arts, but please take a little time for your creations.
    Now I must give you my heartfelt THANK YOU for including my sisters little doll Freckels in your post! You my friend, are always so very thoughtful and kind, and I cannot thank you enough for mentioning little Bebe and me.. You have always been so encouraging and supportive, but most of all a dear friend.. You inspire me always, and have brought so much joy in my life.. Thank you Rose, for just being you.
    Love and blessings,

  9. Me again... How happy it made me to have you visit. Were the photos beautiful or what... So glad you enjoyed viewing. I was just taken back when Earl sent them to me.. The ocean always gives me a sense of peace.
    p.s. I am so honored that Bebe will be going on a journey to your mother's home... Thank you so much dear Rose.
    Love, Penny

  10. Happy Valentine's Day dear friend!
    lovingly, Penny


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