Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ghost of Christmas Present


At long last the second Spirit who visited Scrooge is now complete.
She was a labor of love and I am really struggling with the thought of sending her away...
Not to mention my growing attachment to the two children
who are tucked into the silk folds of her ghostly gown.
The youngest child bears a striking resemblence to my youngest grand*daughter...


If you would like to see more pictures I would love for you
to stop by their auction...
please click on the picture above.

(I will be adding the entire story here in a few days.)

Warm Christmas greetings, Rose


  1. they look perfect!
    soooo amazing...and
    I love the story about scrooge too!!!

  2. Precioso trabajo, realmente dulce, lleno de matices... es fantástico, y esa pequeña hada que tienes en la mano en la barra de la derecha... tus creaciones me sorrenden cada vez más.
    Un saludo desde España y felicidades de nuevo.

  3. I'm wordless..... This work is wonderful!!!
    You are a very great artist, I love so much your dolls.
    Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Hugs Anna

  4. Breathtaking!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! I don't know how you bring these little people to life, but you do~


  5. Oh, Rose, I love this ghost. I have seen this character already on ebay and fell in love immediately. I see them every day, and I am beginning to dream. She is so beautiful and I would like to have them, but I can not afford, unfortunately. I wish you a great auction! And I wish you wonderful Christmas with your family and all the best for the new year! Hugs, Anjah

  6. Rose, each piece of yours I see I totally adore and can't envision you topping yourself - yet every time, you do. I am so enthralled with this astounding piece of art work. The ghost is
    stunning, beautiful face and absolutely fantastic costuming. The children are perfect - in only the way that you can make them. The combination of all is stunningly gorgeous and heart-pulling.

    I covet your work!

  7. Oh my.... ::gasp:: What a marvelous piece! Their beautiful faces, the richness of the textures and fabrics. Simply amazing!

  8. My dearest Rosa~ firstly I must to say that you outdid your self. This MAGICAL set is out of this world! STUNNING! I love it! I am speachless !*smiles*
    Secondly, I have sent you couple emails few weeks ago and because I did not hear back from you kate and I had to improvise, grin, .... whatch your mail..... I did not forget you my dear friend.... I never will!

  9. Dear Rose, a masterpiece for certain. How lucky the winning bidder will be, and such a glorious Christmas gift for anyone! She is polymer perfection, the children are beautiful, and look like little angels themselves. What a true inspiration you are! Thank you dear friend. XXXOO Christel

  10. Dear Rose, Every time I return to take just one more glance at her, I find more detail.. She is truly breathtaking! The children have such emotion... I can clearly see how difficult it would be to ~let go~ of this set.
    with love... Penny

  11. very beautifull work. A true spirit of christmas.

  12. Hello my favorite enchanted lady. I am sincerely blessed this christmas season with special feelings of peace and comfort and love. I love the hussel and bussel and streatch of preparing for Christmas, I feel so close to the Father of us All.

    I am up to my ears in projects and last minute things, but I wanted to visit you and wish you and your family a wonderful Chirstmas.

    As always I am rewarded by my visit. Your music has such a calming effect on me. And your art! Well, tears come to my eyes, and I am so grateful to know you.

    Hugs and Kisses

  13. Merry Christmas Anna, Julia, and Anna! I can imagine you are busy with many holiday activities, so it is especially wonderful you took the time to stop in for a visit and leave your calling card. Thank you for your most welcome words!!! love, Rose

  14. Yuletide blessings to you Keke, Theresa and Anjah! I SO appreciate your gift of encouraging words you give to me!! And thank you, dear Anjah for visiting Christmas Ghost at her auction...love, Rose

  15. This sculpt is absolutely breathtaking.
    I have followed your work for several years on Ebay... each and every creation is more endearing than the last.
    Thank you for sharing your talent and ability to allow us to escape, if just for a few moments from this sometimes harsh world we live in to a place of beauty.

  16. *____* Wonderful... and the children are so sweet... I love your works!

    Thank you very much for the comment... I'm very very happy, I admire you a lot! (sorry for my horrible English... )


  17. Hello Kendra, Sue and lilinenamur! Thanks So much...it makes me very happy that they may have touched that tender place where Christmas resides forever in your hearts...love, Rose

  18. Merry Christmas Mary, Pat and Christel! I wanted to create this piece to honor the true Spirit of Giving that this Season represents. The same spirit I recognize in so many of the dear friends I have met here. You humble me with your generosity in giving so freely straight from the center of your hearts...love, Rose

  19. Hola Rosa, buenos días. Ahora mismo me embarga tal emoción viendo esta nueva obra de arte, que me he quedado sin palabras. Estarás acostumbrada un pecado un fin de elogios, pero es la única Manera que tenemos de decirte lo que nos gusta tus creaciones y la motivación.
    Rosa, te tengo mi pensamiento, deseo que tengas toda la paz, salud, alegría y amor junto con tu familia y que el próximo año todas tus ilusiones y sueños se vean cumplidos. Un gran abrazo.


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