Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Shoohoo!

 photo shoohootitle.jpg

 photo shoohoo16.jpg

What should I do
 when I find a Shoohoo 
in the Garden?!

 photo shoohoo9.jpg

...When she pulls the flowers out by the root,
And breaks the flower pots!
When her toys are  always underfoot
While she picks all the forget-me-nots!

 photo shoohoo21.jpg

Now, what am I to do?!

 photo shoohoo2.jpg

...When she crawls over the seedling sprouts,
Then feeds the remnants to the birds!
When I asked her to stay put and sit still,  she looked confused,
I don't think she understood my words...

 photo shoohoo19.jpg

Sigh...what am I to do...

...When the sparkle dims from her eyes 
and her giggles turned to a frown.
When I realize she was just copying me,
with chubby little hands but could only knock things down.

 photo shoohoo14.jpg

Well..this is what I'll do!

 photo facebook263.jpg

Make her a  faerie garden from the broken pot,
 and weave the forget-me-nots in her hair.
She can watch over the bird nest spot, 
while I'll keep her happy and safe with the greatest of care!

 photo shoohoo3.jpg

That's what you do
 with a Shoohoo!

 photo shoohoo11.jpg

 So nice to see you all again!  It has been far too long 
since I have been in this neighborhood. 
 I plan to offer more little bb friends in the future,
so please check in again, or leave your email address below.

Thank you for taking the time to meet my little Shoohoo ... :)  Rose

 photo shoohoo18.jpg