Monday, November 19, 2012

Tales From the Doll Room Book!

Christmas orders for Jemima's Storybook are closed. 
  Thank you, my dear friends, for generously supporting
my first humble efforts at bookmaking!
much love, Rose 
Tales from the Doll Room is the result of a lifetime
 filled to the brim with good and bad experiences, remarkable family, faithful friends,
and all sorts of art forms attempting to interpret everything in between. 
Writing a Storybook is a thought that has been drifting around
 since those youthful days spent lying on the attic roof,
making up stories in my head to while away
the long hot midwestern afternoons.
Well, here it first Storybook...
What a journey this has been.
  Much different than dollmaking, that's for sure! 
 If all the kinks have been ironed out, I hope to begin mailing copies
 somewhere around the first of December.
  Just in time for Christmas!
The book will be self-published. Which means the books will be ordered
directly from the publishers on request...customer request. So, the turn-around
from order to home might be a bit longer since I would like to handle
the shipping myself for quality purposes.
Most importantly,
I want to personalize each and every Storybook
before it opens up in your hands
and in your Imagination.
Meet Jemima!
She is a very Determined Little Girl who expects a Two-Wheeler
 from her mother for her 7th birthday.
But, the elephant in the room is...
the actions she chooses to prove her point
 are exactly what is preventing her from getting her point across!
Instead, she receives a toy elephant named Talulah
who innocently turns Jemima's priorities upside down.
I have read this story to my own children,
and the lessons we have discussed from it abound.
Probably because using the visual and emotional aspects of dolls tends to get their attention!
Jemima and Talulah's story demonstrate values such as...
responsibility, respect, appreciation, consequences, 
and above you treat others often comes back on you!
Gently illustrated by two very sweet little dolls.
The love of dolls and their World of
Childhood transcends age, gender and culture.
I think that is why we all love them so much...
they help us speak the same language!
Would you like a look inside?
Come along with me for a preview...



... you'll never guess what happens next ...