Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Woodland Cocoon


May brought a few glorious rays of sunshine.

Enough to allow for some garden ground shoveling that did not involve mud.

The dirt was flying in our garden beds!

Inquisitive little hands gathered a series of worms and cocoons for further inspection.

We discovered that new life is abounding in May.

And so it is in the Doll Room as well ...

Woodland Faerie Cocoon
Baby Antje


The cocoon is made from hand spun wool by etsy seller Springtree Road.

Her yarn is ART. Totally scrumptious to work with and hold.

This is her white Merino wool, spun into a most gorgeous strand that varies in density
to snugly wrap a tiny newborn faerie within.
Baby's wings are dotted guinea hen feathers gathered from under their cherry tree perch.


Antje wears a cap of 2 dried and varnished rose petals,

a sweet gift from Penny (Angelsdoor).

She is a 6 inch scale baby, measuring 4 inches in her pose...fully detailed and painted.

Her wool wrap is non-removeable however,

because of the knotting used to secure the cocoon bundle.


The Cradle is made from...small pieces of driftwood;
a root I pulled from my sister's back yard on Whidbey Island;
and a large knothole salvaged from the bay.

Scrubbed, heated and then sealed.

Feather is from one of our muscovey drakes.

Root Basket Cradle measures 10" high by 8" wide.


(To visit Antje's auction, please click her picture above!)

Sleeping on a pillow of dyed green wool and realistic peach paper rose petals,
this faerie baby is hidden under a protective curtain of moss (also created from wool).

Please stop in again soon to see an update on the 5 piece commission

that is steadily moving right along.

Always, it is good to see your friendly face at my door ...

Thank You for coming by! love, Rose