Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Faerie Gardens, Bedtime Stories and a Mouse

Pixie Aster

Home spun Bedtime Stories are a tradition in our family.

Often the fairytales that follow my sculptures
will serve as great night-time tales.
 However, this time the faerie was created in response to a simple
verse about a Pixie who grows Mice instead of Flowers in her garden.

We are in the midst of garden digging here at the farm,
and it totally intrigues my youngest children to imagine that just perhaps
mice can be "grown" by forest Pixies.
 So, my daughter Angi and I decided to have a bit of  fun
and together bring this fairy tale to life
during planting season.
Angi sculpted these two endearing characters and I worked out the detailing!
Clicking on the picture above will take you to her auction!
I hope you take a moment to meet Pixie Aster and her garden grown mouse,
 and read the simple little limerick spun by my daughter
to her own children.  
This was so agreeable to our artistic constitutions,
that we hope to offer a joint project
now and again on ebay.
Now, I am off to visit some of your studios
to see what has been sprouting there!
Thank you for stopping by...much love, Rose

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Dream Ship

Have I mentioned to you that my daughters are completely in love
with a certain little red haired girl
and her pet monkey?
Well, upon making and sending two Pippi's off to new adventures,
I was promising the girls again that there would someday be another.
Little did I know how soon that someday would be.
 An unusual face began smiling at me from within the clay.
 Once her features were sculpted and painted, the only hair color that fit her
 ...was red...
which just so happened to (still) be sitting upon my desk. 
Suddenly I found a Sea Captain looking at me!
To help me really see who this person was,
Suzanne (Pixie Andrew's mom) penned a poem
 about Pippi dreaming of who she might be when she grew up.
Her word painting was wonderful...so full of imagery! 
 And it gave me a clear vision of who this grown up Longstocking might be.
A Sea Captain needs a ship.
Last December, I found a paper mach'e boat tutorial by Ann Wood
and thought this would be a perfect reason to try it!
It was great fun to make.
If you would like to see flying seafaring beauties,
 please visit
Anne's blog here
and be Inspired!
Pippi, Nelson, Tweedle the bird, and the little Dream Ship are all on EBAY right now.
To see them in more detail and read Suzanne's wonderful poem,
please  click on the ebay word or picture in the upper right hand corner
to take you there.

Thank you for stopping by, and...
Happy Sailing to you!
love, Rose