Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jewel of the Crown


Ancient Elven Lore foretells a Time

when Darkness would envelope

a Land once Fair and Beautiful...
Please meet Na'riel, a very special doll.
She represents a Bride, a Spirit, a Legend...and Japan
Thus, she has a unique white powdered finish on her skin
 to give her a mystical and pure appearance.
Since January, she has been in bits and pieces.
Well, maybe even longer.
Her head was sculpted and partially painted
sometime late last year...waiting for a suitable body.
And waiting for the Inspiration to come.
One afternoon this spring, I made a long, lithe armature
with a wrapped torso that seemed to have a regal pose.
By happenstance, I draped a piece of ultra soft pink velour
 around the waist of the armature.
Quite suddenly, I envisioned a Maiden
 standing in the Crown on my mantle.
All the while, watching the distress of our neighbors in Japan...
Now with a purpose, this piece began emerging. 

Exquisite bits of old laces that had disappeared in my
Doll Room drawers resurfaced...remnants of silks and velvets and petals of fabric flowers came together
 in a calm and marvelous way.

A bride slowly was appearing, but in a mystical form. 
 So, beading pearls seemed fitting.
Her name is Na'riel
which is Elven for Glowing Pearl.


Many layers make up her gown,
chiffon, silk gauze, handmade velvet ribbon, pink lace.
Like her gown, she holds many layers of meaning for me as well.


The many hours devoted
to each minute component of her creation
 made for a lovely journey.


 Creating a Maiden of Fortitude and Perseverance...

Waiting for her King...



Na'riel is presently on ebay.
To visit her auction and Story,
please click on the picture above.
And I could not resist showing you a cute as a bug
 (and not much larger than one) Faerie Child
made by Angi also on ebay.
You can click on her picture too
if you would like to view her auction.
The faerie dust has been sparkling in the Doll Room!
 much love to you, Rose