Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcoming Rabbits


About 9 years ago, our family became
that place out in the country for a small group of town rabbits.

Their human had turned his backyard into a virtual rabbit haven, however the landlord was not impressed. Our barn become their new haven with long wooden bunny apartments crafted by my husband and sons. Soon thereafter, we were surprised that one of the females gave birth. Unfortnately, she had built no nest and carelessly deposited them in her half full water dish.


Sadly, after several died, I attempted a rescue.
And that was when my love affair with rabbits began.


Three of the babies moved into our farm house
and continue to live with us as one.
(Toot is now gone after 8 lovely years)

Naturally, there are rabbits hopping all through my thoughts.
It was bound to happen that Bootsie, my constant rabbit companion,
would inspire a companion set.


She is featured on my current auction, along with a child who fancies herself a rabbit, and a whimsical interpretation of a faerie bunny.

I had way way too much fun creating this set, as you can imagine...


So, I fondly bid you adieu for now ...

but if you click the picture above,

I will meet you at Lizette and Milicent's auction.
It is always a joy to see you here and there! love, Rose