Saturday, January 14, 2012

A long winter's nap...

Happy New Year everyone!
A little belated, but I do hope January is off to a good start for you.
As for me, I am still waiting for my long winter's nap!
There has been precious little sleep in our house between Thanksgiving
   High excitement, friends and family gatherings, shopping, and more shopping.
The  hustle bustle of the holidays seemed to fill each day to overflowing.

Now that the ornaments are packed away until next fall,
the clean palette of 2012 has stirred me with new creative imaginings
borne from a very special Treasure Box.

It landed on our doorstep
just after Christmas.

Upon closer inspection, we saw the address was from Finland.
A hint perhaps of what...or who might be inside.
As we gently separated the tissue, you can imagine our surprise.
This is what we found!


Tucked within a wooden box that had been painted in Pippi colors
was a cheerful bouquet  bursting with treasures!
As you can imagine, I was completely
Overwhelmed.  Speechless.
My daughters had to provide the words.
And did they ever.
My own Pippichild was sure her friend had returned...
She squealed, "I see her face! I see her face! She's back!"


Yes, she was back...
but this time in a different form.
(Don't you think she looks like a Finlander now?)

As each treasure was uncovered, we marveled at the....
Endless details.
Meticulously crafted sentiments.
Brilliant colors on fanciful designs.
Just look at this gorgeous card made by Pippi's new mama...


I could not believe someone would do this...


A little orange haired doll brought a Living Angel into our life...
This extraordinary expression of gratitude
 arrived  at just the right time...
Right in the midst of my soulful end-of-year ponderings about the future of my dollmaking.
You see, my children are growing older, and they are needing a different quality time from me.
My concentration needs to be more focused on their art abilities.
So that perhaps each one of them could experience the bliss, the absolute joy of creating something lovely that comes from the center of their own heart.
I want them to feel, in their own unique way, what I feel when I make a doll.
Would there, should there be enough time for me to devote to the Doll Room this year...
But such serious thought had been momentarily replaced by Sweets.
Of course, Pippi did not forget to send along Sweets. 
And there are even even more treasures deep down in this box...
Would you like to see them? 
Here is the seating arrangement in Pippi's new living quarters...
carefully displayed in a handmade picture album.
with plenty of extra pages to add more pictures of my own!


Something special to hold my favorite beverage.

Coffee tastes really good in this cup!
(A tiny Mr. Nelson is in the works, and I hope to include pictures of him in my next post.)


Finally, encased in an artfully painted tin box, we found this...

As I watched my children's responses to the contents of this box,
I knew that they were actually experiencing the full circle of giving and the true essence of art.
Once they identify with my doll, they can't help but become absorbed in the creation process.
Yet at the end, they have to let them someone else.
Pippi came back to them through the art of someone else...and they figured it out!
  WHY I send the dolls away...
My dollmaking just took on a whole new dimension to them, and me...within this Treasure Box.
Thank you again, Sari
 for encouraging our artistic vision for 2012.
God bless you!
One more exciting piece of news...
Please welcome a relatively new and upcoming doll artist!
Penny's ( of Bebe fame at Angelsdoor) sister
Connie created Freckels.
I just love the irrepressible  expression on her face!
It kind of reminds me of a Bebe adventure must be on her mind.
Come see more of her on ebay here!

Still hoping for that long winter's nap...!  Rose