Wednesday, December 22, 2010

...Not a Creature was Stirring...


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Summer's End


Greetings, dear friends!

How is it that only yesterday I was helping my daughters press carrot seeds into the freshly dug dirt...
and just this morning I noticed that maple leaves
 have covered the now empty rows. 

And is there a distinct chill of frost in the air?
 Could the Summer Season really have passed by so quickly,
or could it be that I have been so caught up in all the details
that I did not notice that Autumn has long been at our door?


Come walk with me and visit some of the doings and goings on 
that have kept me away from visiting with  you
for much too long!


There was an Elven Slipper that finally found 
a Shoemaker faerie to add the finishing touches.


Her name was Givanni and she was born with no wings.
 She chose to live amongst the field mice...
and they
gave her flight
 upon their Thistledown.


A special little Summer faerie
 who was inspired by the real dream of a real child.   

A tiny mite sculpted for my sister's birthday. 
Lots of fresh eggs, and brand new babies...

Even a fresh coat of celery green house paint
to compliment our bean patch.
Sure to chase away
any winter blues.


Field  fences reinforced to keep the goats...


and the cows out of the neighboring farmer's corn field.



Chubby handfuls of picked peapods
that never quite made it into the dinner pot.




   A rescued young chipmunk
who filled our mornings with exuberant antics.


And finally a chocolate raspberry cake baked with love
and thoroughly enjoyed on
 a (badly needed) refurbished front porch.
Watching the Sun set upon our full days...

So that is where the Summer went!!

I neglected to notice it's passing
 as I was enjoying every moment of it.

I hope your creative fields are bursting
 with bright blossoms
of days well spent...

And your Autumn is rich with many thankful reflections!
much love to you, Rose 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Christmas Future


At long last.



The Ghost of Christmas Future,
a hopeful interpretation requested by a very special friend.

This is her vision of children as they should be presented
when humanity heeds the
grim exhortation of Dickens' Ghost of Christmas Present.



Tattered Rags transformed into Bountiful Gowns
under the blessings of
The Candlebearer of the Eternal Light.

A Light of hope that burns steadfast for all children everywhere...


Never to be extinguished.



Hair carefully combed and delicately styled,

adorned with a crown fit for a princess.
Tears dried,
with a promise made
to love and to cherish...


The Ghost's arms embrace the children.
She loved them in their Poverty,
and her love became their Wealth.


Bless you, my friend,  for granting me the priviledge
of creating this most sentimental piece from my heart to yours.

A bouquet of summer wild flowers just for you!
Could two months really have passed  since my last post?!
My absence, in part, was the desire to finish this piece
so that my next post would pick up where I last left off.
Not to mention there has been a substantial flurry
 of summer activities
going on here at the old farm.
I have a pile of pictures just waiting to share with you.
Some of what has been happening outside the doll room.
Thank you, dear ones, for not forgetting about me...
please know that you have been ever present on my mind! 
I hope your own summer has been productive and ripe with
the fruit of contentment.
until we talk again (soon!), Rose


Friday, June 11, 2010

A Ghost and Six Inspirations


The first of the five characters in the Christmas Future piece is now complete...

*The Ghost*


of Christmas Future

She is a larger figure at 12 inch scale
and is both a soft and polymer sculpture.




Dressed in fine silk gauze, delicate tulles, twisted ribbons and antique lace,
with glass pearls and beads as accents,
she is the embodiment of a spirit who carries much authority.


My intent was to create a gentle countenance,
but an underlying sterness also came through.
 I am quite sure it is her determination that the children within the folds of her skirts
will be well tended and loved for all the future.


The Ghost will have two children sitting with her in a large jeweled crown. 
 They both are sculpted and are awaiting their gowns.

I have just been gifted with a very sentimental gesture,
the Inspiration Award.
From my Daughter.

My daughter Tomi feels that I inspire her...well, truth be known... SHE is the inspiration.  Our journey together has led us up and down joyful, challenging, as well as perilous paths.  We have found great comfort and validation in one another while discovering that the source of our strength lies in Someone greater than ourselves.  As I  watch Tomi mature beautifully into her womanly character, she has taught me so much...about living with a constant spirit of grace and softness while
 remaining unflinchingly faithful to her standards and beliefs.

And oh, what her hands are able to turn into heavenly gold -
little girl dresses and aprons, elderberry jams, farm grown soups to chase away winter cold(s)... filling her home to the brim with loving handiwork. All accomplished with much skill while tending to her growing flockling.

If you have not already  traveled down her lush country lane, be prepared to receive a welcome bear hug from the Bramblewood when you arrive.  Tomi is busy creating 2 new custom bears and has been posting progress pictures along the way!  Thank you, my daughter...I love you...

Now, I have the pleasure of inviting you to visit five other Very Lovely Places
that will surely inspire you as they have me! 
I will allow their pictures tell you why ...

Five Inspirations
 The parable of the Ice Cream Bar




And where might you direct our flight from here, my Five Inspirations
Please accept with admiration this award and pass it along to five others who inspire you as well!

until we meet again...always love, Rose

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Woodland Cocoon


May brought a few glorious rays of sunshine.

Enough to allow for some garden ground shoveling that did not involve mud.

The dirt was flying in our garden beds!

Inquisitive little hands gathered a series of worms and cocoons for further inspection.

We discovered that new life is abounding in May.

And so it is in the Doll Room as well ...

Woodland Faerie Cocoon
Baby Antje


The cocoon is made from hand spun wool by etsy seller Springtree Road.

Her yarn is ART. Totally scrumptious to work with and hold.

This is her white Merino wool, spun into a most gorgeous strand that varies in density
to snugly wrap a tiny newborn faerie within.
Baby's wings are dotted guinea hen feathers gathered from under their cherry tree perch.


Antje wears a cap of 2 dried and varnished rose petals,

a sweet gift from Penny (Angelsdoor).

She is a 6 inch scale baby, measuring 4 inches in her pose...fully detailed and painted.

Her wool wrap is non-removeable however,

because of the knotting used to secure the cocoon bundle.


The Cradle is made from...small pieces of driftwood;
a root I pulled from my sister's back yard on Whidbey Island;
and a large knothole salvaged from the bay.

Scrubbed, heated and then sealed.

Feather is from one of our muscovey drakes.

Root Basket Cradle measures 10" high by 8" wide.


(To visit Antje's auction, please click her picture above!)

Sleeping on a pillow of dyed green wool and realistic peach paper rose petals,
this faerie baby is hidden under a protective curtain of moss (also created from wool).

Please stop in again soon to see an update on the 5 piece commission

that is steadily moving right along.

Always, it is good to see your friendly face at my door ...

Thank You for coming by! love, Rose

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcoming Rabbits


About 9 years ago, our family became
that place out in the country for a small group of town rabbits.

Their human had turned his backyard into a virtual rabbit haven, however the landlord was not impressed. Our barn become their new haven with long wooden bunny apartments crafted by my husband and sons. Soon thereafter, we were surprised that one of the females gave birth. Unfortnately, she had built no nest and carelessly deposited them in her half full water dish.


Sadly, after several died, I attempted a rescue.
And that was when my love affair with rabbits began.


Three of the babies moved into our farm house
and continue to live with us as one.
(Toot is now gone after 8 lovely years)

Naturally, there are rabbits hopping all through my thoughts.
It was bound to happen that Bootsie, my constant rabbit companion,
would inspire a companion set.


She is featured on my current auction, along with a child who fancies herself a rabbit, and a whimsical interpretation of a faerie bunny.

I had way way too much fun creating this set, as you can imagine...


So, I fondly bid you adieu for now ...

but if you click the picture above,

I will meet you at Lizette and Milicent's auction.
It is always a joy to see you here and there! love, Rose

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is just around the corner!


Late last year, right in the midst of winter's long season,
this little character was born
through the hands of my daughter, Angi.
Although only partially complete,
she was content to sit next to the window in my Doll Room.
There, she watched the frosty rain fall, and idely dreamed of snow
and icicle sparkles.

To me, she was the embodiment of a Winter's child.


For our part, we spend much of the dark winter evenings in books listening to our young readers sound-out their newly acquired words.
Consequently, their favorite books are scattered
from one end of the house to the other.
One little volume that I am constantly picking up
is an old and very worn Golden Book.
It is the one my two older daughters also loved when they were young.
This book beautifully illustrates the simple yet profound story of how children learn God's love through the tenderness given them from their family members...
Over all the years, there was one child's face that always held my gaze
a little longer than the rest.
So, I attempted to sculpt an older likeness of her as I listened
to all the reading business going on.
The face that arrived reminded me of "Spring",

and the Season's passing of Winter is their Story.


(To visit Apryl and Little Poe's auction, please click on her picture above.)

As is so often is the case in our house...sigh...
one is not wanting to give up her chair for another.


But, with a little love and ingenuity, it all works out in the end.

Spring is just around the corner!