Friday, August 20, 2010

Christmas Future


At long last.



The Ghost of Christmas Future,
a hopeful interpretation requested by a very special friend.

This is her vision of children as they should be presented
when humanity heeds the
grim exhortation of Dickens' Ghost of Christmas Present.



Tattered Rags transformed into Bountiful Gowns
under the blessings of
The Candlebearer of the Eternal Light.

A Light of hope that burns steadfast for all children everywhere...


Never to be extinguished.



Hair carefully combed and delicately styled,

adorned with a crown fit for a princess.
Tears dried,
with a promise made
to love and to cherish...


The Ghost's arms embrace the children.
She loved them in their Poverty,
and her love became their Wealth.


Bless you, my friend,  for granting me the priviledge
of creating this most sentimental piece from my heart to yours.

A bouquet of summer wild flowers just for you!
Could two months really have passed  since my last post?!
My absence, in part, was the desire to finish this piece
so that my next post would pick up where I last left off.
Not to mention there has been a substantial flurry
 of summer activities
going on here at the old farm.
I have a pile of pictures just waiting to share with you.
Some of what has been happening outside the doll room.
Thank you, dear ones, for not forgetting about me...
please know that you have been ever present on my mind! 
I hope your own summer has been productive and ripe with
the fruit of contentment.
until we talk again (soon!), Rose



  1. Ciao Rose... È una bellissima scena!! You are a great artist. Perfect in every details. I hope you are fine. Hugs

  2. What a very beautiful blog and your dolls they are the most treasured things! I bow down to your sparkeling talent!!

  3. So kind of you to write, Stoneczne...I so enjoyed viewing your incredibly REALISTIC minatures today!!!

    Hello dear Mari...How wonderful your tiny books are! I can see that your hands have been busy with beauty this summer in Italy.

    Sunny greetings Janet...what a really generous thing to say...truly! I am a happy artist right now.

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and it is SO VERY GOOD hearing from you!

  4. Dearest Rose
    This is Art at it's finest... Such exquisite details! It was worth the wait to see such beauty come alive through your gifted hands. I see your heart in their eyes...
    So good to have you back. You have been missed.

  5. I am so glad you are back. I have been waiting.
    Your creations truly take my breath away. Thankyou for allowing me to view such exquisite whimsy. It warms my heart...really it does.

  6. Hello Dear friend, and welcome back! Oh how I have missed you, and your work! As always Rose, such incredible details! The ghost is as beautiful as she was in her past the tattered children gleaming now with joy, and the hope of a bright future, the candlebearer, and the eternal light, what an imaginative touch! I love everything about this beautiful set, and the love, and respect you have for your beautifully talented daughter Tomi, shines through with every glimpse we are privleged to catch. Oh how spectacular Rose, once again,I am in awe. Love, Christel

  7. Late night greetings my dear Penny, Victoria, Christel and niknik!
    Here I am, up again greeting in the midnght hour. But I could not end this day without sending you my fondest appreciation for your welcomed visit with me today.
    Penny, your paintings and grand adventures with Bebe mouse keep me (and my children) happily entertained. We are always so excited to explore the next chapter with her!
    Victoria, I sat in the sweet stillness of your green and white garden tonight and marveled at...those crazy pencils!! What fun!
    And Christel, your studio is being inhabited by a darling troupe of mischievous little folk who must be keeping YOU up at night as well. I am so very glad you took a break to stop by to see me.
    And oh my goodness, niknik, I have fallen in love with your precious child in green! Her face dearly reminds me of my grand daughter who is my doll room have created a lovely dream of a child!
    So now, I bid you adeiu with great love for helping to make this day one to be profoundly thankful for.
    Sweet dreams, Rose

  8. What a beautiful scene! As always, your dolls are full of sweetness, they're incredibly detailed and nicely done. The dreamy atmosphere of your pieces always captivate me!

  9. Hi dear Rose, welcome back!
    This work is incredibly wonderful and so sweet, it is perfect in all detail.
    I love all your works!
    You are a great artist.

  10. My mouth falls open of stupefaction now I see these marvellous sculptures . What a great artist you are. There are a lot of details in your work, exciting to discover these. Great that your are back and I look forword to see more of your great art.
    Blessing and have a wonderfull weekend

  11. This is a magical scene only wonderful.

    Hugs Leo Leandry

  12. Exquisite Rose, This scene evokes such a mix of feelings. The love and compassion depicted in this set tempers the underlying sadness. Each set you do becomes my new favorite!
    Well done!

  13. It was well worth the wait...this piece is absolutely beautiful. It evokes such emotion. Congratulations on an amazing job! Theresa

  14. Greetings Rosa, I am quite honored you have been touched by this companion set. Your works affect me in much the same way. Lately, I have especially been drawn to your character busts. Like the rest of your pieces, they are of meticulous detail and capture the pristine spirit of the forest.

    Hello Anna, Very Good to hear from you! I so enjoyed your cheerful ladybug painting full of vibrant summer colors!!

    My Dear Karin, I see you have been visited by the dragonkind this summer! And they are of the friendly sort...adorable, actually. Thank you for your kind *word*!!!

    Thank you for your most welcomed visit, my friends...

    So good of you to stop in!

  15. Another masterpiece! One can look at it for hours reading a story which you have made with all those small and beautiful details...

  16. Hello Lilianne! You have traveled here all the way from Belgium...I am honored to welcome you. And thrilled to meet your newest forest beauty. She looks as if she is ready to take flight at any moment!

    Dearest Leo, Your fabric cakes are magical as well. I have never seen anything quite like them...what a great way to enjoy sweets!

    Oh gosh Theresa, I am in LOVE with your necklaces. We must talk more...

    Greetings to you dear Judy, It was a pleasure visiting your daughter-in-law's blog...thank you for sending me her way. And your studio is as lovely as ever with sweet fairy lasses and gypsy mermaids flittering about.

    My dear kind of you to stop in from Lithuania! Oh my, the corset tutorial you offered inspired(!) me to give it a try one with one of my little girls here. Worked beautifully!! Thanks so much for sharing your incredible expertise...your dolls truly inspire me to continue to hone my craft.

    You are all such a blessing to me...your unique talents and generous hearts have made my world a richer place in which to create...
    much love, Rose

  17. Amazing work.
    I love your style.

  18. Rose, what can I say...I am in constant awe when I witness your work. Words seem so weak when I try to describe how your work makes me feel. There is such a calming presence I feel when I look at the pictures. I can only imagine the thrill of looking at your creations in person. Your pictures are beautiful and you capture the heart of your creations beautifully!!
    Much love...Dessa Rae

  19. Greetings Trolineke!
    I enjoyed coffee, trolls, and an AMAZING winged creature this morning thanks to a leisurely visit to your studio! So good to meet you!!

    Hello dear Dessa Rae!
    Always such a pleasure greeting your welcomed face at my door...and how delightful to meet your new pixie and her giraffe friend!!! Her wool body has sparked my imagination. What a great idea! Truly, she is the epitoome of sweetness...

    Thank you both for your visit and leaving such kind words at my door, Rose

  20. Rose my dear, your work is impeccable...thank you for coming to Nowhere; I just love my Tea Rat and Bebe that sweet Penny made. The work that You, Penny, Patricia (Tita) and Christel do amongst others is stunning. I will never be able to even come close to understanding how you manipulate your fingers to make such tiny things....I can't even SEE these things with adjusting my glasses!!! This is magic and I love it. God bless you for all your wonderful talents!!! Anita

  21. Rose...this piece was defintely worth the wait! Beautiful piece! I love how you incorporated the children in the crown. Equisite! Hugs, Marcie ;-)

  22. Hello dear Anita,
    It is a pleasure hearing from you, because I am reminded to take extra care to visit your bright window into the world! My heart is always lighter and a bit more optimistic when I do...thank you for stopping by and leaving such very kind words.
    love, Rose

  23. How stunningly beautiful. You are such a talented artist. I am in awe.

  24. Ahh... you could never be forgotten! So glad your summer was a magical flurry! Your creation is stunning! Great art! Blessings friend.

  25. Dearest Rose, what a sweet visit from a Godly woman....thank you for your comments and your encouragement. A lovely French colleague of mine who is a deep believer was sharing this passage of scripture with me the other day at school during one of our stressful prep days and the thought came to me that WE ARE BEING SUMMONED TO VENTURE OUT INTO DEEP WATERS....but the Master would never let us drown or be disappointed for long. Treasures are waiting, but their will be moments.....and that is the journey. What would we do without our Lord?

    Have a peaceful weekend dear artist....Anita

  26. Hello, dear Rose! I would dearly love to feature you on next Tuesday's FAT Tuesday. Your work is so incredibly amazing--I want to share it with everyone!

    It is a brand new thing I'm doing. I created FAT Tuesday to showcase inspiring artists and to provide a forum for Artists to share their work with one another--this includes all types of art--crafts, photography, doll making (grin), etc. If you would like to see what FAT Tuesday is all about--drop on by! I would be VERY honored to feature you next week.

  27. Greetings Beth! I am honored as would be perfectly wonderful to be featured on your very own FAT Tuesday...yes, *please* and thank you for asking!!!

  28. Perfect and wonderful! Full of holiday spirit! Lovely!

  29. Hello, dear Rose! Today your work and blog are featured on FAT Tuesday! You are truly inspiring.

  30. OOop! The link for FAT Tuesday is


  31. Good evening dear Rose! You were in my thoughts so I thought I would knock on your door.. I so wish we were close enough to have cup of coffee on your beautiufl porch.. Sit a while, listen to nature and enjoy the sounds of the children. Sending loving thoughts your way dear friend.
    Love and blessings,

  32. Hello Thespa! So good of you to visit me...I have just returned from visiting some of your marvelous blogs. My goodness, your energetic creativity is awe inspiring!!!

    Dear Beth, THANK YOU so much for featuring my work...what a priviledge and gracious honor you offer to artists!! I have visited your other atistic friends as well and will continue to stop by on Tuesdays for more!!

    Greetings dear Penny, Hopefully we will share many cups of coffee this autumn together, even if only in spirit. You are such a blessing to my heart, my friend.

    I send my love to you all...Rose

  33. Dear, dear Rose, your words are so sweet...and again, this post is magical no matter what the season. God is good and He even blesses us through the land of Blog...what a great God we serve that touches us through any medium of life....blessings, Anita

  34. So enchanting, this finished piece. It all comes together so magnificently.

  35. I have to write something to you to express my appreciation, but I'm speechless. I can't find a single phrase to express just how impressive your work is. All that I can seem to do is gasp and sigh.

  36. Hell there, my dear friend, Rose. I have missed your blogging and your beautiful dolls. I too have been busy finishing projects and know how time flies by when we have those things that keep us busy in our daily lives.

    I wanted to drop by here to not only wish you and your flockling a wonderful and bountiful New Year but, I also wanted to come by and tell you CONGRATULATIONS on this beautiful and inspirational doll. This piece was so well-deserving to win the Doll of the Year award at IADR. I had no doubt in my mind who the winner should be. It's a beautiful piece; as are all of your dolls. Again, Congratulations! <3

    I look forward to seeing what else you will create in this year to come.

    Many hugs and much love,


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