Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Peanut, Annie and their Wise Old Tree

 photo facebook91.jpg

Had a severe case of cabin fever the other day.
 So I bundled up the munchkins, packed some food
 in a basket and we drove to our favorite park way out in the woods. 
After everyone ran around crazy for awhile,
we all settled onto a picnic table and opened some
new packs of colorful clay I had saved for such an occasion.
It was suggested by my youngest that we should make fairytale mushrooms!
Here are two of them...
what better detail to add to a wise old tree
where childhood dreams take flight...and made by a child no less

 photo facebook92.jpg

Mushrooms were made by my children.
Woody Woodpecker lunchbox, thermos, baloney sandwich and apple made by thecornershack.
 God made the rock and moss.
 I made the tree. 

 photo facebook90.jpg

With all the twists, turns and surprises in the road,
 it seems as if we have been traveling together forever 
But now that Peanut and I are nearing our
destination...the time has been too short...

 photo facebook88.jpg

Below, Peanut is preparing herself for hair styling and school clothes.
 Wish I looked this good in the morning before dressing and hair combing lol.

 photo facebook87.jpg

Baby Raggedy Annie looking for a hug! 
Another reason why I love red hair on little girls.

 photo facebook85.jpg

Even though this Old Tree had a loooong way to go yet,
 I wanted to get a good picture of his adoring face!
 Alas, that expression was not for me, but rather
it is meant for a little girl named Peanut
 who climbs up into his branches
every day after school. 

 photo facebook78.jpg
While working on a Wise Old tree Person
who will happen to have a little Peanut sitting up in his branches,
my little 'Jemima' is helping me put on the first layer of paint!

 photo facebook77.jpg

See that flat grey rock way down there to the bottom right?
Right over there next to the edge of Mill Creek ...
the one that seems to not quite fit in with the rest
of the lovely but ordinary river rocks?
 Well, THAT'S the rock which now holds steady Friend Tree
 and has become part of a very grand art project!
Wire roots will be wrapped then sculpted
  around this very handsome river rock.

 photo facebook79.jpg

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Speaking of Doll Language

Sari 7/2013 photo sariblog8.jpg

Doll making has opened up the world to our home.

Just look what the postman brought to our door from Finland!
 A pretty parcel neatly wrapped in vintage newspaper.

THIS was inside!

 photo sariblog9.jpg

A colorful stack of mysterious packages from Far Far Away...


 photo sariblog2-1.jpg

A greeting from...Guess Who...?

 photo sariblog3.jpg

First, we opened a very sweet letter from our friend Sari.
And everyone was supposed to wait until it was read aloud...
(Please take note of the faces in the background for further explanation below)

 photo sariblog10.jpg

Sari had sent an amazing and wondrous greeting
 from  Pippi, Annika, and Mr. Nilsson to assure us 
 that Tommie was now officially part of their family.

Sari 7/2013 photo sariblog11-1.jpg

Have you ever seen anything so inviting to a doll maker?!
A treasure tin covered and full of inspirational sewing notions.
Look closely at the collage on the outside.
Each time I open it, I am still discovering new details
while appreciating the many ways they are interlaced into a clever design.

Sari 7/2013 photo sariblog15.jpg

Tommie must have overheard my complaint of always running out of LARGE buttons.
How is it they always seem to disappear right before they are desperately needed
 to hold together a multi-piece flower or decorate a plain mason jar...
LOOK Sari...we used some of the very buttons you sent this weekend.
They cheerfully added some whimsy to bunches of  wildflower bouquets gathered
  for Grandma Alvie's 80th birthday celebration!

 photo facebook89.jpg

They were so pretty dotting the tables. 
 Now we will snip them off after the flowers fade, and re-store to the tin for future whimsical duties. 

Sari 7/2013 photo sariblog1.jpg

Can't you just see these trimming a dolls' tiny dress...or maybe a child's apron?
They were ever so carefully wrapped around a vintage spool and perfect little cutout cards.
Needles included too...
So Love the Details !

Sari 7/2013 photo sariblog12.jpg

Now, getting back to the picture #4 above...
THIS tin suddenly became the most coveted piece my children pulled from the wrap.
It even distracted them from the marshmallows.

Because inside was a softie Doll
 with a dress pattern and all the fixings for a sewing a Red Felt Dress!

 My son thought he should be the one to sew it.
In the picture he was in the process of arguing his case with my daughter.
Boys can be tailors too. 
Well, of course they can.
My sons pop off thousands of buttons and shred holes in the knees of all their trousers....
Subsequently, all the boys in this family can knit, sew patches and buttons and follow a pattern.

However, this time my daughters out-argued their brother.  

Sari 7/2013 photo sariblog14.jpg

(I claimed the polka dot fabric and discreetly tucked it
 inside my wooden Pippi box in the Doll Room.
Between you and me, there is enough to share for several doll dresses,
 but I'm hiding it for now until after the dust settles.)

Heavenly polka dots.  Oh how I love polka dots!

Sari 7/2013 photo sariblog13-1.jpg

Even before the rest of the package was unwrapped,
the dress instructions were opened
 and the sewing began.

 photo sariblog7.jpg

Sew Sweet!!!

After the Red Felt Dress was accomplished,
my daughters used the pattern the very next day to make a second dress
for another fortunate dolly.

 photo sariblog19.jpg

Now just take a look at these artisan rainbow marshmallows. 
 We knew immediately where Sari found these beauties...
Pippi's favorite Confectionery of course!

 photo sariblog4.jpg


This is the last sight I saw at the end of an exciting day.
 Dolly in the Red Felt Dress sleeping soundly in the arms of Manny Mouse's Boy...
Who ended up getting to sew the white trim on the Red Felt Dress.

 photo sariblog6.jpg

It seems our doll making adventure has come to an end, Sari.
Your Pippi family is now complete...
 But our friendship made during our time together will last forever.
  You brought Pippi, Annika, Nilsson and Tommie to life in the eyes of my children
and in the heart of their artist.

God Bless You for that!

 photo sariblog18.jpg

I wanted to share this Thank You not only with our dear Sari,
but also with all of you doll makers and doll lovers too!

 Because in the end, I'm sure you realize,
it really is all about the human connections we are making through our dollmaking.
 Our dolls gently help us speak the same language of love
 so we can communicate and understand one another better.

until we talk again...love, Rose