Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Peanut, Annie and their Wise Old Tree

 photo facebook91.jpg

Had a severe case of cabin fever the other day.
 So I bundled up the munchkins, packed some food
 in a basket and we drove to our favorite park way out in the woods. 
After everyone ran around crazy for awhile,
we all settled onto a picnic table and opened some
new packs of colorful clay I had saved for such an occasion.
It was suggested by my youngest that we should make fairytale mushrooms!
Here are two of them...
what better detail to add to a wise old tree
where childhood dreams take flight...and made by a child no less

 photo facebook92.jpg

Mushrooms were made by my children.
Woody Woodpecker lunchbox, thermos, baloney sandwich and apple made by thecornershack.
 God made the rock and moss.
 I made the tree. 

 photo facebook90.jpg

With all the twists, turns and surprises in the road,
 it seems as if we have been traveling together forever 
But now that Peanut and I are nearing our
destination...the time has been too short...

 photo facebook88.jpg

Below, Peanut is preparing herself for hair styling and school clothes.
 Wish I looked this good in the morning before dressing and hair combing lol.

 photo facebook87.jpg

Baby Raggedy Annie looking for a hug! 
Another reason why I love red hair on little girls.

 photo facebook85.jpg

Even though this Old Tree had a loooong way to go yet,
 I wanted to get a good picture of his adoring face!
 Alas, that expression was not for me, but rather
it is meant for a little girl named Peanut
 who climbs up into his branches
every day after school. 

 photo facebook78.jpg
While working on a Wise Old tree Person
who will happen to have a little Peanut sitting up in his branches,
my little 'Jemima' is helping me put on the first layer of paint!

 photo facebook77.jpg

See that flat grey rock way down there to the bottom right?
Right over there next to the edge of Mill Creek ...
the one that seems to not quite fit in with the rest
of the lovely but ordinary river rocks?
 Well, THAT'S the rock which now holds steady Friend Tree
 and has become part of a very grand art project!
Wire roots will be wrapped then sculpted
  around this very handsome river rock.

 photo facebook79.jpg


  1. Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! I am watching Peanut on FB and all I can say she's sweet! And the whole scene is beautiful!

  2. So lovely, charming, adorable and well done! What a wonderment you create! This photo is really nice, too...full of life and personality!!

  3. A lovely childhood memory come to life. Your artistry not only pleases the eye, it also comforts the soul. Blessings, Suzanne.

  4. Rose, your creative work is just so magical. It is always a pleasure to see the delight that you conjure up from your very clever hands, and beautiful mind.♥

  5. What a wonderful little doll and what a wonderful environment for her to live in. I love her little doll and I'm smitten by her shoes and little lace-y socks.

  6. Dear Rose, what a treat, two posts from you in as many days! Such beautiful tiny souls, both here, and in your home! The tiny mushrooms are perfect! They add whimsy and magic ! I love it all, Peanuts clothing and shoes, the wise old tree, he looks very wise indeed, and that baby raggedy !! Oh I love red hair, my daddy was a red head!:) I hope you received my email from early this morning, or maybe you have just a few seconds to visit my blog, you will see why. As always, I find much inspiration, and joy here Rose, you are so dear to my heart:) much love, always Christel

  7. How can I buy some of your beautiful children? Thank you, Kay teatime.kay@gmail.com

  8. Everything about everything is just wonderful, Rose. Your work always bring me smiles :)

  9. You always brighten my day!!!!

  10. My dear Rose,
    Christel is so right, two post in two days, what a treat this is! I have missed you and your beautiful creations so very much..
    There is a heartwarming story here, and it is held within the expression of this wonderful old tree.. Please tell your beautiful children they did a great job on the mushrooms and helping to paint this dear old tree.. That photo is priceless.. I can see the pure joy in your little ~Jemima~ as she puts the first layer of paint on the dear old tree.
    Peanut is so adorable. Your gifted hands always inspire me.. Exquisite work!
    Thank you dear friend, for being you, and sharing your gift with us.

  11. Wow!
    I am touched with such beauty and perfection. This is a scene that belongs to the sweetest dreams.

  12. Ma quanto sono belle le tue creature?!? Mi incanti ogni volta....Bravissima!!


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