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The story behind Galileo, Claerese and Noe

Several weeks ago our family enjoyed watching a lunar eclipse firsthand right from our kitchen porch. Once the moon finally disappeared we all fell silent. Strange as it may sound...we were suddenly lonely for the moon! The sky was empty. Yes, there are those nights that the moon is behind clouds, or running it's lunar cycle and "resting" ~ but this night it was different.

From that lunar eclipse came the inspiration for Galileo and his two companions. Whatever would it be like without the soft moonbeams filtering in through our windows at night. Living in the country we often depend on the the moon's night light. Providing light enough to watch for the wily cyotes or the occasional sneaky racoon who comes in to steal the duck eggs. It truly is our night *light* on the farm and we love it! And nothing is more sweet than drifting off to sleep under a moonbeam on our pillow.

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Hence, the story...

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Oh, and a side note...Galileo's name came from the astronomer who discovered the first four moons of Jupiter! I wonder if he would chuckle to see what his lunar namesake looked like...

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Sweet dreams, Rose