Monday, October 21, 2013

Pippi's Real Adventure at Bishop's Pumpkin Farm!

I could not figure out why Pippi and Nilsson
were so eager to leave for their new home!
  Pippi insisted on helping me move speedily along with her travel case preparations.  
 Nilsson was busy stuffing so much tissue and fluff into his compartment
 that I lost him in it twice. 
So anxious were they to go, I was careful to mail them
 as soon as the Post Office was open again following the long weekend.
  After spending  so much of the summer in their company,
 I must admit it was sad to see them so anxious to leave. 
Their time with me was a borrowed gift, albeit a short one. 

After they were gone, it seemed like an eternity
before I heard word of them again. 
Which just happened to be today! 
 So, I could not end this day without sharing this
most welcomed thank you from LeeAnn...
Now I understand... 
Pippi knew she was created for a real Adventure beyond the walls of the Doll Room. 
And I figure this might be the first of Many. 
My gratitude comes from way deep down... for the generous heart that put together
 this new chapter in my doll making journey. 
Thank you for the gift of showing me what my little creations mean to you!! 
This has helped visualize the true nature of my work...
portraying the innocent wonder of childhood.
I hope all of my visitors and friends will feel the same when they see for themselves,
Pippi's first Real Adventure....   

 photo Pippi-1-1.jpg

 photo pippi-2.jpg

 photo Pippi-3.jpg

 photo Pippi-4.jpg
 photo Pippi-5.jpg

 photo pippi-6.jpg

 photo Pippi-7.jpg

 photo Pippi-8.jpg

 photo pippi-9.jpg

 photo pippi-10.jpg

 photo Pippi-11.jpg

 photo Pippi-12.jpg

 photo pippi-13.jpg
 photo pippi-14.jpg

 photo Pippi-15.jpg
 photo pippi-16.jpg

 photo pippi-17.jpg

 photo pippi-19.jpg

 photo pippi-20-2.jpg

 photo pippi-21.jpg
 photo pippi-22.jpg

 photo pippi-23.jpg

As much as the children and I miss Pippi, we are so very happy she was meant for you, LeeAnn!
all our love, Rose and the Flockling

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A new Pippi, Nilsson and a Magnificant Sailboat!

 photo pippititle.jpg

To visit Pippi's auction, please click here!

 I LOVE playing with Pippi!
There is something  irresistible about her innocence
and delight in handling the details of childhood
that should be celebrated!
Please meet my newest Pippi. 
Her face is inspired by the Swedish actress
 Inger Nilsson who portrayed Pippi in the 70's.
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One morning the Sun was seeming to say,
"AHOY Pippi!  It is a very good time for sailing today!"
 photo pippisail24.jpg
It just so happened that her Sail Boat was all ready to go,
on it's Maiden Voyage hoping for ocean breezes to Blow.
 photo pippisail29.jpg
 Pippi prepared her Traveling Necessities straight away,
packing Nilsson in a suitcase, telling the Horse he had to Stay.
 photo pippisail27.jpg
Poor Nilsson did not like the water, but Pippi assured him it was fine,
he'd be home by evening and tucked into bed by Nine.
 photo pippisail3.jpg
So, off they sailed with great expectations awaiting,
the South Wind  was gentle while the Sea Waves were abating.
 photo pippisail12.jpg
But soon, from the lookout Nilsson spotted Dark Clouds Ahead,
he scrambled down quickly and hid in the suitcase instead.
 photo pippiboat1.jpg
To handle the crisis, Pippi balanced on one striped leg,
perched on the baluster like a Seafaring Scallyweg.
 photo pippistorm.jpg
She then flapped her arms and blew hard against the Sail,
until up and away flew the Ship leaving the Storm in it's Trail !
 photo pippisail26.jpg
Returning  home, the Spotted Horse greeted them at the Gate,
saying to Nilsson, " Hey Monkey,  you're Late! ...
 photo pippinilsoson.jpg
"It's half past Nine and my Hay has run out,
You took all the Cookies and left me Without!"
 photo pippisail28.jpg
So, the Tavelors gladly returned to Villa Villekulla's  welcoming Shores, 
eating Bologna Sandwiches for dinner and  Chocolate Cookie Smores. 
 photo pippiface.jpg
Drowsie from sea air, Pippi tumbled into her Comfy Old Bed,
All three of them fell asleep immediately, very well Fed.
 photo pippisail25.jpg
Just another Pippi Day full of adventure wherever she might Roam...
But the best place of all  was Home Sweet Home!
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This Sailing Pippi Set includes...
A Wave Display of 4 pieces
Hand made Lunchbag
Sculpted Bolgna Sandwich and Chocolate Chip Cookie
6 Bluebirds and a Nest with Three Small Eggs
Pippi measures 7 inches    Nilsson is 3 inches
Wrapped coil and wire backbone makes her flexible .
She is also articulated with a combination of ball joints and hand made beads.
Both dolls stand on their own.
Their faces are sculpted from Cernit and Puppenfimo,
 all features are painted in heat set oils and sealed.
Clothing is permanently sewn on.
 photo pippisail21.jpg 
Little Nilsson is also articulated,
with ball jointed hips and shoulders,
silicone cable arms and legs.
 photo pippisail9.jpg
Sculpted boot buttons the size of a pin head 
The Magnificent  16 inch tall  Sail Boat
was created by the talented Carie Schoen (kelbycarie)!
It is entirely handmade of papier-mâché,
including a sculpted Mast with a Muslin Sail and sewn on Stars
and a Wave Display
Nilsson fits securely in the Lookout,
and both Pippi and Nilsson can ride inside the boat. 
The six traveling Bluebirds were also made by Carie!
 photo pippisailboat.jpg
Thank you for traveling along
with Pippi and Nilsson
on their Sailing Adventure!
 ... Rose
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