Saturday, October 23, 2010

Summer's End


Greetings, dear friends!

How is it that only yesterday I was helping my daughters press carrot seeds into the freshly dug dirt...
and just this morning I noticed that maple leaves
 have covered the now empty rows. 

And is there a distinct chill of frost in the air?
 Could the Summer Season really have passed by so quickly,
or could it be that I have been so caught up in all the details
that I did not notice that Autumn has long been at our door?


Come walk with me and visit some of the doings and goings on 
that have kept me away from visiting with  you
for much too long!


There was an Elven Slipper that finally found 
a Shoemaker faerie to add the finishing touches.


Her name was Givanni and she was born with no wings.
 She chose to live amongst the field mice...
and they
gave her flight
 upon their Thistledown.


A special little Summer faerie
 who was inspired by the real dream of a real child.   

A tiny mite sculpted for my sister's birthday. 
Lots of fresh eggs, and brand new babies...

Even a fresh coat of celery green house paint
to compliment our bean patch.
Sure to chase away
any winter blues.


Field  fences reinforced to keep the goats...


and the cows out of the neighboring farmer's corn field.



Chubby handfuls of picked peapods
that never quite made it into the dinner pot.




   A rescued young chipmunk
who filled our mornings with exuberant antics.


And finally a chocolate raspberry cake baked with love
and thoroughly enjoyed on
 a (badly needed) refurbished front porch.
Watching the Sun set upon our full days...

So that is where the Summer went!!

I neglected to notice it's passing
 as I was enjoying every moment of it.

I hope your creative fields are bursting
 with bright blossoms
of days well spent...

And your Autumn is rich with many thankful reflections!
much love to you, Rose 


  1. Great summer you had Rose.:) Beautiful dolls!

  2. Visiting your blog is always so delightful!

  3. I'm not sure if I have ever left a comment for you, but I just wanted to say I really love your work and the lovely unique atmosphere you create around them. You seem to have truly magical place where you're living at! Here the tiny sparkling frost diamonds have covered the landscape and it is so beautiful in the fullmoon's glow. I wish you miraculous autumn!

  4. Dear Rose I'm very happy to see you again. I miss your magic creatures and your kindness and I like them so much. In Italy is completely winter now but I like this season. Thank you for your photos... a window on your world (sorry for english mistakes ;o)...)

  5. Thank you, Rose, for the journey through your magical summer! You have truly reaped a harvest of happiness!

  6. AH, sweet friend, I so enjoy your posts, and always miss you so when you are not here. Your summer was undoubtedly very busy. The wip dark skinned angel has such reverence in her face. She will be beautiful, I already know this for certain. The tiny mite is so enchanting. I'm sure your sister was thrilled with his/her arrival, what a speacial gift. As you know, The celery green house, I completely adore! and Givanni Thistledown, such a masterpiece! Her story was beautiful, just as she is. I am in awe once more Rose, thank you for sharing with us. with love, Christel

  7. Rose, I now understand where your beautiful creations come from, your really do live in an enchanted place. Thank you so much for sharing your pics and allowing us to visit for a wee bit.

    As always, I'm totally enthralled with your new little Givanni and your WIP!



  8. Now I see where the inspiration comes from!! Your home and surroundings are magical to say the least. I love the calm feeling when I look at all the pictures. Your creations are beautiful just like the artist...inside and out!!
    Glad your summer was beautiful!!
    Dessa Rae

  9. I love to visit your page. Find all your beautiful pictures and your fabulous work makes me happy every time. Yes. Summer is gone. Again, there is already the first ground frost and the full moon hovers over it.....There is snow in the mountains.
    Greetings from Bavaria

  10. Tus hadas están muy bien trabajadas. Las caritas transmiten mucha dulzura.
    Ahora hay que preparar todo para el invierno. La tarta me encanta de chocolate y frambuesa :)
    Besos Clara

  11. Hello Słoneczne, I am just back from admiring your new purchases and am quite excited to see what happens when you put your creative hand to them! Thank you for visiting me and leaving a kind comment upon my door!

    Oh Rosa, I feel the same when I visit your blog. Your most recent mermaid is especially gorgeous. Her webbed fingers are brilliant!! So good of you to visit!

  12. My dear Rose
    As I had mentioned, I just love your exterior color choice for your home. There should be no winter blues with this beautiful color.. Connie finished painting her potting shed, which was inspired by your color.. Your surroundings are straight from heaven, and Oh how I love the tiny mite you have sculpted for your sister.. I know she will be thrilled.. and your WIP Angel is exquisite! I cannot wait to see her completed.
    I hope all is well with you and family.
    Loving thoughts... Penny

  13. How wonderful it is hear from you, Rose! It's been so long. But I see you have thoroughly enjoyed the summer and created such beautiful things. The faerie is SO enchanting. She is real! :) Thank you for sharing what you've been doing - and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Theresa

  14. Blessings and light to you dear Rose, and your magical creations. love and light Marie

  15. Oh Anna-Mari, I would say it is your Autumn that is already miraculous! Not very often does snow kiss the flowers without them wilting. Your landscape is something, if painted, no one would believe unless they experienced it. What a wondrous sight! Thank you very much for visiting me...

    Hello Mari! It is such a thrill for me to receive such precious greetings from my friends all over the world. And then to have the priviledge of visiting your own studios to see your wonderful works of art! Your tiny novel is just amazing, as are all your`miniatures!!

  16. Che delizia ritrovarti con questo splendido post che saluta l'estate e accoglie l'autunno!!!Le tue nuove creature sono più angeliche che mai, complimenti, la tua arte con teme confronti!
    Ti abbraccio forte forte, chissà se ti ricordi di me....

  17. Warm greetings to you, Anne, as I am smiling here visualizing you and your "C" busy about being the parents of not one but two eccentric parrots...hahaha. It is always so much fun reading about their antics. So good to hear from you!

    And dear Christel, your own Autumn is full of Fae Wees and Pokies and all that is good and happy and...CUTE!! Your enthusiasm for sculpting is contagious, my friend...I so enjoy knowing you!! Thank you for your kind encouragement...

  18. Dear Rose,
    It is always a plessure to visit your blog, I'm a big fan of your art. Your fairies are so liflike, magical and enchanting. The clots they do wear, that's haute couture.
    Every time when I visit your blog I'm in a fairy tale.

  19. What a beautiful creation to go along with a beautiful setting! I want to come and live there!
    Thank you for sharing all your beauty! xoxo

  20. Hello Sue! Tonight I enjoyed meeting your little Pumpkin child. It is not at all a surprise she found a home before you could even list her for sale...her eyes are completely endearing! So good of you to stop by, and please know that your sweet Nicole is in my prayers...

    And Dessa Rae, what do YOU think about that strange Charlie Chaplin clip?!! I'm sitting here wondering...hmmm...
    It was also great fun meeting your new reborn baby and learning about your discovery of very interesting oil paints. You and Sue have given me LOTS to ponder tonight before turning the last lamplight out!

    Thank you both for knocking at my door and welcoming me into yours...

  21. As always, it was such a joy to visit your blog and see what has been keeping you busy. I absolutely adore Givanni. Her costuming and cherubic face couldn't be more perfect. I hope your Autumn proves to be just as fruitful and joyous for you as your summer seemed to be :)

  22. Your home, even though it's autumn, looks so warm and inviting.

    Love all the colors you use! And those shoes are so cute, specially with her little toes peeping through.

  23. Dear Rose thank you so much for sharing your wonderous art, your beautiful spirit always shines through this magic you create.

  24. Dearest Rosa~
    So much has been said and shared on this post! *grin*
    How beautiful is your work from your hands in both real and art life! I love the pictures of your farm , home and children and of course all these lovely creations of yours are just so unique and amazing! Lovely all the way!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend, and please forgive me for taking me so long to leave you a note here. I ALWAYS visit you! Love you , my dear sister!

  25. Welcome, welcome Helena!! I am THRILLED you stopped by from Germany...a lovely reminder to visit your studio and meet your newest faerie...all pretty in pink and green. She is wonderful!!

    And dear Clara, all the way from Spain!! (Blogging is such a DELIGHT!) What a pleasure it was to visit your studio and see your ultra realistic miniatures, and especially the children's books. I could hardly believe my eyes when visiting your tiny townhouse...WOW!

  26. Yes, dear Penny...I remember WELL that you enjoyed our "celery green" house, because I passed along the news of your sister's potting shed to Gary. His choice of paint colors was vindicated! Just about everything he touched this summer turned to green and he had to endure much good natured teasing about it! Please ask your sister if she would mind sending along a picture of her shed!

    Hello Theresa! Thankfully the autumn rains have slowed our train down a bit. This afternoon has been spent in sweet leisure, with time to travel to friends' studios! Your birthday faerie necklace was received with MUCH love and of course the other little girls wanted one of their own. Soon, I hope to order two more for Christmas blessings...

    Thank you, my friends, for your kind visits...what a Joy!!

  27. You are a blessed woman to have enjoyed your mother as such an intimate support of your art, Marie. Could that be, in part, why your mother and child designs seem so sentimental and tender? Thank you for sharing your heart with us...and visiting me here!

    And Miriam, of course I remember you! How could I ever forget you...or your Words. Words you artistically use to paint life's passions. Words that stir the deep places in your readers' very good to hear from you again, my friend...

  28. Grazie mille per le tue parole cariche di affetto e dolcezza!!!

  29. Muchas gracias por tu comentario sobre mis cuentos. Es un placer tener seguidores cómo tu.
    Te doy la bienvenida a mi blog y espero que pases momentos agradables cuando lo visites.
    Besos Clara

  30. How beautiful this post was and how wonderful your summer. may your autumn be long and just as joyous,
    julie xx

  31. Hello Sido, I am just back from visiting your Garden and must admit I am quite envious of all your planning ahead for spring. Your plant cuttings are lovely *hopes* that will carry you nicely through the winter...and keep Summer right there within your grasp. I hope they ALL make it into your Garden. It is very good to meet you...thank you for stopping in!

    Dear Liliane, your little Prisje is SO cute all in white with one little black feather (to give a clue that she is a Rascal as well). She reminds me alot of my own real Rascals!!
    ...and I am delighted that you enjoy my costuming. Trying to dress one of my dolls usually buries me over my head in fabrics, trims, and fluffs. I cannot BELIEVE the mess I make over one little doll. So thankful you enjoy the effort!

  32. Dear Rose,
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.
    I can imagine the mess that you make when you dress your dolls. But ho cars it's the result on the end that count. I'm a sewing teacher and I sew the clots for my daughter and myself. On the same time I made projects for my students they are all over the room. You wont to see the mes that I made lol.
    Prisje looks like my daughter when she was little, now she is 26.
    It's so nice to share a hobby with peoples all over the world.
    Blessings and have a creatful and wonderful week-end,

  33. Warm greetings Joanna! THANK YOU for saying that...I can't remember all the times my husband and I thought it may have been a mistake keeping this old farm. Each time one of the antique copper pipes disintegrated, or while trying to find even one square corner when sheetrocking...on and on...and on. But we are getting closer to our happy ending as things are finally starting to come together! And oh, I love your sweet Marcelle!! She is truly a delight to the soul...

    Hello to you, Mary! Did I happen to see one of your dolls happily living with Dessa Rae? She absolutely loves her, and so did I! And I DO hope you find a camera who will be a good friend to you!! Thank you ever so much for visiting...

  34. Greetings Melissa! What a treat to see a blog picture of you sketching at the Coffee Shop. AND what great drawings you did there! Your talent truly amazes does the (hidden even) costuming details for your new doll. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello!!

    Dear Flora, I checked in on your Wombles and found them to be of the Christmaskind! And immediately fell in love with them. Your art inspires me a LOT. So much so, that I decided to try my hand at a whimsical style pink New Moon with a big happy collar. What fun...thank you for helping me to expand my artistic horizons!!

  35. My Dear Rose
    How wonderful that you stopped by to sit a spell. I am so happy you enjoyed your visit.. Oh, my home is very humble, nothing fancy, but comfortable. How I would love to live on this beautiful farm of yours.. I always wanted to have a farm, but I thank the Lord for what I do have everyday.. I most certainly will ask Connie to send a photo of the potting shed.. I think you will like it, and I know Gary love the color!

    Yes, Christmas is upon us very soon.. I have been talking to Bebe and she would like to come out for Christmas.. I will let you know..
    Love to you and family.. Give the children a kiss from Bebe.

    Love and blessings my dear friend

  36. What a delightful Summer you had enjoying all the beauty of creations. We in Australia are flying into our summer very quickly and you are drifting into the cooler weather.
    I adore your little Givanni.

    Have a most delightful weekend. xxx

  37. Warm greetings dear Pat,
    I am just back from taking a tour of your dream country kitchen...a REAL one...original heritage cooking gear all functional!!! You are one blessed woman. The delicious smells that must come from there travel all the way to the other side of the in my imagination. It is always a pleasure hearing from you, my friend. Yes, God is good...

    Hello Julie! There is also a small Shoemaker Elf in my Doll Room patiently waiting for Christmas to tell her story. I love the Victorian Elf Set YOU have done...and your kind donation from their sale to a very good cause!!
    Thank you for your visit and for leaving such kind words behind...

  38. Hello dear Rose,

    Wauw...this blog is like a beautiful dream..
    I love your creations so much, and I wil look, and look everytime to this lovely, cute and sweet little creations.

    Sweet greetings from Holland,
    With love,

  39. Warm Greetings dear Rose,
    I am so glad you were able to visit Ann's corner of the world, and so happy you enjoyed your visit there.
    Thank you for visiting. Oh Rose, I am touched by your words.. I hope this ornament brings you years of joy. Thank you so much for all your support, but most of all your friendship.
    Love and Blessings,

  40. Dear Rose
    Bebe tells me you made the long journey to NOWHERE and bought 26 tickets to the Christmas pageant! She was so excited! Thank you so much for your most welcome visit, we shall see all there..
    Love and blessings,
    Penny a

  41. Gi'day Rose.
    It's always a real treat for me to visit your beautiful blog with all of your incredible creations. In fact, I always find myself taking a deep breath as I click on your name to be taken to your blog, as I know I will be quite breathless as soon as I arrive. Yes, your wonderful work is beyond words...and takes my breath away every time. Thankyou so very much for sharing your magical talent, with so many wonderfully whimsical photos.
    By the way...I love your front porch. It looks like a surreal scene from a movie.
    Enjoy your lovely cold Christmas. We only ever know Christmas as hot usually, in Brisbane - Australia.(Although there has been a lot of rain about lately, so it is not too hot at the moment)
    Our home is already all decked out for Christmas, and I have posted a few photos of the rooms, on my blog. Please feel free to drop in for a peek, if you can get the chance.
    May God continue to bless you, as you bless us with your creative talent.
    Hope your days are Merry and Bright.

  42. My word, How could I have missed this site before, such magnificent work. I followed here form Castles, Crowns and Cottages and traveled from one wonderland into another! Breathtaking creations, every one of them. And I see you have an old house (painted greenish) and goats too, that makes you a kindred. Glad i found your world.

  43. Wintry and warmest greetings Julie, Ruth, Marijke, Penny, Victoria, Jeri and dear Amy! Please forgive my lack of responses to your most welcome and precious words.
    I am up to my eyebrows in Christmas tasks yet unfulfilled. All that I do is in the midst of a moving sea of children and animals. My hopes for a new blog post and a new doll set are still reachable, but I think they must be met during the midnight hours. And tonight I am tired. Content, but tired.
    But, I could not leave without sending you a piece of my heart. This quick visit will not be ended until I send it to you. As I thank God for those who keep my life vital here on this side of the screen, and for you who encourage me from your the end of the day...God bless you all for your sweet friendship.
    lovingly, Rose

  44. is always such a delight to pop over and visit your beautiful blog. Your newest creations are so lovely and I love all the goings on around your farm. You are very blessed!!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas! Take good care!!!
    Hugs, Marcie ;-)


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