Monday, November 19, 2012

Tales From the Doll Room Book!

Christmas orders for Jemima's Storybook are closed. 
  Thank you, my dear friends, for generously supporting
my first humble efforts at bookmaking!
much love, Rose 
Tales from the Doll Room is the result of a lifetime
 filled to the brim with good and bad experiences, remarkable family, faithful friends,
and all sorts of art forms attempting to interpret everything in between. 
Writing a Storybook is a thought that has been drifting around
 since those youthful days spent lying on the attic roof,
making up stories in my head to while away
the long hot midwestern afternoons.
Well, here it first Storybook...
What a journey this has been.
  Much different than dollmaking, that's for sure! 
 If all the kinks have been ironed out, I hope to begin mailing copies
 somewhere around the first of December.
  Just in time for Christmas!
The book will be self-published. Which means the books will be ordered
directly from the publishers on request...customer request. So, the turn-around
from order to home might be a bit longer since I would like to handle
the shipping myself for quality purposes.
Most importantly,
I want to personalize each and every Storybook
before it opens up in your hands
and in your Imagination.
Meet Jemima!
She is a very Determined Little Girl who expects a Two-Wheeler
 from her mother for her 7th birthday.
But, the elephant in the room is...
the actions she chooses to prove her point
 are exactly what is preventing her from getting her point across!
Instead, she receives a toy elephant named Talulah
who innocently turns Jemima's priorities upside down.
I have read this story to my own children,
and the lessons we have discussed from it abound.
Probably because using the visual and emotional aspects of dolls tends to get their attention!
Jemima and Talulah's story demonstrate values such as...
responsibility, respect, appreciation, consequences, 
and above you treat others often comes back on you!
Gently illustrated by two very sweet little dolls.
The love of dolls and their World of
Childhood transcends age, gender and culture.
I think that is why we all love them so much...
they help us speak the same language!
Would you like a look inside?
Come along with me for a preview...



... you'll never guess what happens next ...



  1. Dearest Rose,
    This is what I have been waiting for. I will find a way to purchase this book.. I just must!
    You have always been such a beautiful storyteller, I am so excited about this.. Now I can have a part of ~your heart~ to enjoy each day by just turning the pages... I knew it would be special, but you have surpassed my imagination. I can't wait..
    She is adorable! Your talents are endless my dear friend...
    Love and blessings,
    p.s. Bebe here... Yes, would love to have you ALL at the gathering at Nowhere.. Please bring an extra table.. Yes, we will need it!
    Love, Bebe

  2. Was ich da sehe, das gefällt mir gut, Rose! Gratuliere Dir! Bilder zum Träumen!

  3. Hi Rose,
    Jemima is adorable, sweet, tiny girl! We love her!
    warm hugs

  4. Oh Thank You so much Bebe, Penny, thomi and Magda!! This project is partly responsible for me being so quiet here on my blog. After all this, I can hardly wait to begin dollmaking again. My poor children have been missing me as well!
    It is so good to be back with you again...I will be dropping by your studios, Rose

  5. Congrats dear Rose! All your creations deserve to have their stories published!
    Jemima is adorable! I love her face!

    The pages of your book show easily it is a beautiful book!
    We've missed you too!;)

    Hugs from P'nilli and me

  6. Dearest Rose, once again, your imagination, and talents inspire us all. This story is even more special because it became within your childhood heart. Your children, and the inspiration they give, will give us all a glimpse of how you felt, both as a mother, and as a child. I have always loved the story telling artist within you, perhaps as much as the sculptor, and dollmaker. The dolls become real coupled with the story, and the magic you create. I too will be purchasing your wonderful book, as well as the others to come, and count them as treasures among my most beloved things. Congratulations on your book Rose, I see this as a new beginning, another chapter in your story. Love and blessings dear friend, Happy Thanksgiving to you,Gary, and your Flockling . Christel

  7. Oh Rose,

    THis is beyond my ability to comment with sufficient words. Your art work alone is spectacular and amongst the best I have ever seen of this nature. But now to put it all in book are doing what I always dreamed of doing and probably never will. You deserve having come to this point; you have paid your dues. BRAVO ROSE!!!! Anita

  8. The book looks Amazing!
    I'm sure it will be a hit!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Rose!
    Wow Rose!! you have a wonderful talent and imagination. Your work is amazing!!
    Big hug

  10. Loving greetings Ewa, Christel, Anita, Ron and Arellya!
    Putting together a published storybook is something I have always wanted to do. After creating the dolls, the sets, writing and editing the story, and endless photographs...then the real work began! It was a solid month of long days and late nights figuring out the technical aspects of bringing all the components together in manuscript book form. I had no idea...
    Now it is done and is solidly in the hands of Providence. My greatest desire, though, is that all who enter into the pages will be very blessed during their journey into the little world of Jemima and Talulah...thank you for leaving your kind thoughts for me!!
    dear Anita...I hope you will someday...It would be as beautiful as your blog!!

  11. je vous aime, ma reine de toutes les artistes.......

  12. Rose,

    How can I order this beautiful new adventure of yours?

    I have followed your art for a few years now. I have found that when I am low or my spirit is feeling bruised I can come here and be soothed. Thank you.

    Please let me know about the ordering process.

    Tamera Rehnborg

  13. Dear Rose, you just never stop growing. I believe it is because you never stop listening to God and to the wonders with which He has surrounded you. And also because you are able to hear with your heart. Blessings to you and the flockling,

  14. dear Lou...merci mon cher!! (gosh I love French...)

    dear Tamera...these words of yours could not be sweeter to my ears. Often I wonder if I am vainly spending too much of my life on these little dolls. By the time one gets to the painting of them, long hours of invisible work have eaten away at...days!! Especially when things go awry and must be redone...sigh. But, when I read words such as yours, I know this effort goes deeper than producing a little doll. They are a visual of ourselves in a way. Don't you think?! And their art speaks a universal language we all understand.
    I sure understand yours, because I feel the same way. And often come here for the same have truly blessed me this night. Thank you!
    p.s. to order, please go up to the right hand page and press Jemima riding her trike :) Thank you for asking!

    dear Suzanne...I was wandering around on facebook (still finding my way around) and was able to see you with my own two eyes. What a joy!! Thank you for the precious gift of your friendship, for your trust in allowing me to sculpt your son...and for believing.

    all my love to you all, Rose

  15. Oh.... I am not sure what happened... I was writing and my comments vanished!:(
    Rosa, my dear Rosa.... This is just perfect! Truly! You are a natural storyteller and combining with your creations, what can I say? What I said before is that I know you must have put much prayers and your heart Into this. I can't wait to have my hard copy!
    With all my heart....

  16. So GOOD to hear from you dear Pat!! You must be home from Brazil with perhaps a clearer perspective that far-away travel can bring to our familiar landscape.
    I very much look forward to hearing your thoughts.
    Your book is in the order I am awaiting. It should be here in a few days! Thank you for wanting a copy!! Putting together this little book was entirely spontaneous, yet long in coming. I am glad I did it and so very thankful for the precious friends who have supported my humble efforts. Your generous gestures mean even more to me than having this book in hand. For that I am deeply grateful.

  17. Happy New Year my dear Rose... Wishing you and the flockling the very best in the new year..
    Love and blessings,

  18. So very sweet! Happy New Year,

  19. I would like to know what happened in the story further :) You are very very talanted, dear Rose! World becomes more beautiful and kind thanks to artists like you. Every your creating touches heart. Thank you! I wish your dreams and plans to come true this (new:)) year!

  20. Dear Rose,
    Thank you so much for coming over to view my Angel.. Your words have truly touched me.. My heart thanks you for always being there for me.
    Love and blessings,

  21. I am so in love with your dolls, they are the most enchanting creatures I have ever come across!


  22. Dearest Rosa,

    I have been wanting to come here and write to you because this past Christmas I was so blessed in receiving this book at my home. How lovely and sweet .... I truly enjoy it . You have "stir up" a desire for MORE!!!!grin

    I trust in the Lord that your days are blessed and that He will give you time apart from all other things to continue to create as HE is delighted and so do I!grin

    Love you .... Pat

    Ps. I truly miss writing to you Rosa.... you are a very special friend ... one I count as a blessing from God to me and my family! soon!

  23. What beautiful work , lovely truly lovely. Where was it that we can find the book !
    Be Well


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