Monday, August 4, 2008

The Real Story behind Stevie's Story

This summer has been an unusual combination of chilly days turning in a moment into heat waves, of storms blowing in from the ocean bringing long dry spells. Of new youthful additions to our family of bunnies, kittens and children just beginning their whole life's grand adventure ~ while our own mortality looms over our heads and hearts as we watch a member of our family battle cancer.

This warrior's name is Steve. He is my husband's oldest brother and he lives in an old beach house built up high as if in the trees, looking out over the dunes of the Pacific Ocean. His trade is woodcutting. He is known far and wide for his perfect bundles of dry firewood which have brought warmth and stories to a thousand and one nights along the beaches to campers from around the world.

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But now he is confined to a wheelchair up in his tree house, spending his days feeding a tame racoon from his tree-top window...and pondering. Very Thoughtfully Pondering as he is most carefully looking back over his life and realizing what was of worth and what was not.

All of us who are watching, hoping, and praying for him are listening very carefully to what he has to say. His once strong voice and muscular back are now softened, but not his thoughts. Nor his heart. His ponderings are his gift to us. They are causing all of us to deeply reflect on what is truly going on in the midst of our own thousand and one daily chores. Examining the fruit of our lives as he is his. Can we afford to miss the point?

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A little French Gnome faerie came along right in the middle of this all...The look on this faerie's face reflects exactly what I have seen in Steve.

So, I have named her Stevie...and she tells his story with the gifts she gives.

You can see more of Stevie here,

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  1. Rose,
    Stevie is precious as is the story of Steve. Cancer, such an evil beast. May Steve find comfort in family, friends and fairies.

  2. Steve is now in a Gentler Place, Michelle. The evil beast has come and gone and Steve brightly lives on in our hearts...thank you for writing. love, Rose


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