Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lovely Rachel

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This morning, just after breakfast, my youngest daughter and I

went for a leisurely walk. Just the two of us. Me in my slippers and her in the stroller.

Wanting to bring back a bouquet of morning wildflowers for our table

we stopped frequently to gather buds of every variety along our road.

My daughter spotted a butterfly wing fluttering amongst a clump of wild daisies...

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As I peered between the stems of the tiny flowers, instead of a butterfly

we found a lovely young faerie child blinking at me...

In her astonishment she dropped a small bouquet that was in her hand,

sweeping back her mane of brownish auburn hair

that was dancing freely in the breeze.

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I was sure that no one at home would want to miss

meeting this beautiful wee creature we had found,

so I invited her to come with me for a visit.

Surprisingly, she agreed...

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Carefully I carried her in my hand as I pushed the stroller back to the house.

After introducing her to all the excited children, she told me in no

uncertain terms that she must now be on her way....

but would I first adjust her hair just right

for she was on a most important journey.

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She told me her name was Rachel. She also asked me to tie back her

flowing hair in four sections so it would be pretty and neat when she

arrived at her destination.

I happily complied then helped straighten her princess gown for her flight...

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I took her right back to the daisy clump where I had found her.

By this time it was early afternoon and I found myself very reluctant to let her go.

She was an unusual mix of determination and gentleness that is a rare gift indeed.

When I asked her of her route, she mischievously smiled

and said it was her heart that was her guide...

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After gathering her bouquet again,

off she flew on a fragrant wildflower breeze,

following the winds of her heart.

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