Monday, October 6, 2008

Karin's Swanli

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Early on a dark spring morning, I found myself
outside in the chilly air worrying about the
condition of our old cherry trees.

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I was not alone!
Standing majestically within the fragrant branches was a regal maiden
also admiring the many fragrant cherry blossoms.
The new morning sun was causing her gown to glitter and sparkle
along with the dewdrops hanging on the branches.
Fittingly, her name was Swanli and both of us were concerned
about the lack of honey bees available to tend the blossoms...
her companions in bringing the trees to fruit.

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She told me she had been waiting for quite some time for her tiny
fellow workers to arrive, but she was pressed to continue in her travels to
many other waiting cherry orchards.
Sadly, she informed me that perhaps our cherry harvest
might be bleak this year.

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I asked if she could please do something about this

dreadful state of affairs, offering her

the very first cherry pie of the harvest,
if we should be so blessed.

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She raised her eyebrows at my offer...

Then she spread out her full flowing gown

and flew around the trees leaving a sparkling trail

behind her, falling on every blossom...

When her work was done, she said she must hurry
along her way to other waiting orchards.

As she was flying away, she told me over her shoulder that

a payment was necessary.

I thought I would not see this lovely faerie until perhaps next spring, but
wouldn't you know that when that first cherry pie was cooling on
our kitchen table, the Cherry Blossom Faerie visited us once again!

Our entire family welcomed her to our table.
Swanli told us she had encouraged many thousands of cherry trees
and had never been invited back to taste the fruit of her labor.
Her curiosity had brought her all the way back for a second visit
and together we enjoyed our desert!

Swanli will now be flying to her new garden in Germany where I hope

she will be a blessing there, even as the winter months approach...

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Thank you, dear Karin...Rose

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