Sunday, January 25, 2009

Karin's Tiny Claire

Early one morning as I was putting away our Christmas dinnerware, I came across a lovely sight right in the middle of our dining room table.
Why, a delicate little faerie was sleeping in a Victorian silver sugar bowl.
Her name is Claire and she has honored us with a visit.
Even though she cannot stay...
Claire is dreaming of traveling to a faerie palace in a faraway land.


I was in awe at how tiny she was.
She measures only 5 inches and her face is the size of my thumb!

I knew she had the manners and tastes of a fine young lady.


On her feet are dainty slippers in silver, pearls and cream lace.


She sleeps peacefully, resting her head on her hand...
dreaming of having tea and dessert in Bavaria!


Her head is wrapped in a white cap held in place with a green silk ribbon and bordered with glass and pearl beads around her gentle face.


Her wings took my breath away.
They were given to her by the elves of the northern forest and are rare cicada tipped in sparkling glass and pearls to catch rays of light which
glitter gently around her when she moves.


Claire fits snugly in the palm of my hand.

It has been such a pleasure enjoying Claire's sweet company, and I shall be very sad to see her go. But this wee faerie is about to have her dreams come true in a faerie's land of delight.
Thank you, dear Karin...Rose


  1. Absolutamente increible, eres tan perfecta que me tienes realmente impresionada. Saludos

  2. Claire diminuto fue creado para un querido amigo en Alemania. Ella fue una alegría a mí, y yo estoy tan contento que ella ha tocado el corazón. ¡Gracias por sus palabras tan amables, Marimer!


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