Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tinkerbelle, Beffie Mia and Maurice


Well wouldn't you know...

the clean slate of my New Year's good intentions has already been written and erased a couple times over. That's just how it is with children and animals filling my cup to overflowing each day. Each day is a new adventure indeed, leaving many of my "good intentions" by the wayside.

Here are a few characters who have been making their patient passage through my good intentions since I posted last.

Finally, FINALLY, young Tinkerbelle is finished and settled contentedly on her cuckoo clock home! There are three places on the clock for her to rest as she is positioned ready

to take flights of faerie fancy.

She is quite small at 1:12 scale and would measure just under 5 inches standing.


There are so many little happy details that were added to her clock abode.
Thank you, dear Karin, for allowing me the freedom of time and grace to enjoy every minute of creating my first interpretation of Tinkerbelle! She will be flying home to Germany very soon
and will be missed...


Here is little sleeping Beffie Mia awaiting completion of her nest.
And her wings. She has been patiently napping for several months although
I know she is anxious to be united with her new mama.


Just because I love him so much,
I wanted to add a picture of jovial Maurice the SnowMan who visited us last Christmas from the most Northern country.
My children really wanted to make Snow People for Christmas,
so together we made this fellow and a couple of his frosty brothers.
Now, I am totally hooked on these icy characters
and look forward to perhaps creating more this year.

Pure fun!



Three newly sculpted faces in process of being painted for an exciting custom piece for the owner of Christmas Present!!

She has asked me to create with her a Christmas Future with the two street Children happy and well tended.

What a grand way to begin the New Year.
I do hope my schedule will come into focus. In any case...
I must keep on going...


that's what I keep telling myself...and somehow things do get done...

My next post will introduce to you an older faerie
who has been an ongoing perplexing mystery to me.
I would also like to show you pictures in progress of Christmas Future as well as her three companions - Her two children and a whimsical character I have in mind (inspired by James Christensen's art) to serve as a candle lighter...

We shall see what we shall see...
all in God's time.
Thank you ever so much for your most welcome visits
and all your lovely calling cards left upon my door!

I hope your new year is moving along well and you are content with your progress however small it might seem.
Let's just keep on moving forward, my, Rose


  1. what sweet little figures!
    I love Beffie Mia the best!!!
    You are wonderful..

  2. Dear Rose, Tinkerbell is perfect, as I knew she would be in your hands!Her tiny face depicts all things Tink! I love her. I too, so love Maurice, and welcome his presence any time of year! He was just such a charmer! Little Beffie Mia, oh my, such a darling child! You amaze me each time I am lucky enough to view your work, and get a glimpse of your brilliant imagination! So glad to see you ! It has been awhile. Love, Christel

  3. *sigh* Rose, my heart melts everytime I visit your work. One of these days, I WILL own one of your beautiful pieces.

    Tinkerbelle is equisite and Maurice makes me smile. I did some snowmen this year for gifts and they were SO MUCH fun! Definitely going to do more next year.


  4. Oh my Dear Rose!
    Imagine my delight when I came to visit and there was Tink! she is just adorable. What an exquisite interpretation of Tinkerbell.. and my surprise when I saw Beffie Mia and happy little Maurice...
    Oh Rose, I must say that Beffie Mia has stolen my heart... I just want to pick her up and give her a hug... such a contented little soul... Maurice, well I cannot look at him without smiling.. Thank you dear friend for sharing with us all. So good to have you back.. Love, Penny

  5. These characters are adorable, so many little details to discover!

  6. Your work is so enchanting and your blog is so wonderful to vist, thank you so much for giving me the chance to be here

  7. Hello Anna, There is not much more tender and sweet than holding a baby in your hand...sigh. I can't go for very long without discovering a babe somewhere in the depths of my clay. Thank you for letting me know you enjoy her!

    and Christel, I SO appreciate your kind comment about my itty bitty Tink. Especially after your foray into Tinkerbell's world and bringing your own fantastic interpretation into being!! Following the very serious Christmas Ghost piece, I needed to spend some time with a couple light hearted friends!

    ever so good to hear from you, Rose

  8. What a lovely Tinkerbelle. I just love her and her clock - a very very charming composition!
    You are making a wonderful work. You are opening secret door to the fairy tail land and letting these creatures into our world.

  9. hi nice blog...
    visit mine at

  10. Warm and cozy greetings, Sue...always wonderful when you stop by! I would have LOVED to see your Snowmen...aren't they totally addicting?!

    and hello to you Melissa...Beffie wants me to tell you she is hugging you right back again!!

    Now I am off to visit your blogs to see what delicious delights have been coming from your hands... love, Rose

  11. Oh Rosa, entering into your world is beyond magical! You and Patricia and other artists really have captured the dream world in my mind! Thank you for visiting me today and having a slice of French bread! I am still hungry and I just ate!! What an appetite I have for yummy bread. I hope all is well and I look forward to a new post from you! Bless you, Anita

  12. Warm greetings dear Penny and Tracy! Thank you for your thoughtful comments...Beffie is sending a hug back to you, Penny. I have fallen in love with your wee Fifi Mouse as she dances amongst the stars of her imagination.
    And Tracy, I do tend to get lost in details..sigh...and sometimes it is hard to stop. Thank you for noticing and appreciating them!

    lovingly, Rose

  13. Hello glad you join me on this marvelous journey of imagination...your Munsters are such good company as well!

    Dewfall, your own door of fairy tales is open wide and the wondrous creatures and bejeweled ladies coming forth leave me speechless.

    Thank you both for gracing my Little Ones with your generous gift of words...Rose

  14. Welcome Vasudha! So happy you stopped in...I enjoyed traveling to India through your creative eyes and mind and discovering the unique decorative art within. I hope we will have a chance to talk again!

    'Warm bread' greetings to you, Anita! Wow, what fun posts from you and Pat...our family makes fresh bread daily, but not of the ilk you featured in your yummy blog. What inspiration for us to explore the fine art of bread making!

    Thank you, Rose

  15. My Dear Rose
    If you have time this evening, please come to Nowhere. Bebe is taking flying lessons... What fun she is having with her friends.. Rattus has made me laugh myself silly!!

  16. Hello Rose
    I just love little Tinkerbell. She has become my new favorite of yours to date. ;-) Although...Beffie and Maurice rank right up there too. So hard to decide! Adorable, sweet little creations all from your fantastic imagination! Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!!! ;-)

  17. What a pleasureable trip I just took to Nowhere land and your Angel blog, Penny. Bebe has been quite busy I see and not one to be bashful in her new surroundings. Already, she has friends vying to be her passengers and co-pilot! How lovely is that...! And your new painting is wonderful!! By the way, a friend of yours has arrived this morning and caused such a stir the camera was brought out to capture it. I hope to include a picture on my next post!

    Hello Marcie, so good to see your profile and handsome friend at my window!! I have been missing you and need to come calling to see what your creativity has been up to. Thank you so much for telling me that you enjoy Tinkerbelle. She is almost ready to leave on her final journey home to Germany and is QUITE anxious to meet her new family there!!
    Now I am off to knock at your door...

    love, Rose

  18. Goodmorning Dear Rose
    How wonderful to see you at Nowhere! Thank you for playing along.. Bebe is having such a good time.. So sweet of you to come join me for Tea at my angel blog... This painting was really a joy for me.. I am so glad you like it... I am happy to hear she arrived safe... still so little yet, I was nervous about her traveling alone. Photos? How exciting! I will look forward to your next post.
    Take care dear friend
    Love, Penny

  19. Dearest (((Rosa)))~ Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving me a note.... it is always so special to hear from you and yours.grin!
    I come daily here to see what you have been doing and hoping for new post but I *know* how busy the the children keeps you.... I see an email from you....I must check now. Always yours..Love~

  20. Thank you so much Princess Laura Lis!! always love, Rose

  21. Oh Pat, it warms my heart to know you are visiting...I would LOVE to make you a good Northwestern style espresso and share stories in front of the old wood stove tonight. It is raining outside and our mud puddles are growing, but inside it is cozy and full of activity. So...I will just wander over to your kitchen and pop my head in the door...and see what you are up to this winter's night. Thank you for writing! love, Rosa

  22. Visiting your blog is just what I needed today. Each of your creations adds even more unparalleled detail and delight. I have to say, Maurice caught my heart. I can't wait to see more like him!

  23. Oh my, what a wonderful note to find upon my door...truly, your sentiment is an early Valentine's card word-crafted just for an artist's heart. Thank you, dear Mary!!

  24. My Dear Rose
    Just thought I would stop in to take yet another look at Beffie Mia, Tink and of course, the happiest little fellow in the world! Dear Maurice! He fills my heart with joy every time I look at him...
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!
    Love and blessings,


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