Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the rest of the story...

In hindsight, I believe it was no coincidence that an interpretation of Dickens' Christmas Carol visited my sculpting table this last Christmas season .
The Ghost and her two sorrowful children lived with me for several months.
We became very attached.

I can't remember how many times

I thoughtfully cradled the ragged and dirty children in my hands only to imagine how they might have appeared if well tended, with smiling, bright faces.

Not long after they had flown away, devastation struck Haiti
and the Ghost's warnings resonated back to me.

Sadly I came across pictures of many of the island's suffering children
and I yearned to cradle them, too, in my hands...
It is interesting how art imitates life, sometimes even before it happens.
Thus, these beautiful Haitian children have been constantly on my mind and prayers and are forever sculpted upon my heart.


The Ghost of Christmas Future

The owner of the Christmas Carol trio has granted me the priviledge to create a Ghost of Christmas Future. Instead of Dickens' impersonation of Death, this Spirit has found two street children who have been helped by Man....

...the rest of the story

(with a sprinkling of artistic license)

So, now on my table are five new characters well underway...


Two healthy and much loved children.


(All three head wraps are very temporary)
They will be 7 - 10 inch scale, and will be built with slightly flexible torsos

to help fit them closely together
as they are seated within a large, magnificant, golden crown!


And at the entrance,
guarding the Crown will be
a Candle Lighter (in the style of James Christensen)
who keeps the Christmas flame ever burning.


...because his Extinguisher can not reach the fire to blow it out!


More exciting news...

Penny sent a very special flower my way...the first to bloom this year...
a gift of friendhip and a promise of Spring.

Penny is the artist who created the now famous Bebe Mouse
who is a beloved character in Nowhere Land.

A place where talented friends co-create an ongoing storyline of adventures and antics of their imaginative characters.

Please visit Penny's blog and be prepared to greet Angels, Mice and a royal dog named Jasper!

~ Bebe~ The tea mouse

In turn,

I leave this Sunshine flower at the doorstep of seven (I could not resist adding one more) diverse artists whose creative gleanings always leave me refreshed and blessed upon visiting their artful abodes.

The Rules...1. Thank the person who gave this to you.

2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog.

3. Link the person who nominated you.
4. Name 6 things about yourself that no one would really know.

5. Nominate 6 bloggers

6. Post links to the six blogs you nominate

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know
Please accept these awards with my admiration.


of Copenhagen, Denmark and her fanciful wanderings...


Dale Ann Widen

a painter of the gentle creatures who rightfully share the earth with us


Irmina, who creates as Nesca,

her pure colors and simple lines deftly defines character...

Tanya Bond, a brilliant young artist

I'm in love...


Anja Fohmann

[notes from the rookery[4].jpg]
(drawing by Daniella Barlow as featured on Anna's A Very Fairy Garden)
and her Muscovy, Remy, as Anna documents his first year of life in her loving care.
Fuzzy Sunshine!

May we ever keep our light burning brightly.


You just never know into what dark corner it might shine...

love, Rose


  1. Yes indeed,we have been given a gift of light,in our artist creations we can bring,joy, warmth,love and light to the people who view our work. One does not need to purchase anything, just a view is enough to warm the spirit and create light there. love and light Marie

  2. Lovely, Rose! Visually and spiritually lovely!

  3. WOW! Thank you for the friendship and the award!!!
    But my name is Anna, I am the Mommy of Remy!!!
    Danielle Barlow is the Illustrator of the beautiful drawing, I have permission to use on my blog!
    Gr. and have a great weekend!

  4. Dear, dear, Rose,

    This was such a lovely tribute to many artists who are so polished, magical, and special; I only know one of them, the wonderful Penny, who has become a dear friend to me. Thank you for featuring her, she truly is a special artist and human being. We are SO HAVING FUN in Nowhere; each one of us who contribute believe in our characters, love them dearly, and we entertain anyone who has the courage to believe and walk through that door into the imagination.

    Your creations do just that; you create beauty with such finesse. I love this about blogging, that one can view the diversity of creativity. Patricia Cabrera as well, has captured my heart from day one, and I so admire her work and her friendship. There just isnt't enough room here to give the due accolades!

    Thank you for blessing us all with you kindness....Anita

  5. Thank you for your insightful words, Marie. Your felt pieces each contain very deep sentiment...aren't we blessed to have such creative ways to express the longings of our heart?

    Dear Theresa, I see you are surrounded by soft furry great is that? Thank you SO much for your visit and leaving such a kind thought at my door!

    Hello dear Anna, I am So SORRY for the confusion. I know well your name because my children and I visit Remy and your blog *often*...we LOVE listening to the gentle sounds coming from your garden as we look carefully at each of the animals who frequent it. However, when I am attempting to put together a few thoughts for my blog (unless very late at night) I have multiple (every other minute or so) interruptions (from my children) and some things tend to go amiss. I hope I clarified...and I do so love your little Remy and your lovely garden!!

    ever yours, Rose

  6. Dear Rose, so much emotion from the eyes of the ghost of Christmas future. The childs face, so endearing. You have brought the love, and caring from your heart into the clay once again. A tribute to all that is pure, and honest. You continue to inspire me daily. I hope you know, and feel the love you bring forth through your hands and heart. Love always, your friend, Christel

  7. I so agree with you Anita! To me, the artistic blogging community is something the world well may never have known before now. We have the priviledge to visit like minded souls all over the world and share our passions through one another's art. I do not take this lightly...and I see you feel the same. It is a real pleasure to know you...Now I am off to visit your own beautiful spaces...full of inspirational imagery made all sparkly by your thoughts that intertwine them. much love, Rose

  8. Dear Rose
    You know I can still see the faces in my head of the two sorrowful children with their ragged clothes.. Such powerful expressions in their wee faces... I believe you are right. It was no coincidence...and now with your loving heart and gifted hands, I see hope in these two beautiful street children... I am looking forward to seeing the completed set... Your gentle heart shines through dear Rose.. Exquisite work!
    I would also like to thank you for your praise and kind words.. I am truly humbled. Off now to visit these beautiful Artists... Love and Blessings my dear friend...Penny

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  10. Warm wintry greetings Christel, so good to hear from you, friend! I am glad you come up for air now and again from your sculpting amaze me!!! Now, it is my turn to totally submerge myself into this project and become immersed within these five charcters. Just tonight, I finished a sweet companionship piece (who are quite the opposite of one another) it is time.
    Hey, by the way...CONGRATULATIONS for winning the February Cherub Show at IADR!! Your two cherubs could not have been any more adorable...lovingly, Rose

  11. Welcome, welcome, Penny! What a joy to see your smile at my door...Is that your sister standing there beside you? Oh, how I envy you, with her being so near. If only my sisters were not so far away...sigh...
    And wouldn't you know that fluffy, little Fifi is showing her worth more and more. She has become a sort of *award*...for helping me tidy the girl messes that accumulate in my doll room daily. The best helper is able to play with her for a smidgen at the end of the day. (Somehow it turns out that everyone seems to get their turn.) Thank you for your kind words and your kind heart that fills our home with your peacefulness...ever yours, Rose

  12. Oh yes Rose... The old photo is of me and my sister.. I am the goofy one on the left.. For pete sakes... who would have thought that little Fifi would step in and help... That is such happy news Rose.
    Love and blessings, Penny

  13. Hola Rose, todo mi cariño y admiración para ti y tus creaciones tan exquisitas y Entrañables. Ahora he estado un tiempo alejada del blog y de momento me voy a tomar un descanso algo largo, pero seguiré visitándote, Porque Cuando mas estresada me encuentro es Cuando mas necesito venir a tu casa, es como una terapia Contemplar a Niños Tus, me relajan . Porque Cuídate mucho eres muy Necesaria para seguir Creando. BSS, que Dios te bendiga.

  14. Dear Rose
    Thought I would stop in an wish you a warm hello. I cannot wait to see this set in it's completion.. I can almost see you working away with your loving hands.. I will be patient.. All good things come in time.. Take care my dear friend. Love and Blessings.... Penny

  15. Congratulations on your award.Can't wait to see you new piece I love the faces and the crown sounds so beautiful. Sincerely, Jonny

  16. Rosa , I can already see that this new work requires your all in all and you are centainly taking your time and putting all your effort because it is already showing that it willbe brilliant! I LOVE your new faces butthe guarding has taken my heat....grin... he is marvelous!
    I can not imagine how he will look like at the end but I know that it will be amazing. The sculpted work on a raw clay shows his character so well already..... thank you for sharing with us... I have missed visiting with you.....lovingly~

  17. Dear Rose!! Thank you so much for the award!! Sorry for not seeing it before typical me: always living in my own small world of dreams...not seeing what's going on in the rest of the world!! Thank you so, so much...I'm so glad for the reward!!!

  18. oh rose...that is sooo sweet...thank you so very made my day ;O)

    glad you love to visit my blog...I´m going to post the award there tomorrow...

    big hugs anja

  19. Dear Rose, thank You very much for the award, thank you for noticing me, your words are priceless and i feel very honoured to be noticed by you.


  20. Rose, thank you ever so much for the beautiful award! The ray of sunshine it contained was absolutely wonderful, and I am very honored to have been one of the chosen to receive it! And if I may, I wish to thank you for creating such a beautiful enchanting place to visit!

    With love,
    Dale Ann ~

  21. Hi Rose:
    It's late and I'm very tired, but I just had to visit your blog. Something is wrong with my brain, I should read it again. I can't quite understand what your doing. I think your giving awards to people. The artists you have chosen are wonderful. Anna and Remmy are my dear friends. I too have known Remmy since birth.
    You mentioned the street children in Haiti. That caught my attention very clearly. I would like to share with you something I've been involved in the last couple of months. I'm sure you've read my bio and are familiar with the work I've helped with in the orphanages in Ecuador, peru, tiland, and etheopia. Well, when I first heard of the devistation in Haiti. I too had special feelings of the children who were becoming street children. Of the orphanages that were being destroyed. I was contacted by a group of individuals flying back and forth to Haiti, taking tents and such needed items. I was ask to help supply needed quilts and blankets. The children were sleeping on the dirt ground with nothing under or around them. I was so honored to take on this challange and assist in helping those children in need.

    I had two weeks to deadline. I am very blessed to have hundreds of willing and able hands to help. We did it! We sent over a thousand quilts and blankets full of love to the children out on the streets of Haiti.

    Rose, I share your passion and feelings for these children. I wish I could watch you mold your street children into the children that represent my street children that now have quilts to lay on and wrap up in.

    Forever, your friend
    Love cindy@stitches


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