Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pippi in Spring and Off to Oz

Please meet Pippi and Mr. Nelson.
They are pretty much the reason why my end of the wire
 has been rather silent...so sorry, dear friends!
The long winter days have been spent in
sewing, felting, beading, painting, and dyeing fabrics 
with lots of help from my girls for Miss Pippi!
Now she is ready to welcome spring
with great Anticipation
of New Adventures awaiting!

(almost 11 inches)
Here are some of her details...
Her long thin legs were almost too cute to cover with Longstockings!
But, because she is Pippi,
 she insisted on mismatched stripey stockings.
 Pretty green underpinings to keep her warm in her new Swiss home.
...yarn ties were temporary...

Often while I was busy with the children, Pippi helped out 
cleaning up after the endless piles of messes made in the Doll Room
and elsewhere in the house.
So, I fashioned a tidy little Lace Apron for her to wear
as a heartfelt  *thank you*.
And she asked for a sturdy Pink Paintbrush Broom to clear out cobwebs.
My daughter and I nunofelted a lace Day Dress
with fine, soft wools
dotted with a variety of tulle and lace fragments.


The underside of the dress was painted and glittered
for Pippi's planned trip to Oz.
Because she likes to travel light, we figured this was the best way
to send along a Party Dress for Emerald City.
She wishes to meet Queen Ozma,
and I have no doubt that she will do exactly that! 
 Her seafaring father sent a bag of jewels to help with the trip,
and here they are encircling her (attached) Slippers.

This is an Essentials Bag sewn according to her precise specifications. 
 Nelson can comfortably fit inside, if necessary.

I think he is scared of the flying monkeys in Oz.

Since this Pippi is a faerie, she has wings...
and they can surely outfly monkey wings any day of the week.
So, Nelson has decided to go along to Oz afterall.


(4 inches tall, not including his tail)

Mr. Nelson is fully poseable and wears the tiniest of handmade buttons,
 a bendable furry tail, and an embroidered beanie.

He can stand on his own, but prefers sitting on Pippi's arm. 
He says the view is better from up there.
After their Saturday photo session yesterday,
I found both of them standing at the kitchen window this morning
waiting for me to put the coffee waterkettle on to boil.
With a sentimental yet excited glint in Miss Pippi's eye,
she was waving goodbye to me.
Packed and ready to go to Oz by way of Switzerland...
Farewell, my little friends.
I wish we could come along too.
You were a work of love and will be greatly missed...


  1. Those two are so precious, I would never be able to give them up. Incredible work, detail and obvious passion shine through.

  2. Thank you, Trudie! After spending a good part of the winter with these two, a piece of my heart will be going with them, that's for sure. My daughters may cry, especially the one who is a Pippi character herself. They hoped this Pippi...and Nelson...would be staying.

    The most bittersweet part of doll making is saying goodbye.

    So good of you to stop in and leave a note...love, Rose

  3. Beautiful artwork as usual Rose! I wish I could have her pretty long legs ;)

  4. Such detailed perfection! Your love shows. Well done!

  5. Me too, Ewa! The closest I get to legs like that anymore are sculpting them!! So good to hear from you...

    THANK YOU for noticing the details, Unknowing Gnome. I got lost in them over the winter and just found my way out this weekend!

  6. Oh Yeay!!!! They are WONDERFUL!!!!!! So much eye candy. Love them!!!!! Send them out into the world to bring joy to many!!

  7. I always loved reading Pipi Longstocking stories when I was growing up and I think you captured her perfectly!

    Marisa :)

  8. Oh my..Rose, you didn't exagerate a bit when you said you had gotten lost in the details!!! There is so much to see, every morsel a delight for the eyes! The felted pink dress is so pretty, and the apron..I just love the vintage laces. I agree, her legs are so cute, but she would not be complete without those mismatched stripey stockings! The paintbrush broom is such a great idea. I love the little monkey too, his face is so sweet. I am sure you and the children will miss them so. Beautiful work Rose. I know she will be loved so very much by her new family. The light within your heart shines through every piece you create. The childrens helping hands leave a warm glow all around her magical being! Much love my friend, Always Christel

  9. Pippi and Mr. Nelson are just amazing!!! Your work always brings a big smile to my face. :) Theresa

  10. Dear Rose, what a lovely way to send your light out into the world. My Pixie misses you, too. but he is so happy to have come home at last. you are a blessing to my soul.

  11. Oh Pippi and Mr Nelson are just wonderful - how clever you are! Oh, and those wings! I need to go back and look at everything all over again x

  12. My dear Rose
    I have been waiting to see her completion! You put so much beauty, magic and love into your dolls... The details are truly amazing. Pippi and Nelson are a sight to behold. I love every little detail. I see such happiness in Pippi's expression. This must be your beautiful heart shinning through. I know they will be missed, but they will be treasured in their Swiss home.
    Wishing you and family a beautiful weekend.
    With love and great admiration.

  13. Oh, the coincidences of the Universe, I have been thinking of you, too!!! Hope you are well! I love the way Nelson can tuck into her arms and then look-up, ahhh.. the magic and mastery of your art never ceases to amaze me. I am glad to know your light. Blessings, Amy

  14. Cerchio Fatato...Hello and Thank You very much!!!

    Morena...How are you?! Your tiny Thumbelina size children have brought total delight to my soul since the very first one I discovered! I am so honored my faerie children inspire you as well...:)

    Oh Marisa, Pippi was part of my childhood world too. How endearing that my children and I get the chance to play with her together now. Thank you for stopping by and letting me know you like her!

    My precious Christel...your words warm up my heart...they always do, even at this very late hour. Bless you, my friend, for just being who you are...

    Thank you dear Leo...!

    Theresa, seeing your lovely, smiling face at my door makes me want to put on the coffee pot and invite you in for a longer visit. We could share our latest ideas and...hmmm, I think it is time for me to come by knock on your studio door right now!!!

    Thank you all for visiting, it means much to me...always love, Rose

  15. me encanta como te a quedado, esta muy bonita con tantos detalles y tanto trabajo
    yo también veía a Pippi, que años aquellos y que jóvenes eramos

  16. Dearest Suzanne...actually, it is you and Andrew who have been the real blessing! You were and are a spiritual uplift to me, my humble artistic endeavors, and to all whom have read your remarkable story. Thank you, and tell Pixie Andrew I miss him too!! His legacy still remains ever strong in my heart.

    Tina, I am just back from visiting you in your garden as you strolled down memory lane. What a pleasure it was to get to know you better! Thank so much for your most welcome visit to my corner of the garden.

    Hello sweet Penny! You have been the topic of much conversation in our home of late. Your little Bella has become Shay's constant companion. She is being very VERY careful with her! And Gary opened your painting tonight as we celebrated his birthday. It truly touched his sentiment...the Mama and Daddy bird sitting together at the window watching over their flockling. The painting also serves as a good reminder that we need to make more time for one another...thank you dear one for all the joy you so generously share...

    love you all...Rose

  17. Oh Rosa, they are wonderful! I love Pipi face expression and her features are just perfect! Little conpanion is as sweet as can be . Nice touch in maing him pose-able. Perfection!
    Love you~

  18. Oh Rose, I am so happy Shay has found so much joy in the company of Bella and that Gary enjoyed the painting. Yes Rose, life is so short, we need to embrace each moment with our loved ones. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have given me.. Love, joy, magic, kindness, support, and most of all your friendship.. You are my angel dear Rose.
    Sending much love your way

  19. Sempre belíssimos trabalhos. Parabéns pela arte;
    Beijos do Brasil

  20. My dear Rose, It was so good to see you at my door.. I have missed your visits.. Oh I wish you could smell this rose... ahhhhhhh... I can just imagine what fun you had with the grand children! Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed Bebe.. Sorry you missed her, but with all the joy at home, it is no wonder.. She is making another appearance this week.
    You know, every time I look at Pippi's sweet face it just makes me smile, and I am just in awe of the amount of detail in her and her beautifuly fashioned clothes.
    I am so Happy to hear you are having some sunshine! Wishing you and family a joyful week.
    Love and blessings, Penny

  21. Hello friend,
    very very precious!!!
    big hugs.

  22. Again, Rose...I am left gob-smacked and speechless.
    Your work is utterly and truly amazing.
    I am so thankful that you choose to share your talent thru your blog...and not just sell thru ebay. I am afraid I am quite illiterate when it comes to ebay :(
    Your creations are so very delightful.


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