Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Faerie Gardens, Bedtime Stories and a Mouse

Pixie Aster

Home spun Bedtime Stories are a tradition in our family.

Often the fairytales that follow my sculptures
will serve as great night-time tales.
 However, this time the faerie was created in response to a simple
verse about a Pixie who grows Mice instead of Flowers in her garden.

We are in the midst of garden digging here at the farm,
and it totally intrigues my youngest children to imagine that just perhaps
mice can be "grown" by forest Pixies.
 So, my daughter Angi and I decided to have a bit of  fun
and together bring this fairy tale to life
during planting season.
Angi sculpted these two endearing characters and I worked out the detailing!
Clicking on the picture above will take you to her auction!
I hope you take a moment to meet Pixie Aster and her garden grown mouse,
 and read the simple little limerick spun by my daughter
to her own children.  
This was so agreeable to our artistic constitutions,
that we hope to offer a joint project
now and again on ebay.
Now, I am off to visit some of your studios
to see what has been sprouting there!
Thank you for stopping by...much love, Rose


  1. Dear Rose
    I was wondering if you were going to post her here.. Pixie Aster is MAGICAL! Simply magical.. I would love to see more joint projects with you and Angi.
    She is quite the storyteller, as you are my dear friend.. Exquisite workmanship! and that MOUSE! awwwwwwwww... just want to pick him up and give a hug.
    Love and blessings to all

  2. Greetings Marie and Penny!
    It is wonderful that these dolls bring stories and stories bring the dolls. A circle of inspiration that just keeps going, thank God!
    So GOOD to hear from you...love, Rose

  3. Já estava aguardando seus novos trabalhos. Está encantador como toda sua arte.
    Beijos das Fadas de Luz

  4. Hi Rose,
    This pair is so adorable!! The tiny mouse is just darling!! Good luck with your auction..
    Dessa Rae

  5. Fadas de Luz, Afortunadamente, la Sala de la muñeca se ha dedicado a esta primavera con un montón de manos amorosas de trabajo juntos!. Muchas gracias a usted para disfrutar de lo que ha llegado de él! love, Rose

  6. Hello Dessa Rae, I agree with you! Angi gets all the credit for the cute Pixie and mouse...her ability to sculpt unique characters totally amazes me. I so hope she will continue to pursue doll making in the midst of her very busy life. Your kind words will definitely encourage her to do so, thank you! love, Rose

  7. Dear Shay
    What a treat to have you visit me.
    Thank you for your sweet note! I am so happy you are enjoying the bear and Bebe. Wishing you many hours of joy with them.

  8. I love all your fairies and pixies so much! What a great work you do !!!! I'm enchanted by your magical creatures and your stories!
    You are all amazing! Oh! I checked Angi's new blog! I love her fairy too!
    Kisses! :o)

  9. Hello,
    your blog is very cute!!!
    i lovely your work.

  10. You have created a beautiful ambiance here...I love your faerie creations and your music...
    The sweet mice are adorable! What a charming idea for a pixie to raise mice!
    Blessings to you this week...
    Teresa in California

  11. Hello and greetings to you, Mirsini, duendes and Teresa! Your kind words will go a long way with my daughter and myself to encourage our dollmaking inspiration. Thank you SO much for stopping and and visiting us as you are traveling along your own artistic journeys. Might I stop in and see what is inspiring you?

  12. Hi, just wondering who did the painting with the baby with the "little things in life quote"?

  13. Hello piastyers! The baby was sculpted and painted by...me :) ...Thank you for asking! Rose

  14. Thank you, I found it on Pinterest, and shared it on Facebook. Everyone had to know. So, I've linked your page, here. Beautiful work!


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