Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jewel of the Crown


Ancient Elven Lore foretells a Time

when Darkness would envelope

a Land once Fair and Beautiful...
Please meet Na'riel, a very special doll.
She represents a Bride, a Spirit, a Legend...and Japan
Thus, she has a unique white powdered finish on her skin
 to give her a mystical and pure appearance.
Since January, she has been in bits and pieces.
Well, maybe even longer.
Her head was sculpted and partially painted
sometime late last year...waiting for a suitable body.
And waiting for the Inspiration to come.
One afternoon this spring, I made a long, lithe armature
with a wrapped torso that seemed to have a regal pose.
By happenstance, I draped a piece of ultra soft pink velour
 around the waist of the armature.
Quite suddenly, I envisioned a Maiden
 standing in the Crown on my mantle.
All the while, watching the distress of our neighbors in Japan...
Now with a purpose, this piece began emerging. 

Exquisite bits of old laces that had disappeared in my
Doll Room drawers resurfaced...remnants of silks and velvets and petals of fabric flowers came together
 in a calm and marvelous way.

A bride slowly was appearing, but in a mystical form. 
 So, beading pearls seemed fitting.
Her name is Na'riel
which is Elven for Glowing Pearl.


Many layers make up her gown,
chiffon, silk gauze, handmade velvet ribbon, pink lace.
Like her gown, she holds many layers of meaning for me as well.


The many hours devoted
to each minute component of her creation
 made for a lovely journey.


 Creating a Maiden of Fortitude and Perseverance...

Waiting for her King...



Na'riel is presently on ebay.
To visit her auction and Story,
please click on the picture above.
And I could not resist showing you a cute as a bug
 (and not much larger than one) Faerie Child
made by Angi also on ebay.
You can click on her picture too
if you would like to view her auction.
The faerie dust has been sparkling in the Doll Room!
 much love to you, Rose


  1. Na'Riel really is a Jewel! I love her to the bits! Love her dress the head piece the colours the wings and her meaning and story.She really is fantastic:)
    And the faerie child is so sweet:0

  2. Wow they are soooo beautiful!
    Esp the top one isnt she esquisite!!

  3. Na'riel is absolutely amazing, beautiful and dainty!!!

  4. Oh my God, The Queen is beautiful! I love the materials you used for your costume, your whole outfit! I have no words to describe my astonishment! I congratulate you! ever surprise us more with your beautiful creations! Greetings, Rose Marie

  5. Na'riel is exquisite, and so very magical Rose. I have looked at her auction no less than four times, and keep finding tiny details you have incorporated into her clothing. He eyes are so expressive, as are each of your timeless wonders. I truly love her, and her story. Your story telling ability coupled with the magic you create through the clay breathes life into these tiny treasures. You have amazed us once again my sweet friend. Angi's tiny child is darling, I love her feet! There is something about the tiny curled up toes that gives the feeling of innocence. Angi should be proud, like her mother, she is an artist who creates magic! Much Love Christel

  6. My dear Rose
    As I had mentioned before, I see such determination and strength in her eyes… She is one of my favorites I believe… As Christel mentioned, you can find new details every time you set eyes on her… You not only have a masterful talent for sculpting, your creativity and design work on the clothing is amazing to say the least… She is simply exquisite…
    How wonderful it is to see Angi’s work again… She should be very proud… Her work is beautiful… Touched with the magic of her love and creativity…
    Love and blessings,

  7. Like mother like daughter! Your daughter's doll is so sweet. And your faerie is just astounding! :)

  8. Absolutely amazing, beautiful work!!

  9. Οh my!!!!! Na'riel is sooooo beautiful and her clothes amazing!!!! I'm thrilled by your work!!! As about Angi's Fairy child is wonderful and very beautiful too!!!! Shine on my fairy friends!!! Kisses! :o)

  10. Thank you SO MUCH Old Maid, Janet, Rosa, Morena, Rose Marie, Christel, Yvonne, Penny, Theresa, Trolineke and mirsini for visiting and having it in your heart to encourage Angi's and my work!
    Soon I will be leaving on a road trip to visit my mother. So, my end of the wire may be quiet for a couple weeks. I will take your loving words with me...Rose

  11. Hello, Rose
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Oh! You will not be disappointed in the Cloth and Clay doll ning site with Jane Des Rosier. I have been a member of that site since the fall of 2008, and that was when I became hooked on Creative paper clay. Not only have I used paper clay over cloth, but it works wonderfully well over a foil foundation. I am also a member of Nancye's art doll ning who goes more into detail with armatures and different sculpting clays. She has molds for fairy faces and several workshops to choose from. Right now through July, her workshops that are $40 are more, she is discounting them to $20. Anyway, just more doll making information for you.
    If you want to see some amazing examples of paper clay over foil go to Bone Head Studios blog with Flora Thompson...she gets very detailed when making the faces on her paper clay sculptures, just like you do on your dolls. Flora's Wumbwies are probably my favorite and as soon as she makes five or more at a time, they are gone from her site... they are so cute! She sells them in Spooky Time Jingles, and she sends an email to those who want to be notified that she has more available, and sometimes the Wumbwies are so popular she doesn't even get a chance to post them on the STJ site! People email her and ask to buy them right then and there!
    Your dolls are incredibly detailed and so amazingly beautiful. You have exceptional, God-given talent! Oh, please do come to my blog on June 25th as I will be participating in 'A Fanciful Twist' Mad Tea Party. I will be having three giveaways for the tea party.
    Teresa in California

  12. Your queen is amazing I love her. I visit your daughter's blog she is in the footsteps of her mother.

  13. Your work is beyond beautiful. There is spiritual healing, love, and magic in every piece/peace you create. I cannot move away from this page. Thank you for the inspiration, comfort and feast for the soul.
    xo Gloria

  14. Dear, how do you do it? Everyone, a masterpiece. I am so blessed to know your light. Blessings.

  15. Hello dear friend,
    I loved your doll, Your work is amazing.

  16. Hello my friends...I have returned from a very long journey. It is good to be home again...
    It is wonderful to see you, Teresa, Liliane, Gloria, Amy, and duendes. Your thoughtful greetings are a sweet homecoming.
    love to you, Rose

  17. Welcome home dear Rose
    So good to have you home safe and sound. I hope your travels renewed your spirits and fed your soul.
    Thank you for visiting my little corner of the world and the birthday wishes... I am so happy you enjoyed viewing the wedding.
    Love and blessings to you my dear friend.


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