Friday, July 29, 2011

French Gnome Garden Faery

 I have just returned from a cross-country Road Trip.
It has been far too long since I have visited my childhood home in Illinois.
It was thought that perhaps I might just accompany my sister
on her annual journey back home.
So, she and I  loaded up our 11 passenger van with food, children
 and headed down the road one early Summer Morning.

Along the way, we enjoyed long, significant
(and not so significant) conversations.
While watching in awe as our diverse American landscape
stretched out in front of us.
And naturally, I indulged in a bit of doll making.


While working on a commission, I had a clump of Apoxie left over. 
Not one to waste anythingand just for the fun of it,
I quickly fashioned a wisp of an armature
and sculpted a body from it.
Miraculously the next day, ...amidst all the road jiggling...
 a sweet little French face the size of my thumb stared back at me.
Then, I put the pieces away.
When we returned two weeks later, some of my flowers had bloomed. 
 Only their dried petals  remained
to let me know they had come and gone.
I took out the body and thing led to another,
and a tiny 5 inch French Gnome Garden Faery emerged.
 From the  flowers I had missed and other things too...
Her name is Gizelle.
She is so small and delicate and she tends a Garden full of Summer Memories.
If you would like to see more details, and read Gizelle's poem
beautifully written by Suzanne Milson (Pixie Andrew's mom)
 please consider visiting  her auction
by clicking on the ebay picture up in the right hand corner of this page!
Oh, and before I show you a new project,
please meet a young mermaid created especially for Cherrylinn.
A very dear friend of hers has comissioned this doll for her 12th birthday.
They both share a love of the sea and it's gentle inhabitants...


She was created for a bit more handling,
 and will have three tail fins that can be interchanged.


I hope Cherrylinn will find a place for  this young mermaiden
in her heart.

She is ready to swim away home any day now!

Thank you, Daisy, for allowing me to be a part
of this very special birthday surprise...


  1. Dear Rose, I was wondering when sweet Gizelle would make an appearance here! So lovely, and the memmories made while creating her, will last a lifetime. Gizelle will carry this summer with her always as well, speading love, and light. Her real petal dress is amazing! I love the transparency they took on! Wonderful, as always. xoxo Christel

  2. Hello dear Christel!! Isn't that dress just wonderful? After much experimentation, I finally discovered a bleaching method to preserve our lovely maple leaves. It is a soft and light as a feather and yes, marvelously transparent. Perfect faery clothing...

  3. Oh Rose,
    Gizelle is such a beautiful Garden Faery!! I don't know how you part with your creations!
    The Poem is wonderful...
    The clothing she wears is fantastic, your photography is stunning!!
    You can tell that a lot of thought went into creating her!!
    Dessa Rae

  4. She is stunning! I love all the thought and detail you put into her.

  5. Dear Rose your work is simply amazing! I'm always love to visit your blog. It seems the door to enter a magical world. I embrace you strong.

  6. Wow! I hardly know what else to say. You do wonderful work. Very high in the "enchanting" factor.


  7. I am most happy to hear that you enjoyed your cross-country trip. Gizelle is absolutely stunning. Your work has such a gorgeous ethereal feel. :) Happy to hear from you again!

  8. Gasp. No wonder this one sold so quickly! I thought I just might attempt a bid, but gone she is! So lovely!!!

  9. My dear Rose
    I am so happy to see Gizelle here.. She is the perfect garden fairy...I simply love her sweet face.. You gifted hands have created a piece one can only dream of. Exquisite dear friend.

  10. Hello my dear ,
    Hope all is ok with you!!I love your creation very much.Oh, this is just lovely.your sensitivity and your good taste are amazing.Have a good week.
    big hugs and blessings

  11. Dearest Rosa,
    Late I am in fact but happy to finally arrive and meet your garden Faerie. her gentleness is crystal clear. so soft and lovely... like... (((YOU)))!
    Love you , my friend!*grin*

  12. Hello my sweet visitors...Dessa Rae, Ron, Dawn in the Forest, Mari, Ruben, Teresa, Anne, Penny, duendes, and Pat,
    Your words have come to rest upon a grateful heart. Although my written sentiments are sadly lacking here of late, please know that your comments spur me creatively Onward.
    My doll making hours are coming at the awful sacrifice of my computer time. It seems the days are going by quicker. Or maybe I am just slowing down and not getting as much done...either way, thank you for your kind and generous words.
    God bless you my friends, just as the song says, "May you bring love and may you bring happiness, be loved in return to the end of your days..."
    always love, Rose

  13. My dear Rose
    I had stopped by to say hello and what did I find, the most endearing mermaiden I have layed my eyes upon.. Cherrylinn... What a wonderful Birthday surprise this will be. She has touched my heart..
    Love to you this beautiful day, my dear friend.

  14. My english is not good to explain I feel looking this.
    Me parece un trabajo excepcional.
    Precioso, creativo, etéreo.
    Un placer a la vista

  15. Dearest Rose,

    Your work along with Patricia's work is outstanding. I just feel blessed to see all the varieties of art that God has blessed us all with. This is magic, pure and simple. Anita

  16. You are so faery talented!!!!!!!! Gnome garden Fairy is extremely beautiful and so is the mermaiden and this beautiful and very sweet elf that holds the maiden!! Oh my what beautiful eyes and smile!!!
    You are such a sweet person!!
    Hugs! :o)

  17. Oh, my goodness--these just fill my eyes. Your work is exquisite and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork with us.

  18. Hello dear friends! Please forgive my quietness old computer has finally decided to stop working, and is under technical examination to see if it is worth saving. I am writing this note from my daughter's home until I figure out what to do...until then, I will be checking in every few days. And seeing what it is like to have evenings at home without my computer will be interesting.
    Take good care and know that my thoughts are ever with you, Rose

  19. Missing you dear Rose... I hope your old computer is blessed with a second life...
    Love to you and family
    Your friend always,

  20. Hello Rose

    Your work is just stunning!
    All the little details are so very beautiful made!
    Visiting your blog feels like beeing in a dream faerytale...

    Thilda in Belgium :-)

  21. You are a truly gifted artist and your site is an inspiration to all aspiring dollmakers.

  22. Dear Rose, I have been absent from blogland for quite awhile but I had to pop in and say "Hello" and visit for awhile. How nice you were able to go back "Home" for a visit. I am sure you were able to make some wonderful memories along the way. I love your new pieces. Gizelle is beautiful and what a lovely birthday present for Cherrylinn. She is gorgeous!! I hope you are well and enjoying fall and all its beauty! Take good care Rose...I will be back soon! x0x0x0


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