Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blackberry Cobblers and Flying Pigtails


It is so good to be talking to you again!  How have you been? 
Needless to say, much has happened since my last post,
and I bet you can say the same!
   A new computer with lots of fancy gizmos for one.
  This house was computer-less for about 6 weeks, maybe longer,
 after my old computer decided to finally throw in the towel. 
The evenings became surprisingly peaceful in a nontechnological sort of way.
Although I sorely missed the news on the that I am back online,
 I intend to enjoy more old fashioned evenings
 spent in front of the fireplace this winter...unplugged.
and...Since we spoke last, the garden was seeded, weeded, and harvested.
  Not to mention a massive amount of blackberries were picked. 
 And I mean massive. 
 A good natured contest was born between my boys, all six of them,
 based on who could fill his bucket first. 
 However, the real bragging rights went to the one
who found the biggest berry each day. 
 This competition carried on throughout the blackberry season.
We now have a freezer dedicated entirely to Blackberries.
Naturally, they will make up a substantial portion of our diet this winter.
Happily so.. 
Blackberry Mush in the Morning...  
 Blackberry Cobbler in the Afternoon...
And Blackberry Tarts made by enthusiastic little hands for Evening Dessert.
While my sons were off conquering the wild thorns and tangled vines,
I was spending quality time with a little girl wearing flying pigtails..
  She hung around the kitchen with me.
  All the while offering very opinionated opinions about pie crusts
 and (more) sugar in the berries.
This picture was taken before her hands and feet were finished ...
but I wanted you to see her at this stage. 
  Next week I hope to formally introduce her to you.
I have spent a few of these recent late nights
 traveling to your own special places
 to see what wondrous paths your summer has led you down! 
Until we talk again, I leave you with great affection and appreciation
of your kind  interest in my little blackberried corner of the Forest.
always love...Rose 


  1. Rose,
    SOOO glad You are up and running again..I about go crazy without a computer...
    Your new little creation is so adorable I love the flying
    Her colors are so vibrant and her face is so fun to look at!!
    I am so hungry for blackberries now...the first picture of the blackberry mush looks sooo good.
    Well glad to have you back!!
    Take care,
    Dessa Rae

  2. Six boys ? Oh dear, I'm struggling with one already! :-)
    Your girl is lovely!

  3. I'm glad you are back! I was missing your beautiful dolls! This redhair doll is so cute and beautiful.

  4. Yeay!!!!!! Welcome back Dear Rose!!!! We missed you! Lots of Hugs, Morena

  5. She is so sweet, can't wait to see her completed:)

  6. My dear Rose
    I have missed you so... I am so happy to hear you are connected once again... I have kept you in my thoughts and you are always tucked away safely in my heart.
    Will you just look at this sweet face! Oh Rose, she is adorable.. I can't wait to hear and see more of her.
    Ohhhhhhh, blackberry cobbler and tarts! I can almost smell the aroma...
    Wishing you a lovely week ahead and quiet evenings.
    With admiration and love,

  7. Dearest Rose, So wonderful to see a post from you! This wee little wisp of a garden gnome is darling! I can see by her expression, that she could possibly be up to somthing! Perhaps she has something hidden behind her back? She does have that mischeivious little grin, much like Pippi, but also wears a sweet, shy innocence within her very expressive eyes! You are always so good with conveying emotions through the eyes of your dolls Rose. Can't wait to see more, and to hear her story. We are all so happy to have you here. I know how nights beside the fire will inspire you, cannot wait to see those beautiful Christmas pieces as well. The blackberry treats sound devine! Blackberry cobbler is my very favorite sweet treat, rhubarb pie is a close second. My grandmother always made these, as well as scratch sugar cookies with icing, and hickory nuts..soo good! mmm I can smell the cobbler. I know how much hard work goes into harvesting the farm.. I remember quite well making sausage, canning tomatoes, making preserves, and butter with grandma.. we slept so soundly..I sometimes long for those days. This is just another reason I admire and respect you so! Much Love Always, Christel

  8. Warm autumny greetings dear Dessa Rae, Christine, liliane, Morena, Old Maid, Penny and Christel!! Thank you for your sweet make me feel so very welcome in this remarkable blog community.
    Actually, this little girl IS a doll house size Pippi, Christel. She will be flying along on her braids to Finland soon. Happily, her lovely new owner granted me ample time to thoroughly enjoy creating her. In my mind, a Pippi personality is totally unique. I could not help myself but to sew a small wardrobe that only a Pippi could wear.
    This indeed is a special time of year. So, I look forward to spending a lot of it doll making and cooking along with my children. Hopefully creating strong family bonds and memories that will carry them a long, long way.
    Your words are ever inspiring to me...bless you for that gift! love, Rose

  9. It's great to hear from you again, Rose. You've been missed. Although I see you were enjoying much family and harvest time. :) Your girl is gorgeous, as always. I adore that mischievous grin! :)

  10. Dear Rose, It is so good to have you back. I have missed your gentle wisdom and your lovely creations. Once again the red hair and pigtails have brought you back to Pippi. Maybe you two have more in common than we know??? The freckles are too cute. I am so glad you are back. Blessings,

  11. Rosa,i am sure you understand me when i say that I don't have much time ... not as much as i need to say and stay but I want to leave you a note so you can see that i did come and am so happy to read about all your good news!
    love you~

  12. Your post is so lovely and enchanting as usual! So wonderful to hear from you! We were in your part of the woods this summer. It was lovely, but it didn't rain while we were there, so that left me feeling a wee bit deprived. Well, until next time!

  13. Greetings dear Theresa, Suzanne and Pat! Thank you so much for stopping in and saying hello. It is so very good to see you!
    Suzanne, this Pippi character does indeed hold a deeper meaning for me. Funny you should say that...
    One of my daughters was a meth baby and miraculously survived painful infant withdrawals. She also suffered physical and emotional violence before she could even walk. By the time she came home to us, she was acting out classic behaviors of attachment disorder. Thankfully, because of all we have been through together, I have an unusualy stronge mother's bond to her. But her whole purpose each day, it seemed, was to push me to the end of my rope, and not let up until I got there.
    I came to the point of wondering if there was any light at the end of this tunnel we both were in.
    Then one evening, God in His wonderful mercy and humor led us to the european Pippi episodes on youtube. My daughters and I would watch them for hours while I worked on doll making. Before long, I could recognize the endearing essence of my daghter in the unique character of this impish little redhead! Doing everything backwards and upside down, and still coming out the other end in one piece.
    It truly was an epiphany for me...for both of us actually. And has given me a vision of hope and laughter where before there was only frustration.
    We are both still in that tunnel together, but I can see that light now. Love, persistance, Pippi, and ultimately God's grace will get us there...without a doubt.
    love, Rose

  14. Hello beautiful Anne! We sure did have an unually dry summer. But, guess what? It's pouring outside now. Truth be known, I have missed the rain over the summer and am quite content to hear it quietly falling outside the window. I hope all the wild animals are tucked in and ready for a long wet winter...Give your two little birdies a kiss for Rose,

  15. I swoon each and every time I visit here!! Your dolls are magnificent, as is your spirit. May the light in the tunnel become brighter with each breath you and your daughter take.
    Blessings, xo

  16. Welcome back Rose!
    I'm happy to see again your dolls, Pippi is so sweet!

  17. Hi Rose,
    Its always wonderful and inspiring to read your blog and see your beautiful dolls ( the food looks amazing too!), I'm so glad you're back!!

  18. The dolls look good; the cobbler also looks yummy.

  19. Hello, Rose
    Your blog is so magical! Thank you for stopping by my blog to become a follower.
    Have a blessed weekend!
    Teresa in California

  20. Greetings Gloria, Anna, Rosanna, Toyin and Teresa...I treasure your words of encouragement! It has been so much fun wandering over to your blogs and getting to know each of you a little better. My new computer is a much faster vehicle, so my travels are more timely now. Hopefully, my blog updates will be as well.
    Thank you again for visiting me and taking the time to leave your notes at my, Rose

  21. My dear Rose
    What a joy it was to have you visit.. Thank you so much for wandering over... Your encouraging words have touched me.. I just love your little girl with the flying pigtails! Such a loving expression..
    Love and blessings, Penny

  22. Glad you are back, I am enchanted by your world. That little red haired girl is a charmer. It's amazing how much work can get done when we don't have access to this world, (I recently realized that when a hurricane left us without power for three days.) though I do enjoy having access to so many talented people around the globe. Thank you so very much for your visit. And now that you've made me hungry with your photos I must be off. Magical thoughts your way.

  23. Good morning dear Penny and Esther! This community of artisans is truly an immeasurable blessing to me. As much of a news hound that I am, I found that I missed the blogging community more than anywhere else when my computer was down. I beieve that even very good things must be in now and again, I have to take a little time away to have dolls to show you!! love, Rose


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