Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas is just around the corner...Giveaway, Gnomes and Icicle Men


Please meet my little Blue Gnome. 
 Well, only her hair is blue...not her mood!
She is quite excited to find out where her new home will be.
 And if there might be a present for her under the tree there.
I have named her P'nilli,
 a quirky little name for a quirky little Gnome.
  She and I have spent a lot of "thinking time" together
 while working on her jointing. 
 Now that my efforts with her are done, 
I really wanted someone special to have her.
 I could think of no one better
than one of my blog friends! 
 So, I offer her to you as my first Christmas giveaway. 
I wish I could give something to each and every one of you,
but P'nilli and the jovial little Icicle Man below
is all I have this time.
 What  I can give each of you, however,
is a *visual* piece of my heart
during my favorite time of year.
Please visit my ebay auction.
  There you will find a living Christmas Card
 I created with much care for you!
  You have been a tremendous source of blessing
 to me this year
and I dearly wanted to show you
 how much I value your friendship...
 P'nilli's joints are made of durable, bendable cording
which tends to hold it's bend. 
 But her knees are not strong enough
 for her to stand on her own.
  She is a bit self conscious about that...
but she does sit so pretty on all sorts of fun things. 
Not real sure yet if she will arrive with the pink teacup
 or a lovely silver chair I have made for her.
The Icicle Man was a pure flight of the imagination.
  Have you ever heard of Icicle People?!
Surely icicles have personalities too...
and sure enough along came Pickering the caroling Icicle. 
He can hold his own in the baritone section
 and is quite a commanding presence on our tree
 amongst the more timid Gingerbread People. 
 He measures 7 inches from top to toe
 and is generously covered in Mica flakes
and German glass glitter...
the more the merrier to make a big sparkle 
along with the twinkling tree lights.
If you would like either of these small friends of mine
 to come home to your house,
 please leave a comment below! 
 And if you feel so inclined,
 I would love to hear
about a sentimental  Christmas memory
 or tradition you celebrate. 
My youngest daughter will draw two names
on the evening of the 15th, seven days from now.
The 1st name will receive P'nilli,
 and the 2nd name will receiv Pickering
I will have them both wrapped and ready to fly home, and hopefully they will arrive well before Christmas Eve. 
International flights might take a little longer.



Hildys has some Yuletide Cheer for you
 in her wooden wagon...
click on her picture above,
or the ebay picture at the top left of the page
 to travel to her home in the Northern Country.
until we talk again...
lots of Christmas love, Rose
p.s. This is going to be so much fun!!


  1. Oh the joy, what delights.
    I remember receiving on my sixth birthday a beautiful doll, she came with a suitcase full of clothes and accessories, I named her Rose,
    Love and light, and season's greetings Rose, Marie

  2. They are so beautiful, as always. I received a doll from my Dad every Christmas until I left home for college. They went to college as well because they were the keeper of my dreams you see. Blessings to you for a joyous season.

  3. Hello Rose,
    The first Christmas after the birth of my daughter she was 3 month old I placed her close to the Christmas tree, and her eys sparkled as she saw the light in the tree that was so magical!!! Now she is 27 and her eys still sparkled!!!
    She is so enchanted this little doll, as always so beautiful.

  4. Dear Rose,What a wonderful, and generous gift for the lucky two! Your sculptures are tiny treasures, and will be cherished by whomever receives them! I am crossing my fingers and my toes here..teehee.
    This is not a traditional story, but I wanted to share this with you.
    I just came from my son Jakes house, where I helped decorate the saddest tree.
    For several years, I have "passed along ornaments of one kind or another to Jake and his wife, Amanda. Some purchased for "Pokie" and some hand made for him. Others borrowed from our tree. Last year, their tree was delightful and sweet, and a three year old Pokie loved it! Sometime this past summer the storage that held the tree, and it's decorations, had a leak in the roof without Jakes knowledge..ruining everything! All covered in mold, soot and grime, nothing was salvageable. I only learned of this today when Pokie called Grandma, and said "hi grandma, we got a pretty Christmas tree" I said, "you did? oh I want to see it!" he then said, in a lowered tone, "but it don't got a star"..I felt so sad for him, although it was also just so cute and sweet, I giggled at his remark, soon after ward Amanda took the phone, and explained everything that had happened, and that their tree, and everything was gone. They did in fact "inherit a tree, pre lit, from our older son, Andy, so they had a prelit tree, with nothing on it, and no star. So, with little money in hand, and sheer determination, I set out to the local dollar store, and purchased 22.00 worth of ornaments, garland, and of course, a star! I was lucky enough to find a lot for that 22.00! Everything was on clearance.50% off or more!This afternoon turned out to be wonderful, and Pokie has a beautiful tree he is very proud of, because he helped hang the ornaments, and place his star! I am now baking gingerbread men to hang on the tree as well. Scented clay..they smell devine! God is good isn't he? A little four year olds Christmas spirit restored for 20 dollars! My favorite tradition is to add an angel on my tree each year in rememberance of our son Howard. He is never forgotten, and is with us at Christmas in this way. much love, Christel

  5. One early Christmas morning my sister slipped out of our room to sneak a peek at what Santa had brought. Soon she came back sniffling. "Daddy is playing with our new toys!"
    A very merry Christmas!

  6. What a generous give-away! Thanks. I would like to participate.
    I don't have a really sentimental story.
    We've started to take a photo of our family in the exact same chair in front of our christmas tree several years ago. I do love to look at all the photo's we took and see how we changed.
    Wish you all a wonderful weekend.

  7. Dear Rose
    What a wonderful chance you give us. In my county we made advent wreath, this year i have made roses of lamb-ear(a plant in the garden) on the wreath. There goes 7-10 leaf to a green roses,. They are beatiful with white candle and green apple ( in plastic). We always have a lovely christmast-tree and together sing chistmas-song. This year, it is the first time our young daughter have invite us to hold christmas in hers new flat . We will help each other to made the christmas-dinner. To day my dauther was in the wood together with her father to pich a lot of spruce. She will not tell him what she will do with all the spruce-branch, its shall be a surprice :)
    :) Kirsten

  8. In my country we always put one set of dishes more than the number of guests on the Christmas Eve dinner. It is our tradition to have a place for an unexpected guest or to remeber those who are gone.:)
    I love P'nilli already and hope she will find the best home she can have.And so will Pickering.

  9. Rose,

    I was in dire need of inspiration this season, so I returned to you and your creations. Certainly I gained what I sought. Thank you.

  10. Your generosity is as amazing as your talent and creativity!!!!! Two beautiful treasures to vie for! In any event, the opportunity to peruse this site is also quite the gift.
    Your gorgeous fairies and their tales instill joy, magic, and wistful grins, along with tons of inspired imaginings!
    "What the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth." ~ John Keats

  11. Dearest Rosa,
    I have so many fond memories of Christmas ...grin... I think what makes me smile the most is thinking of my family when I as a child.we were poor but my mom and dad did so many little special things for us... I looked forward to see if they would remember a can of green olives ( isn't it funny/ yep! I LOVE green olives ) and hopefully some paper dolls.But mostly because of the loving feeling of my family been together.
    love you Rosa! I can not believe on this give way.... so wonderful!!If i win, it will add to my traditions and every Christmas i want to set her in a special spot!*grin*

  12. Oh my goodness:) I would love to have P'nilli come and stay with me and all of my dolly friends. She would be most welcome and get tons of love. Please enter me in you giveawy. Thank you:)

  13. I would love to have this beautiful blue haired creature to come over here and be one of my friends ...My fiancée Violette might even be a little jealous !!! Anyway even if I do not win , thank you for letting me dream about her ...
    Ps . I so love looking at all the creatures you make ...I look very rough compared to what you achieve !!!

  14. When my daughter was 2 years old we started painting and decorating bird houses to give as Christmas presents to each of the grandmothers. Year after year my children love to see their creations changing in their grandmother's gardens.
    I adore your beautiful creations! Thank you for the participate.:)

  15. Dearest Rose
    What a generous and heartfelt giveaway! To think that there would even be a slight possibility to win makes my heart sing.. I know who ever receives P'nilli or Pickering will be thrilled.. They are so very adorable Rose!! Your gifted hands have created yet another exquisite piece of art..
    When I was a child I had a stuffed dog named Dugan. Unfortunately, I don’t know what ever happened to him. He just disappeared when I was a child…. When I was grown and in my twenties, I had mentioned to dad that I wished I still had Dugan… That Christmas, he gifted me a stuffed dog that looked just like him… My mother said he had looked for weeks for something that looked the same… What meant the most to me was that he spent so much time looking to replace that little stuffed toy, when his health was so very bad. Yet he traveled from store to store until he found it… I still have my Dugan the second and will pass it down to my children..
    Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas my dear friend.. Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life.
    Love and blessings,

  16. Oh my goodness, Rose. You are just SO generous to be offering BOTH of these amazing creations. I would be honored to win either. I'd be happy to share a tradition with you. My father, every year for as long as I'd remember, would make codfish cakes for the holiday. My hubby found them to be quite tasty. As my father got a bit older, my hubby started taking up the tradition of making them. And we always bring them over to my parents' house for them to enjoy. Thank you again, Rose, for your generosity and happy holidays!

  17. Oh how I would love to win either of your beautiful gifts. I still have one ornament from my grandma's tree from over 100 years ago and it hangs proudly from one of the highest branches of every Christmas tree I've had

  18. They are both wonderful.
    The icicle reminds me of ornaments my mother had on her tree many, many moons ago. If she were still here I'm sure she would love them.

  19. (I am posting this comment per request from Dale. So sorry you are having problems leaving comments. I was too, and when I UNCHECKED the little "automatic signin box"at the bottom of the Google Sigin page, my leaving comment problems disappeared!)

    ~ I always enjoy popping into your magical world to read about and see your beautiful creations!! What fun to be given the opportunity to give P'nilli or Pickering a home here with my whimsical Pegasus, unicorns, and wee little foals! :0)

    The tradition I love most is having family gather together during Christmas Eve, creating wonderful memories to cherish through time. Young and old love to gather around the tree together in search for the aging hand blown glass pickle and beautiful gold Christmas spider. And when the last fork or spoon has been laid to rest after a delicious feast, all the young children begin to beg for the passing of the presents! What a joy it is to see the twinkle in their eyes each year with the magic of Christmas!

    Rose, I wish to thank you, for the amazing creations that come alive with your touch, and your wonderful generosity in sharing them with us!! Wishing you and your family a beautiful Christmas and a most wondrous New Year!!

    Blessings to you and yours,
    Dale Ann ~

  20. Here I am!!! Thank you so much Rose for the wonderful advice about unchecking the automatic sign in box! It worked!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful evening and fantastic week ahead!!!

    Dale Ann ~

  21. These stories are SO have really gotten me into the Christmas Spirit!!!

  22. Dear Rose, I would like to take this chance and leave a comment. I love your blog because your posts are so welcoming and warm!
    One of my best memories, is not just for Christmas, but it was only a few days ago and I will never forget!
    I have three children, my youngest is only 3 years old, her name is June. A few days ago I have dressed she in the morning, as she hugged me and said "thank you".
    I asked, "What for?"
    And she said: "How you love me."

    I must say that she still can not speak well, but she said it so beautifully!
    I get at the memory still brings tears to my eyes. It was the best gift that you can get as a mom.

    And right after that comes your giveaway. ;)
    I wish you and your big family a wonderful Christmas time!
    Big Hugs, Anja

  23. Oh my, but I just stumbled across your dolls, and am completely enchanted. What a beautiful blue gnome! Please add my name to the hat, if you would. If luck favors me, then it will be from your daughter's hand to my own daughter as a Solstice gift.

    Thank you for bringing such magic into the world!

    <3, Raven

  24. You have been the greatest gift of all dear Rose. The rest is simply the icing on the cake.
    I have so many memories of the past. Mostly times when things were scarce and I've doubted the power of Christmas miracles. Some of them were small like twinkling stars and others so tremendous as to bring me to my knees. Christmas is all around us if we open our eyes to see the love that this time of year brings. Enjoy! It's all here, for all of us. Hugs and kisses,Morena

  25. What a wonderful giveaway rose, and how magical these two are !
    I remember as a little girl one xmas eve as i lay in bed unable to sleep, I was sure I heard sleighbells and closed my eyes tight incase santa claus should realise i was still awake . On xmas day my best friend who lived two doors away from me came to tell me she was sure she heard santas sleighbells and closed her eyes tightly too ! I still remember the excitement we felt :0)
    I wish you and your family a very merry xmas and a wonderful new year
    julie xx

  26. I love the peaceful feeling I get when I see your creations, it is not of this world. It takes to my childhood when I used to collect acorn caps to use for bowl and leaves for fairy beds. I would place them on my windowsill and watch and hope the fairies would come to my window. My favorite Christmas memory is when I would see SAntas footprints that lead into our house from our front door. SAntas boots must have been dirty, :You see he had to use our front door because we did not have a fireplace. Merry Christmas. Josanne

  27. Hello everyone! Gosh, time totally flew away from me. So sorry!!! I think I lost an entire day...or maybe two. Just tonight, I finished my last doll offering of the year and can breathe easier now. Tomorrow I will hopefully have a little video to show you my youngest daughter choosing the giveaway winners. Please forgive the delay!! See you, Rose


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