Saturday, February 25, 2012

Little Monkey Shoes for Big Monkey Business

To tell you the truth, I was not looking forward to updating my last post
because it was so very meaningful to my daughters and me.
However, thanks to a pretty pink lace Valentine that came in the mail... is Part 2.


Our family celebrated Valentine's Day a little bit differently this year.
  We decided to hand deliver our cards in person and become part of the greeting.
So, early in the morning all 11 of us headed out with a pile of fancy cupcakes
 and a stack of handmade cards for grandparents, neices and nephews and grandchildren houses.
Our travels took us to four nearby towns.
In spite of the distance, we took our time, 
 sharing lots and lots of hugs while everyone enjoyed the cupcakes.
  It was a wonderful day. 
 By the time we pulled back into our driveway that night,
 we were all rather sad that our day
was drawing to an end.

But it was not over yet!!

Checking the mailbox, we found nine tidy little envelopes
with lovely old fashioned cards inside. 
Sent from my grandchildren to all the children in our van.
  We just loved them...
Then, underneath them we found a pretty pink envelope handmade from lace paper.

It was addressed from Finland!

 Ofcourse, you can guess who was the first to ask to open it. 
And when she did she cried out, "Look...Pippi is wearing a new dress!"

She sure was!
 What we found inside will tell you the rest of the story...




Best of all, we finally were to meet beautiful Sari!


I would like our Valentine Greeting to be special delivered to Sari as well.
Carried along the way on a wee pair of monkey shoes!

They measure a  mere 3/4" long and are light as a feather.
In spite of their size, they are made to endure some serious monkey business.
Little felt soles to cushion mischievous little monkey feet...
Topped by a pair of blue corduroy trousers
 to keep a small Monkey warm on a cold winter's walk down a snowy lane.
And here is the Monkey to wear them!
A young Mr. Nelson...

He would like Sari and Pippi to be his Valentine...Every Day!
Now, even though Nelson has two-tone wild monkey hair, 
I can assure you, he has been on his best behavior here.
 My own little Pippi has kept a close eye on him.
( Actually it was the other way around)


Nelson's travel case is ready and waiting...
Soon, Pippi will have a new friend to show around her colorful and cozy home.
Thank you, dear Sari,
for being the icing on the Valentine cupcake
 and the hug at the end of a long day.
We will be sending great BIG love back to you in the person of a 3 inch monkey.
Be watching for him to arrive on your doorstep!


Now, before I disappear back into the Doll Room,
I wanted to show you a little someone who emerged quite unexpectedly!

Immediately following the holidays, I started a few new projects,
with the intent of developing them one by one once Nelson was done. 
 Five hopeful little heads on white apoxie armatures, waiting their turn.
I have been wondering who they might be.

 Well, all except one...

Here's the first look at a Woodland Winter Baby.

Her face is not yet entirely painted.
   She still needs much more attention to her bunting
 as well as putting the wooden knothole nest together. 
But once I send Neslon along home, I shall tend to her.

  Then there is that little auburn haired girl looking at me right behind her....

Please come by just never know who you might meet here in my corner of the Rainforest!

until we talk again...
always love, Rose


  1. It must have been a wonderful Valentine's Day for you all, dear Rose!
    This holiday although is known over here, is not very popular still.
    Pippi looks so pretty in her pink dress and her Mom is a very pretty Lady. I am sure they both will be delighted to welcome Mr Nelson home.
    And the Woodland Winter Baby already looks like a Treasure to me.:)
    Warm hughs from P'Nilli and me!

  2. Seus trabalhos são encantadores, mágicos. As expressões são lindas,de fadas de verdade. Um grande abraço daqui do Brasil

  3. What a day it was dear Rose! Fond memories to cherish. How exciting it must have been to come home and find special cards from the grand children to your children.
    Nelson is so very adorable and I love the monkey shoes and trousers! Sari will be thrilled I am sure.
    Pippi looks so sweet in her beautiful new dress.. and yes, it fits her perfectly!
    And your Woodland Winter Baby is simply exquisite! Your babies are so very life like Rose.. I love her tiny little fingers and her pose.. She is adorable!
    Love and blessings,

  4. Greetings Ewa, So good of you to stop by and see Pippi's new dress! Yes, isn't Sari just the sweetest?
    You know, I wasn't sure if European countries shared this holiday. Valentine's Day is rather important at our house because of piles of cut out red hearts, lace, and cupcakes to share with someone(s) you love...we can't help but celebrate it in a big way! :)
    Please say hello to P'Nilli. I hope she is being a good helper and not getting into mischief! love, Rose

  5. Tão bom de você para visitar todo o caminho do Brasil... como emocionante! Obrigado pelas suas amáveis palavras... e estou enviando um grande abraço para você! amor, Rose

  6. Hello Penny! It has been far too long since we have talked...and I have been missing you.
    Oh, your little white cabbage bunny has found a home right here at my desk. As you know, I have a particular fondness for bunnies, and your Patch Bunny endeared himself immediately!
    Thank you so much for your kind encouragement, are such a blessing to me and so many. Now, I must hop over to your studio and see what you are up to. Is there an egret keeping you company by chance?! What a great guest to have wandering around your, Rose

  7. Piękne rzeczy tworzysz ;) Wszystko jest cudne ;) Kocham twoje prace ;) Każdy szczegół jest idealny
    Pozdrawiam Magdalena

  8. Pippi is so beautiful, and I love Mr. Nilson!!
    and where is her horse in polka dots? :o)

  9. Dziękujemy za odwiedziny Magdalena! Dziękujemy za dar waszych pięknych słów. Będziesz zachęcać moje rzeźbienia bardzo! miłość, Rose

  10. Hello Madga, It is a pleasure to meet you! I am just back from visiting your studio and am sitting here in awe after looking at the details in your tiniest of tiny cottages. How do you do that?!
    You know, I have not yet attempted a horse, but if I ever did, it would be surely covered in polka dots! love, Rose

  11. Dear Rose, the woodland baby is beautiful already! I can't wait to see her in completion! This is sculpting babies to perfection! Pippi looks so wonderful in her new dress, and Sari is lovely! Little Nelson will no doubt be welcomed with open arms, and be a great addition to Pippis home! I love the tiny shoes made for him, as well as his bib overalls! Such talents..amazing as always my friend. XXOXO Christel

  12. I love your works... You do not only put magic into your dolls, but you create this magic!
    I'll never be able to learn how to dress dolls so beautiful! :) :)


  13. It's always such fun visiting your blog Rose!!! Wonderful stories and beautiful images. You always seem to brighten my day.
    Much love,

  14. My dear Rose
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind words... Oh yes! Mr. Egret visits often... What a magnificent bird he is...
    Yes, It has been much too long since we have talked.. I have missed you too, but keep you in my heart always... I am so happy to hear that Patch Bunny has settled in and you are happy with him.. There are no words to express how much you mean to me and how grateful I am to you for your friendship and encouragement.. You have been my greatest admirer and collector over the years and I am so very honored and humbled...
    Again I must say that your Woodland Winter baby is amazing... You gave her life with your masterful hands and heart... I cannot wait to see her in completion.. Although, she looks complete to me...
    I am truly blessed to have you in my life.. You mean the world to me Rose.
    With the greatest admiration and love,

  15. Thank you for your kind words! I'll be practicing and practicing then :)
    I also am very happy to meet you :)
    hugs, Tatiana

  16. Hello Christel! Really good to hear from you today!!! I hope you are feeling spunkier right alongside your little Fae Wees. Thank you for enjoying my progress. Even though I seem to be moving at a snail's pace this winter, I am immensely enjoying it nonetheless. Take good care my friend...

    Dear Morena...if my dolls can brighten your day (just as you brightened mine!) even a just little, that adds the real sparkle to them. Thank you so much for telling me that!!

    Greetings Tatiana! I have been following your work on ebay closely...I love your delicate, freckled little girls. You strike me as astute and dedicated to honing your art. There is no doubt in my mind that with patience you will develop the costuming that will perfectly fit your sculpts. Very good to meet you!

    My dear Penny...This week is dedicated to touching bases with my doll making friends. Events (i.e. children, animals and the Doll Room) on this side of the line often keep me from dropping into your studio as often as I would like. So, this really feels good...also, thank you for the sweet sweet sweet dollie shoes you shared with me. Now you have me dreaming about sculpting babies even more than I usually do :)

    love to you all! Rose

  17. Oh how wonderful Valentine's day you must have had, so thoughtful too! What is more delightful than greet your loved ones in person!

    And I am delighted to hear that Pippi lives here in Finland! How fun is that! The dress fits her perfectly. You were so sweet that you made Nelson too, he will be happily living with Pippi, of course!

  18. Dear Rose
    Leaving another note here to let you know you are in my thoughts.. It may have been that my last comment was eaten up by blogger... I hope this note finds you and family well.
    love and blessings,

  19. You made me cry. I love you, dear friend.

  20. Hello dear Rose
    I wanted to let you know that I am having a Spring Giveaway.. (wee mouse).. Drawing will end April 9th..
    Love to you dear friend

  21. Dear Rose
    How very happy I was to see the note you left for me.. Thank you so much for your heartfelt words.. I cannot wait to see what comes out of your doll room... For me, to come here is like a kid in a candy store.. Can never get enough. Honestly Rose, your heart and hands always create such magic. Most importantly, they bring me such joy.
    So good to hear from you my dear Rose.
    Love and blessings,


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