Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gabi's Pippi

Look who has returned to the Doll Room!

I was overjoyed when asked to create a special birthday present from one sister to another.
The request also included a pair of white bloomers to be worn under a dress similar to Karli's.

Oh, the joys of dollmaking...
being granted the artistic room to tailor-create an original doll
to uniquely fit an original individual.


This little Pippi measures 5 3/4 inches .
She is an SJD with 14 friendly joints of silicone :o) !

For so many reasons, Pippi is a beloved character of children and adults alike.

She is a personification of a child who does everything upside down and backwards,
and who somehow miraculously comes out in one piece at the end.


Waiting ... for the seamstress ...

Night Time is the only Time my house is kind of Quiet.

Here Pippi and I are listening to the quiet noise of children sleeping.
How much do you want to bet I wore the same expression on my face?!


Her long carrot colored pigtails are braided from the finest of fine silk (much like spider webbing)
 and can be styled in button hair bindings on formal occasions.


Such as...

Outings to the Konditorei of course!
(Konditorei is the German word for a pâtisserie and confectionery shop).
Always a Happy Event.
Can you spot the Smiling Buttons on her shoes?
Just imagine what her bucket basket is brimming with ...
Naturally, a bounty of delectable goodies, all hand crafted by my daughter Angi,
who is, by the way, opening a Shop with some such goodies
for REAL Pippis very soon! Very Soon!
Sewing this dress provided a handy excuse to finally learn how to make ribbon roses.

This is a glimpse of my Pippisize flower garden next to the Pump House.
Pippi is sitting on a small stump filled with a gangle of Mother's Days posies
proudly planted by my youngest son this last May.


Such a sweet handful...


 ...and as you can see, this Pippi child loves to pose!



Finding joy in the simplest details of life is truly an exceptional quality, don't you think?


Pippi Forever!

Thank you, thank you, dear Gabi, for graciously allowing me
 some quality Pippi play time... 
 love, Rose
p.s. She is now nestled comfortably in her Travel Case.
  Oversized buttons with pink rag ribbons secure Pippi and her wardrobe
 for her long journey Home.



  1. She is mischievous - a beauty!!! So small (jeweler's work))))!

  2. Dearest Rose,
    I can hardly believe my eyes! Is is really possible for you to create a doll more beautiful than the last? I guess so... I am in total awe here... I LOVE her sweet expression, she is just gleaming with happiness.. Will you just look at ALL her beautiful outfits... You are quite the ribbon rose maker They are gorgeous! It is such fun to see her pose... You are really amazing my dear friend..

    I am sure Gabi will be over the top thrilled! Details, details and endless details... Love every inch of her... The smiling button on her shoes!!! Did you make those also Rose? What a great touch that is..

    Please tell Angi her delectible goodies are truly eye candy!! Beautiful work... I cannot wait to hear more about her shop... Please keep me posted...
    Love and blessings to you dear friend

  3. Greetings Ksenia...Oh gosh, I LOVE your dolls! The bunny with the milkstache is beyond adorable. Your capture of delightful expressions is just where I am hoping to go with my small poseable children. Thank you for your sweet words!

  4. Penny O Penny! You have been on my mind today. I have a little rose bush that thinks she's big...she is bursting at the seams...so many rosebuds going in all directions. Your expert help is needed to get this enthusiastic little bush back within it's boundaries. lol. I am so glad you like Pippi...can you tell I had way too much fun making her?! Oh yes, the buttons are sculpted...couldn't help the smiles...thank you for your ever-so-kind comments!

  5. She is beautiful and looks so happy!

  6. Why, thank you Lucy for thinking so!!

  7. Dear Rose...She is just as cute as a "Button"...
    I am in awe at the beautiful fabric, colors, roses, lace, and yes buttons all swirled together to make up this beautiful little girl. Her sweet smile is contagious and makes me laugh when I look at her. Your dolls are magical...I have said that before but that is the only way I can describe what I see...Thank you for all of your beautiful creations!!
    Dessa Rae

  8. So good to see you Dessa Rae! I just learned that Anita from Castles and Crowns will be gifted with your little Francoise as a pay-it-forward. Isn't the doll world Wonderful? AND thank you for enjoying Pippi...your lovely thoughts are making the birds sing louder!

  9. Dear Rose
    I am certainly no expert on roses, however, I will tell you how I care for mine. When I dead head the roses in the summer, and that has become a daily event, I make my cut about 8" down at a 45 degree angle, parallel to the shoot coming out of the ground.. It tends to keep the bush nice and tidy.. I hope this helps a little.. You may already know this..

    You know, my dear mother in law told me years ago... Penny, if you want a large rose and you have 3 or 4 buds on one stem, cut all off but one... You will have one large rose on that stem.. I have to say that I did try this once, but I just cannot do it! I want to enjoy every bud on there and enjoy the sweet scent.

    It is so good to have you back dear friend. I love the sound of the birds here and I am so in love with Gabi's Pippi!!!!
    Love and blessings,

  10. Ona jest taka śliczna!! ma taka słodką buzię, jesteś wielką artystką Sans!
    przepiękne są sukienki w które ją ubrałaś... zrobiłaś kolejną wspaniałą laleczkę...

  11. Oh dear.....Rose, you really weave with magic threads and cloths and other enchanting things....

    My beloved Penny mentioned there was something special over here and here I am to witness one of the most beautiful dolls ever. It takes so much skill and time to achieve this kind of result, but also, an inner gift and you certainly have it. BRAVO ROSE and I wish you even MORE LOVELY MOMENTS of creativity! Isn't it so much fun to dream, play and create??


  12. Hello dear Magda! Oh, I am so sad I missed your giveaway. I have been lost in the Doll Room too long...but how happy for Genevieve to have won your fluffy bunny, she must be thrilled!! Thank you for enjoying the frilly dresses...even Pippi wants to be a princess at times.

    What a pleasure to see you at my door, Anita! You must be breathless from your many travels to all sorts of Paris (link) locations, so...Thank You for taking the time to visit and notice my little Pippi child. Do you think perhaps one of her dresses would be appropriate for a dessert stop in Paris along her way home to Germany? Yes, hopefully we will NEVER EVER outgrow the desire to dream, play, and create!

  13. Oh dear Rose, what a lovely surprise to see your comment this morning! Well dearest, for your dolls to be SO EXQUISITE as they are, you would have to be locked up in the doll workshop for LONG PERIODS OF TIME! Oh how delightful your work is and I hope that my paper art soars to the fairyesque heights I envision. This summer will be or actually IS my time to work on what I love.

    Maybe NEXT YEAR you can join the Paris party and do a special Paris street urchin type of a doll.....

    Wishing you a magnificent day! Anita

  14. Your paper art is an extension of yourself, Anita, so we can look forward to being treated with many objects of delight coming from your studio this summer! Please, if you would, put me on a reminder list for your next party. Street children have the most special place of my heart reserved...and I would LOVE to go there in Paris.

    And Penny, I will carefully follow your instructions with my energetic rose bush. Like you (smiling here) the hardest thing for me to do is to cut rose branches with roses blooming on them. I'll wait for the dead heads and then give her a good haircut!!

  15. Me encanta Pipi, se ve tan preciosa con esa ropa.
    El detalle del boton es genial, me gusta.
    Tiene vida propia esta adorable muñeca.
    besitos ascension

  16. Rosa, pipi's smile is so contagious , I can almost see that you too must have been smiling while sculpting her,grin, so very lovely !!!!!
    Love ,
    From Paris,

  17. Dearest Rose
    I just had to come back and gaze at Pippi's sweet little face.. She is just over flowing with joy... You and your dolls have brought so much love and happiness to others... I am so blessed to call you my friend.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend dear Rose.
    You will do just fine pruning your roses.

  18. Hello Rose,
    once again, it was lovely to visit this blog. I always get really inspired from your work of art. Gabi's Pippi looks sooo wonderful, her dress is gorgeous, not to mention her poses!! My Pippi sends kind greetings from Finland and wishes her sister safe trip to Germany :)

    Have a wonderful and sunny summer,
    Love, Sari & Jani

  19. oh my God!!! you did such an incredible Pippi!! so sweet, so lovely!!
    and all those clothes!! I wish one too!!!

  20. Greetings, Ascension! I'm still wondering what those mysterious creatures are that are busy emerging from your tiniest of tiny bottles in your lab :O Thank you for peeking in and leaving such kind words for Pippi and me!

    Dear Pat...All the way from Paris...oh my! I am looking forward...very much so!...to hearing of your experiences when you return. I am touched that you took time to remember my corner of the forest as you wander the streets of Paree. Enjoy your remarkable adventure, my friend!

  21. Oh wow.... So cute! So lovely! Amazing, tiny little soul...
    Love and blessings,

  22. I am in love with your dolls! Completely, hopelessly and desperately :)

  23. Happy fourth dear friend!
    Wishing you and family a day full of joy
    Love and blessings,

  24. Thank you for the fairy tale you are creating! It is real impression of being inside the world of fairies. All your dolls are amazing! And I am happy to see you in my blog :)

  25. O my gosh that little Pipi is so enchanted!!! Your master skils are such a high level!!! I adore your work! You know that I'm a sewing teacher, I give you a A+ for the little clothes that you made for her!!!

  26. Rose your Pippi is so sweet... I love your creations but this last work is amazing. Great!! Hugs

  27. Hello to you Penny! My daughters and I are SO enjoying our newest Bebe excursion in her jolly balloon. All the many details were beautifully done, and her packaging was almost as pretty as she is! She will be lovingly anchored to my desk from here on out...until the next adventure calls. :)

    My dear Sari! A joy hearing from you...A little friend of yours and Pippi's is listening to the woodland bird songs with me right now as I am writing this. She has been waiting patiently for her turn without even the slightest commplaint or pout...and NOW it's her turn! I will be sending along pictures for your thoughts, hopefully very soon!!

  28. Yipeeeeeeh!!! I love her so much!!! I´m thrilled ... She is such a cuty. Only a few weeks and then this cute little Pippi is mine ... I´m so happy!!!

    Hugs Lotti

  29. Its nice to see what a wonderful Pipi my friend Lotti is going to receive! Love your work, Rose - all these "Pipis" and all your other creations -

  30. Rose, Your Pippi is lovely, and I continue to be mesmerised by the beauty of your little peoples' clothing. You are my favourite magical dollmaker!
    Well done on the roses too.


  31. Good evening my dear Rose,
    Oh how I have missed you.. Coming here always brings joy to my heart.. Pippi is such a precious little one..

    I am so happy that you and your daughters are enjoying Bebe in her balloon! Thank you so much for your kind words, I am truly touched..
    Wishing you a beautiful week.
    Love and blessings,

  32. Oh..Rose! This little doll is exquisite! I love her sweet little face and the presentation box is adorable! I love her and all her goodies! Beautiful!!! :)


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