Monday, June 3, 2013

Faerie Garden Birthday party !

 photo pauli3.jpg

 Please meet Pauli, a Birthday Girl.

This little faerie is a commission from a very dear, long-time bbflockling friend.
Pauli is her name  (of course) and she is 6 inch scale.
 Her torso is bendable, her hair is fine, very fine silk,
 and Carie Schoen made her leafy blue wings.

 photo Pauli2.jpg

This is Pauli's guest!

Inspired by a real Wire Fox Terrier
who will be the real guest at the real birthday party this October.
She sits at barely 2 inches tall and is the first miniature (and otherwise) dog I have attempted.

 photo pauli9.jpg

Pauli's gift is waiting on a matching mushroom table,
next to a sweet little matching aqua teapot with 2 teensy cups
 sculpted by Cheronda, a talented miniaturist.

 photo pauli6.jpg

Now for the Party!

First things first...
Before presents, before cake, even before singing, Pauli decides to sample her fairytale tea.
  Although her guest is not much of a tea drinker,
she decides to take a sip anyway with an eye on the chocolate cake.

 photo pauli10.jpg  

A woodland bird comes in closer for a look...
 wondering why these flowers smell so differently than those on the forest floor!

As busy as she is, my daughter Angi graciously sculpted the luscious chocolate birthday cake.

 photo pauli8.jpg

A newly purchased flowerpot was transformed into a miniature faerie garden,
with the help of my inventive 17 yr. old son
 enthusiastically breaking it into useable pieces.

 photo pauli7.jpg

Transformed into a Perfectly ideal Garden for a Faerie and her Puppy...

  photo pauli4.jpg

The party is taking place in a secret corner of the forest where old stately trees safely live
 next to a stream my children have frolicked in since they were babies.
Moss hangs from ancient tree limbs high overhead in great draping swaths,
 and owls talk to you in the daylight here.

Steps leading up to the mushroom Table and Stoops
are pieces of beach wood and acorn tops we found
during other wanderings.

  The two uppermost wooden steps are ancient...they are almost completely petrified!
What wonderful places we traveled in heart and on foot
to create this Garden

Isn't this just the sweetest little woodland birthday party ever?!!!
 photo Pauli1.jpg

Happy Birthday to You, Paula!
Thank you for sending me along on this winding path to a Childhood Dreamland.

Your new little Friends can't wait to celebrate with you!!


  1. Oh Rose, I have so enjoyed my visit and have gazed in awe at your work [shown in each photo] in your making Pauli, her little dog and her Fairy garden. What fun you must have had, and it shows, as this is such an absolutely delightful work of art and the lucky recipient will love Pauli and her fairy garden forever. Your eye and attention to detail is what makes your work so very, very special and also, I suspect, the huge amount of enjoyment you must experience at each and every step of your journey. Congratulations and hugs ...Margot NZ

  2. Hi Rose!!!

    What a little sweety!!!Wow!!

    Big big hugs

  3. Dear Rose, you know I loved Pauli since I first saw her on FB. Now it is the whole cutest scene ever that I admire! I love this little garden in a pot - great idea and colours are fantastic! I am sure the one who is given it will be over the moon!

  4. Pauli is adorable, as is her sweet little doggy. I love Pauli's sweet facial expression. Your attention to detail is much fun detail to look at. Your customer will be over joyed at this beautiful setting.
    Have a wonderful week!!
    Dessa Rae

  5. You have created a wondrous fairytale scene, fabulous sculpting and what a great idea placing it in a pot, your son did a great job breaking it in just the right way!

  6. The doll is so cute, absolutely wonderful. I love the scenes and story. I enjoy your beautiful photographs. Nice that your kids have done a bit too. The cake and the flower pot is stunning.

    Lil on Lilsdolls

  7. This is so lovely, so whimsical, so well done! I follow you on FB and so admire your work!

  8. Una maravilla, me encanta, el Ada es muy dulce y el perro esta perfecto, bueno todo el conjunto es estupendo.
    Un abrazo.

  9. Dearest Rose,
    I hope I am on time to the party! So much to view and enjoy.. She is the sweetest little one, and the puppy, this is your first miniature? Well, it would not be known, that is for sure.. He is adorable!
    How wonderful to included other gifted hands in this set.. Caire's wings are beautiful and your son involved with the fairy garden.. Please tell Angi that the cake looks good enough to eat.. She is such an amazing talent.. Runs in the family. Cheronda has done a beautiful job on the teapot and cups.
    You sprinkle magic into everything you create Rose.. Thank you for the invitation to the birthday party.. It was such fun!

  10. Greetings dear Margot, Teffy Effy :), Elina, Ewa, Dessa Rae, Margaret, Lil, Helen, Yolanda and Penny!!! Bless you each and every one for leaving such wonderful words for me to savor as I sit back and enjoy the completion of this Faerie Garden. Your words are like icing on the cake, and posting here is always in a way like 'coming home' as I greet longtime friends and new ones at the door! Tonight I am taking a break from the DollRoom to rest up for an exciting new project, so I will relax by visiting your corners of the world and see what lovely things you all have been up to...Joy! See you soon...much love, Rose

  11. Beautiful post, I love your Wire Fox Terrier, is soooo cute!

  12. Dear Rose,
    Back from my break and wanted to thank you so much for your most welcome visit!
    It was so nice to see you had come over to my little part of the world.
    Wishing you a beautiful week.. Please know you are always in my thoughts dear friend.. Love to you and family

  13. Pauli and her little dog are adorable. I love the fairy garden.

  14. Ciao sono una tua follower da un pò e ammiro da allora i tuoi bellissimi lavori, ma quest'ultimo mi ha letteralmente incantato...è meraviglioso in tutti i suoi particolari e l'ambientazione è geniale!!!!Sei davvero bravissima!!

  15. Oh Rose.....ART should move the spirit and mind, and upon seeing each photo, I am greatly moved in my heart. WOW. There are many great artists out there, and each one evokes a different emotion in my when I see their art. You have left my heart without a beat....this is stunning and the expressions and your photos! The clarity of your photos capture the unique expressions of Pauli, THEN YOU SHOW US A FOX TERRIER? MY FAVORITE DOG ON THE PLANET! I draw one named Balzac and I love him. But your sculpture here is a winner.

    Thank you so much for coming to visit me! I can tell you are having a FUN SUMMER!

    Bravo my dear artist. Anita

  16. Real party in a tiny world! I am very impressed with this scene and its performance. Dear Rose you are a creator of the fairy tales! Thank you for another lovely story:)


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