Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I've been Tagged!!

Thank you Vania and Helena for tagging my blog. I feel so honored!
Vania is the fine artist of Fantasy Whispers. She has such pretty blog pages that are a delight to behold (as is her enviable studio!). I love stopping by to see her latest works in progress and hope you will too. Check out the set she created for her "three sisters"...the details, oh my!

And Helena of Dolls-And-Desire sculpts the most wonderful German faeries. It has been a great pleasure to visit her blog and see her wips. The latest is the most beautiful yet! Please do stop by and see for yourself...

Well, since I love expressing myself through pictures, I thought you might allow me to answer the question,
the seven most important things in my life that bring happiness,
through the lens of my well used Nikon camera...


God, from Whom all good things come...


My husband who takes what I do very seriously...


who still has the heart of a child...


and who very carefully cares for those hearts...and mine...


My children...and their children...the most precious gift of Family


Our old Farm, a place where we count our dollars and always come up short...
but when we count our blessings we are oh so rich...


The Visitors who happen by and whom we lovingly count as Friends...


A Snowy Day looking out our kitchen window ...


and all that goes with it...


And last but not least, a fresh cup of Espresso shared with a wee Faerie...

These are the simple things that I hold so dear...

Thank you Helena and Vania for asking!
Now, I would like to send this award to these wonderful artists:



Pat, a diverse artist of many talents

Jessica, her doll project(s) are the epitome of creativity


Anna, sculptor of beautiful Finnish maidens

Miri, and her delightful Wee Folk and Thicket people,

Jacqui, whose Odd Dollz can't help but be adorable


Gail Lackey, (a great artist and a great friend of artists) and her sweet little Ghosties

Marci Hart, sculptor of the most whimsical and beautiful creatures

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