Friday, May 22, 2009

Celestial Bodies WIP

A Royal Couple of Moons
(their work in progress so far)


The Moon King

He measures 9 inches top to bottom. His face is almost half the size of his total size. If he were a humanoid, he would measure to almost 30 inches! This is the largest face I have sculpted and the size was a bit intimidating for me.
ahhhh, but he put my fears to rest with his serene nature...
His face as well as the intricate embossed body scroll work is sculpted of a Cernit mix.
Over a wire frame, Apoxi and brown Sculpy.

The Moon Queen

The Queen wears anitque painted glass pearls. She measures about 8 1/2 inches high.
Her long eyelashes are feathers.


Each moon will be an independant design. Each with a lunar faerie or two.
They will be sold separately, but they and their artist really wanted them to be photographed together.

The faces (approx. 4 1/2 inches) were painted with layers of heat set oils in lovely blues, lavendars and pinks. Then, they were whitened and pearlized for a glowing lunar effect.

Each Royal will have a significant crown with jewels. The King's crown will be silver and the Queen's crown will be in golds and white with pink jewels. You can see the unwhitened spot on her forehead where the crown will be attached.

They are peaceful Celestial bodies who rule the night sky with dignity and wisdom.


To be continued...
Please visit again. I will be posting more pictures soon!


  1. Love them Rose! The work on the textures are amazing with so much detail. Gorgeous pieces!


  2. Hi Rose!
    You are the artist? I noticed you joined my blog! Thank you for coming; I also noticed that you like the same things I do: fairy tales, children, animals and the whimsy of it all! Please come again and your sight is WONDERFUL! Anita

  3. Hi again Rose! WHew...I had a hard time getting into your site! How I love your world. The bunnies, the farm animals and your art is exquisite. The moons look like real people made up with make-up...such a surreal look you have captured. Are you familiar with Ullabenulla? You must make contact with her. She would love your art; she features many artists on her blog and she has a wonderful workshop in Northern California: Castles in the Air. Come back to visit me and go to the post "Where Angels Dwell" and see what I wrote up on her. She would love YOU! You are so gifted and blessed to have all the ideas and inspiration of your animal friends!!! Blessings and keep in touch. Anita

  4. absolutely enchanting ... both the man and the woman are arrestingly handsome.


  5. I am delighted...and honored you are touched by the Celestial King and Queen. Your kind words are bringing them to life. Thank you Vania, Anita and Tristan!
    love, Rose

  6. WOW! What an inspiration you are.You make me want to dust off my clay and start sculpting.Beautiful work.


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