Monday, June 1, 2009

Celestial Crowns


The Moon King's Crown
Long have I admired the intricate art of crown making. But I have not attempted to craft one myself until the opportunity of creating two for this pair came along. Now that they are done, (even though they are only half crowns), I am compelled to do more. To gaze upon the gemstones and crystals in their fantasy setting is like holding shining moon jewelry right in your hands!
Precious Gems, Tiger Eyes, Crystals and vintage Rhinestones are set in a frame I constructed of stiff silver ribbonwork. Covered in bright silver sparkles and accented with gold metal findings, this is a piece of royal jewelry that depicts a Rightful King. Thank you, Joy, for providing such a regal abundance of spectacular jewels for me to work with!
I am quite excited to crown the Moon King. I will post pictures as soon as he is fitted!

The Moon Queen's Crown
Her crown appears quite celestial, I think, with the white shining border at the top. I wanted this piece to cast a softer glow on the Queen's headpiece and her overall expression. Beginning with a metal base accented with pink stones, fine cream and white lace were added then completely covered in Katoclay. Then the lace was pearlized. Set with tiny purple gems, golden hearts and pink opals and a lovely blue crystal heart as the centerpiece, both gentility and strength are depicted.
What will the Queen look like with this crowning her peaceful face?


Family activities have pulled me far from home of late. However, this week, I will be close to the farmstead. Hopefully, some substantial progress will be made on the three lunar faeries who will be cradled on the Moons.

Please stop by again soon to see how the crowns look in place!

To be continued...


  1. They are both lovely! Can't wait to see them on their new owners heads.


  2. Rose I love your work and have been a silent follower for a long time. You are a very talented lady.
    Debie xxx

  3. How beautiful! Can't wait to see them on your new pieces! Hugs, Marcie ;-)

  4. How wonderful you are watching the progress of the King and Queen, Vania, Debie (lovely to finally meet you!) and Marcie. Your accompanying me on this journey makes it such an enjoyable adventure!
    love, Rose

  5. Wie wunderschön sind diese beiden Kronen. ich freue mich schon auf die Figuren, die sie tragen werden.
    Just wonderful!

  6. Vielen Dank, Thomi! Meine älteste Tochter der Name ist ähnlich wie Sie ... "Tomi!" Im Moment bin ich Abschluss der drei Lunar Faeries, dann werde ich die Kronen auf den König und die Königin. Bitte besuchen Sie mich wieder. Ich freue mich auf Ihre Meinung! Liebe, Rose


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