Saturday, June 13, 2009

Celestial Starlight Wings

Three pairs of white lunar wings are just finished!
They will belong to the faerie sisters who are cradled by the
Moon King and Queen.


My earthbound imagination had quite a time attempting to imagine what moon wings might look like, so I decided to borrow from something "original" to help.
Last winter my children and I were taking a brisk walk in the woods and came upon
a lovely still life of fallen leaves embedded on a frosty log. The leaves had decayed to their
pure white skeletons and appeared to us as fine pieces of forest lace. Fragile, yet complete, I gathered a few and took them home to my studio to dry.
Finding them again, I cut three leaves into halves. Then backed each half with wire frame and purple iridescent film for strength.
After coating the front of the leaves with liquid polyclay, I sprinkled on glass beads and sparkles.
The points on the leaf have round iridescent glass balls and each wing is set with a large vintage diamond rhinestone.
Because the faereies are reflecting in a peacefully safe environment, their wings will be posed in resting position.


All three wings are similarly shaped, but have a different size to match the unique personality of their faerie.
I hope to post pictures very soon! All three lunar sisters are now complete and are awaiting their wings!
I hope you will stop by to meet them...


  1. Beautiful...can't wait to see them on the lunar faeries!

  2. "You make a difference ... I know, because you have for me!"

    Now I would like to pass this along to award along to you.
    Stop by and pick it up!

  3. Hi Rose,
    You have been chosen for the The Byrum Spiritual Award

    This award means... "You make a difference ... I know, because you have for me!"

    Thank you for being such a creative and wonderful person!



  4. Wow! Thank you, Nancye and Silke!! This is an honor and a grand encouragement indeed. Now I shall greatly enjoy sending this on...much love, Rose


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