Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First of the Moon's lunar faeries *Nin*

I would like to introduce you to a new friend of mine...
A little lunar faerie called *Nin*.

She is the youngest of three sisters who make their home

amongst the stars and find their refuge with the King and Queen of Moons.


Still unsure of her confidence to traverse the vast expanse of space,

Nin generally stays close to her oldest sister Lady Kathryn and the Moon King.

Her left hand rests on her sister's arm as they sit together under the King's steady light...

a gesture of love as well as security.

Nin is dressed in antique laces, chiffon and painted leggings.


Her delicate lavendar corset is embossed and painted clay.


Dainty Royal Slippers...


Nin is thoughtful and careful in all that she does, but I expect she might

be exploring all the corners of the kingdom before long.


She would very much like for you to meet her sisters...


She tells me that Lady Kathryn might be flying in tomorrow!

I hope you will stop by again soon to meet, Rose


  1. Rose, your work is so enchanting! I can't get enough of it and one of these days, I will have one of your
    beautiful faes with me!

  2. I am SO happy you like Nin, Theresa and Sue....thank you for letting me know!

  3. It is very very very beautiful !!!!!!
    I have no words to describe what they see my eyes!
    I'd like to publish your work on my blog for my visitors know your creations
    Happy weekend
    Many hugs!!

  4. Hi Rose!
    Its Pam. Nin is absolutely lovely and pure magic. The look on her face is so amazing. always.

  5. Gracias Maria and Pam! Your sweet comments are making Nin (and her artist) GLOW! much love, Rose

  6. Si no la veo encima de tu mano, Rosa, digo que Nin, es una ninfa de carne y hueso, por mucho que la miro no me canso, es lo mas bello que he visto desde hace tiempo, me transmite tanta serenidad, que es imposible que sea artificial.
    Me he dado cuenta que te llamas Rosa, pero ¿eres inglesa?.

  7. Marimer, Mi vida es a menudo tan caótica (gran parte del tiempo en una manera buena) que mi deseo para la serenidad sale en mi arte. Sí, soy del Noroeste pacífico en EEUU que Mi padre y su familia son alemán nativo, tres de mis hijos son indio norteamericanos y mexicano, y yo tienen a una nieta que es de las islas pacíficas. Nuestra familia es un tapiz maravilloso de colores y culturas encantadores. ..God nos salta junto con el mismo corazón del amor. ¡Espero que eso también venga por en mi arte!

  8. Aamazing! True artistry. I am so blown away by this beautiful work.
    Thank you,
    Arlene deWinter

  9. Why, thank you very much Arlene!! I so appreciate your, Rose


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