Saturday, June 20, 2009

A new Baby at hand...


This is baby Hannah.
Originally she was supposed to ride upon the back of a beautiful white dove, but she had other plans. Hannah would quietly and totally disappear while my attention was focused on the lunar sisters. In a panic, I looked everywhere in the house. But my search finally ended when I found her peaceably napping in our rose bush. It was quite a feat removing her from between the rose blossoms and not ripping her frilly skirt on the prickly thorns. After a couple more trips to the rose bush retrieving Hannah, I decided that a dove flight was not in her destiny. The lunar sisters wisely advised me to create a faerie's fantasy of a rose bush for this baby. It has no thorns, of course.


When left to her nap, Hannah is as content as can be. Her rose bush is almost finished. I hope to complete it by Sunday evening.


In the meantime, Hannah is on ebay. I would love for you to meet her! Soon, I will have a portrait of her sleeping happily in a rose bush being made just for her. But for now, she has decided to take her naps in my hand. We are both happy for that!

Content in her roses...




  1. i love this baby hannah (the name of my oldest too) she is beautiful

  2. so soft, delicate and beautiful......
    I'm enchanted

  3. Hannah es preciosa, preciosa, la postura relajada que tiene es increible, como hecha para que descanse en la mano y que le sirva de protección. Bendita tu imaginación, Rose, es de una sensiblidad impresionante. Besitos desde Tenerife.

  4. Thank you for writing your thoughts dear Sue and dear Ruthie! I too have a daughter with the (middle) name of Hannah. I hope you will stop back by again to visit her when her comfy faerie rosebush is completed.

    and Marimer...

    ¡Es maravilloso cómo usted ve Hannah en su imaginación, Marimer! Sí, casi se siente como si tenga a una pequeña chica "verdadera" en la mano. Gracias por compartir sus pensamientos conmigo!

    It is marvelous how you see Hannah in your imagination, Marimer! Yes, it almost feels as if have a small girl "really" in my hand. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!

    love, Rose

  5. Rose, a traves de otro blog he visto el tuyo, me ha parecido impresionante, he llamado a mi marido y a mi hija para que lo viesen, porque es increible que unas manos puedan hacer algo tan perfecto, delicado y maravilloso.
    Nos hemos quedado sin palabras, enhorabuena y que DIOS bendiga tus manos.

  6. Just precious Rose! A sweet little bundle of perfection! Hugs, Marcie ;-)

  7. Marie, Dios es la razón y la fuente de todo que hago. ..especially mi arte. Durante 12 años yo me fui de no hacer cualquier arte para concentrar únicamente en mi familia y los desafíos que estuvimos frente a en aquel momento. Dios ha devuelto mi arte a mí por estas doll sculptures. Estoy tan agradecido, y la esperanza que mi art de crear Dios complace. Usted palabras están como un perfume a mí...

    Marie, God is the reason and the source of all that I do...especially my art. For 12 years I walked away from doing any art at all to concentrate solely on my family and the challenges we were facing at that time. He has given it back to me through these doll sculptures. I am so thankful, and hope that my simple form of creating pleases Him. Your words are like a sweet fragrance to me...

  8. Hello Marcie! How are you? I am so happy you enjoy Hannah. It is hard to put her down...can you tell?

  9. Hola amiga Rose
    Es fantastico!!
    Hanna es un bebe precioso y mágico! que solo puede dormir en una cama de rosas tan perfecta como las que tu has esculpido
    Repito mi felicitacion por tus trabajos!
    Tu amiga M.Carmen hermana Lunar

    Hello friend Rose
    It's fantastic!!
    Hanna is a beautiful baby and magic that can only sleep on a bed of roses as perfect as you've carved
    I repeat my congratulations for your work!!!
    Your friend,Mª Carmen ,The third Lunar Sister

  10. Rosa, all these comments are so fitted for Hanna and I am so glad you can *hear* others now.... sending you my love, sweet friend...*grin*

  11. Always a such pleasure to hear your thoughts Marie Carmen!...and Patita!

    Oh, cómo es maravillosa acunando a un bebé en mis manos… incluso cuando ella sculpted. ¡Comenzaré a crear un nuevo para la paloma blanca pronto!

    Oh, it is always so wonderful to cradle a baby in my hands… even when she is a sculpted babe. Very soon, I will begin to create a new one for the white dove! much love, Ros


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