Saturday, November 19, 2011

Worth the Wait

Please meet a little friend of mine.
I have named her Karli Star.
And this is why...
Her life began late in the Spring with great excitement
Who might this tiny Gnome Child become?

To read her story and see more pictures,
 please visit Karli's auction by clicking here!


And...there's a little more to her story...

With each new lump of clay, I never know who I am going to meet...
until the face paint is applied.
  Sometimes the personality shows up after the first coat,
 but more than likely the doll will make me wait and labor
over several coats of paint.
  Maybe even sometimes a couple repaints before we're done.

 Karli, however,  showed up right away.
 She was very familiar to me. 
 Her expression was one I fondly remembered from my childhood.
It was the shy sweet face of my younger sister Karla. 
I added wispy long hair and a basket of good things to eat. 
So I named her Karli.
("Star" is explained in the rest of her story.)


To this day, my sister nurtures by her generous giving.
  She loves to  make yummy things for my children and has been an ongoing blessing to me and many more
every day of her life on this earth.

I dedicate this little gnome faerie to her loving spirit
 and thank God He has allowed me to be her sister.



Oh, and I wanted to share Pippi's homecoming with you!

  Thankfully, she arrived in Finland 
to a Mighty Grand Welcome.

Her family prepared a birthday party in her new bedroom!
 With not one but two cakes and many Finnish candies besides.

 I could tell that Pippi immediately made herself at home,
There is no doubt in my mind that she will be sharing her own
decorating ideas for the rest of the house.

Bless you Sari (and your lovely husband)
 for asking me to create
 a Pippi just for you. 
 What an honor and a delight it was!


My heart is turned toward Christmas now.


 This year I would like to offer a Yuletide giveaway on this blog.
Once Karli was done, I concentrated on a prototype moveable doll whose joints could be carefully played with.
Joints that could withstand  gentle playing. 
She is almost done and I am satisfied with these first efforts. 
 I would like to give her to someone special! 
 Also , there will be a second giveaway...
a jaunty little icicle man with a top hat!~
On my next post, I will be adding pictures of them...
so please do drop by for a visit and leave a Christmas greeting!

until then, keep looking Upward!  love, Rose




  1. I love Karli! Your Sister must be a very sweet Lady, Rose.:) Thank you for sharing her with us.:)
    Pippi has a very special home. It must be very nice to see the doll you made living with caring owners:)
    And although I am not lucky in give-aways I can't wait to see your new dolls!

  2. Hello Rose,
    How I love the story about Karli, you are luckly lady to have a sister like her!!!
    But Karli is so beautiful and cute I love her expression she is a great piece of art bravo!
    I look forword to you next sculptures they are as always so beautiful done I love them.
    Blessings from my little part of the world,

  3. Warm greetings Ewa...
    Sigh, I haven't had much success in giveaways either Ewa. But I am alsways tickled to see the sheer happiness of those who do win! This little doll takes herself pretty seriously. She also wears blue hair. So, she must have been created for a unique person. The icicle fellow is unusual too. I am not real sure where he comes from. The North Pole maybe...
    Thank you for your kind words about Karli and Pippi! love, Rose

  4. Why hello Liliane! Actually, I have been blessed with two sisters whom I consider to be my best friends. We do not live very close anymore, but time and distance has not faded a strong relationship that has been between us since childhood. Karla has stood steadily by me through some pretty tumultuous times...and my younger sister Marilyn has been graciously forgiving of my absence throughout much of her adult life. We have all traveled quite different paths, but our love for one another has remained steady all the way.
    Thank you for the lovely blessing of your words,, Rose

  5. Dearest Rose
    Worth the wait? Indeed she was... The sweet image of dear Karli Star's face will be in my memory forever.. The attention to detail, right down to her pretty little shoes just amazes me.. I believe the love you have for your dear sister is held within her. I know you miss both your sisters, but distance is only that.. I know they are tucked in your heart always. I am sure that they too feel blessed to have you as a sister.
    I am so happy to have my sweet sister so near the past two years..

    Pippi's homecoming... What a happy little one she is! So pretty in her Birthday hat! I am in complete awe! Look at what they have done to welcome her home.. A Birthday party in her own bedroom.. How wonderful.
    I am so excited about seeing what emerges for the giveaway.. This is exciting Rose! I know everyone would like to win, I know I would be thrilled, but will have a happy heart to whom ever is blessed to have one of your creations travel to their home.. I love my little snowman and he holds a special place each year on my tree.. He will be treasured always.

    Bebe has packed her bags today and is on her way.. She is so excited to spend Christmas with you this year.. love and blessings, Penny

  6. Hello dear Penny!
    Bebe is on her way?! How exciting!! She will be a very special Christmas gift for Angi which will be hidden deep down in her stocking. She has been trying to convince me to share my Bebe collection with her. But her little sisters (here) would hear nothing of it. So, I am gifting her a beautfiul Bebe all of her own. You will also be a part of our own celebrations,, Rose

  7. Oh she's WONDERFUL!!!!!! Your creations bring such joy Rose. We are so blessed to have you here with us. Hugs, Morena

  8. Thank you so much, Morena. What a sweet thing to say... :) ...!! love, Rose

  9. Ах, Карли чудесна! В ваших куклы приносят чудо, они сказочны и прекрасны!

  10. She's Wonderful. Beautiful creation!

  11. Dearest Rose
    How wonderful it was to have you come visit. Thank you for you encouraging and thoughtful words.
    Love and blessings,

  12. Dear Rose, my apologies for not getting here sooner. I trust you received my email, explaining my lack of presence lately. Karli struch me as very special when I first saw her an ebay, and now I know why! Her face says it all. What a beautiful tribute for your sister. I too have two sisters, and we do not live close either. I think what you learn, and how you grow up as children help pave the road to keep hearts well traveled back and forth, unlit you actually can manage to get together. My youngest sister and I speak at least three times a week on the phone. Karla, will be so honored to have such a beautiful, fun piece created in her name, and likeness! She must be a wonderful person. I know she has a wonderful sister in you Rose. I am so excited in knowing you are having a giveaway! What a treasure for the lucky winner, to have a doll made from your heart and hands. Such a wonderful thing for you to offer your friends, and followers Rose. So happy to see Karli Star, it is always so exciting to see you have completed another magical doll for us to cherish! Much love, Always, Christel!

  13. Hola Rose,
    Han ido pasando los días , semanas , meses e incluso dos años! desde que encontre tu mágico blog pero me sigo acordando con mucho cariño ,y sigo admirando tus obras de arte.
    Tu magia la llevo en mi corazón
    Tu admiradora de España
    M. Carmen

  14. Karli is gorgeous and SO full of joy! That expression is so priceless. It's always good to have you check in. I hope you and your family have a most wonderful Thanksgiving!

  15. HAPPY THANKSGIVING dear friends! I will return in a couple days to check in with you. Right now, the pudding is steaming on the stove and the turkey is baking in the oven. So much to be thankful for...much love, Rose

  16. Your creations always bring me closer to our Creator. Christmas blessings to you and yours.

  17. Dearest Rose
    I hope your Thanksgiving was full of love and joy... Yes my friend, so much to be thankful for. I was blessed to have my sister, my daughter and grandchild travel out to sit at my table and just enjoy each other's company... Leo is in my heart and I know he was there with us.
    Bless you dear friend
    Love, Penny

  18. My dear dear Rosa!!!!
    I don't even know where to start!
    Karli is soo sooo sweet . What a smile! I get nervous in making a doll with a closed eyes because there are so much expression through the eyes but you captured in Karli ALL expression of a happy heart with her eyes closed! (((YOU))) are amazing!!Love her!grin

    Pippi has a lovely new home!!! I love the room that the new owners made for her... the pastel colors are so shabby chic .... is she a 1/12 scale or you made her to fit their needs?
    okay.... a giveway??? I can not wait to hear all about it and the joints that you are working too. Please let me know... I missed alot and not sure if you are sending newsletter because I am signed for but haven't received any for while.

    Love you Rosa!!!
    * I know you are ((( ready))) for Christmas and ah! I love your profile sentence in your "interest"grin!!!

  19. I love your dolls - especially your Pippi Longstocking which I discovered on Pinterest. I've loved Pippi since I was a little girl - she's such a gorgeously funny, courageous, outgoing and compassionate little character and your doll captures all those special things about Pippi. Fabulous work x


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