Monday, October 21, 2013

Pippi's Real Adventure at Bishop's Pumpkin Farm!

I could not figure out why Pippi and Nilsson
were so eager to leave for their new home!
  Pippi insisted on helping me move speedily along with her travel case preparations.  
 Nilsson was busy stuffing so much tissue and fluff into his compartment
 that I lost him in it twice. 
So anxious were they to go, I was careful to mail them
 as soon as the Post Office was open again following the long weekend.
  After spending  so much of the summer in their company,
 I must admit it was sad to see them so anxious to leave. 
Their time with me was a borrowed gift, albeit a short one. 

After they were gone, it seemed like an eternity
before I heard word of them again. 
Which just happened to be today! 
 So, I could not end this day without sharing this
most welcomed thank you from LeeAnn...
Now I understand... 
Pippi knew she was created for a real Adventure beyond the walls of the Doll Room. 
And I figure this might be the first of Many. 
My gratitude comes from way deep down... for the generous heart that put together
 this new chapter in my doll making journey. 
Thank you for the gift of showing me what my little creations mean to you!! 
This has helped visualize the true nature of my work...
portraying the innocent wonder of childhood.
I hope all of my visitors and friends will feel the same when they see for themselves,
Pippi's first Real Adventure....   

 photo Pippi-1-1.jpg

 photo pippi-2.jpg

 photo Pippi-3.jpg

 photo Pippi-4.jpg
 photo Pippi-5.jpg

 photo pippi-6.jpg

 photo Pippi-7.jpg

 photo Pippi-8.jpg

 photo pippi-9.jpg

 photo pippi-10.jpg

 photo Pippi-11.jpg

 photo Pippi-12.jpg

 photo pippi-13.jpg
 photo pippi-14.jpg

 photo Pippi-15.jpg
 photo pippi-16.jpg

 photo pippi-17.jpg

 photo pippi-19.jpg

 photo pippi-20-2.jpg

 photo pippi-21.jpg
 photo pippi-22.jpg

 photo pippi-23.jpg

As much as the children and I miss Pippi, we are so very happy she was meant for you, LeeAnn!
all our love, Rose and the Flockling


  1. What a cute story and how fabulous of LeeAnn to go to such trouble to show her appreciation, the dolls are just gorgeous I would love a Pippie doll too.

  2. Great story! It's so nice to see they are with someone who loves them.:)

  3. It is always such a magically beautiful and happy, creative place here !
    So glad Pippi an Mr Nillson are so happy in there forever home .

  4. Hi Rose! I am glad you and the children liked Pippi's first adventure with me. We had such a good time! It is probably a little strange and funny - a grown women taking pictures of her beloved dollies in public places ... but then again, I march to the beat of my own heart. Pippi is an adventurer, so off we go! She will make me a braver person as well! As an artist like yourself, it is so important to me (and you too, I'm sure) that we embrace and revisit our childhood memories as they help to mold the foundation of what we are today. Thank you for Pippi, Mr. Nilsson, the beautiful sailing ship (which I am sure to take a ride on soon) and all the lovely items that go with it. It is truly a magical work of art and a time machine back to my childhood. Words cannot express how I love it all! XOXO LeeAnn

  5. What a grand adventure in the Pumpkin patch! LeeAnn will take good care of them, this I know. She was quick to save Pippi from the clutches of that goat!
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful day.
    love and blessings dear friend

  6. Dear Rose, I have been meaning to drop in and write, but time just flew away! I have been SO busy this past few weeks. Pippi and Nilsson, are adorable, and LeeAnn seems the perfect caretaker for them both! I too am always so excited and happy to see where the dollies end up. Pippi will have fabulous adventures in her new home! Hope all is wonderful with you and Gary, and the children. Things have changed drastically here, and are much improved! Thank you so much for your continued prayers and love. Fairy blessings to you all, much love Christel

  7. Your blog is fantastic, i?m italian and my english is very bad.... I'm your follower... :D
    if you go to my blog you're welcome.... :)))

  8. Oh My Heavens what a Wonderful Adventure - Both Pippi and Mr. Nilsson are clearly Loving their new Home - So Love seeing your Wonders out in the World Enjoying Life! HuGs and Love, TiGGy

  9. Where are you, dear?
    These photos of Pippi are so very charming!
    Life has been busy and I am trying to catch up to seeing what my friends are up to in blogland. This is such a busy time of year.
    Hope you are well!
    and Holiday Season Magic to You!
    Teresa in California

  10. Sending holiday joy your way today .
    Be Well,


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