Friday, February 12, 2010

Maid Maleen and FIFI the Mouse


I would like to introduce you to a remarkable character
from a Brothers Grimm fairytale.

But first, I must whisper a secret in your ear...
she actually began her life as a potential Tinkerbelle!


Last fall, I had sculpted a small doll
to stand in an Elven Slipper that was created for Peter Pan
by my Elven Cobbler, Ruin Gavier
and Princess Everllie.

From the get-go, her spunky personality was quite evident.
So much so that the other little creatures in the Doll Room were always keeping one eye on her. Watching what she might be up to. the end...was a lot.

After I dressed her and took preliminary photos,
a younger, even smaller Tink came along.
So, with her hands on her hips she was placed up on the Waiting Shelf.
There she stood and waited...impatiently.


Every now and again I would pick her up and fiddle with her hair
or place her on the Slipper to remind her she was not forgotten.

But something was just not settled with her, nor with me.
So, I repainted her face...several times. That made matters worse.
After Christmas I added a festive skirt to her green tunic.

And in January, she received a newly sculpted head
with pretty eyes crafted by Loretta Polaski.


Finally, over Christmas, Grandma brought a slender dome on a base.
She was hoping I could use it for a doll.
Looking at it brought forth something from way back in my memory.
I recalled a Grimm's fairytale about a royal Maiden locked in a Tower.

And the ideas began flowing!


Her name is Maid Maleen,
and she is a princess locked in a Tower against her will.
But her will and her love prevailed...
just as this little faerie prevailed right here in my Doll Room.

I have long been wanting to learn more
about distressing cloth fibers and textures...
And through the inspiration of incredible French artist Merveillesenpapier,
I envisioned a wedding cape
that had, over seven long years, turned to cobwebs in the Tower.


Laetitia Miéral fantastic genius
is brought to life through paper mache...!

I cannot describe her unique work as it richly deserves,
so please visit her blog if you are not already familiar with her art
and give yourself a real treat!


Maid Maleen's cape and cob web canopy is my fledgling attempt to distress old laces and silks to suggest a neglected wedding veil.

Layers of colors and shadowed textures lie beneath,
to echo her former life
before the Tower.


If you would like to see her story and auction,
please click on the picture up at the right corner of this page.
I would love to hear your opinion.

Next, I would be delighted to introduce you
to another little creature who graced our long February days
with her princess spirit...

Please meet Fifi...

She is a frilly and an adventurous mouse
who came knocking at our door from California.
She was created by Penny of Angelsdoor. Naturally, she was greeted with great excitement...I could hardly keep all the eager hands away long enough to unwrap her belongings.


Her tutu is removeable so you can better see a round, pinkish tummy.
Fifi's ballerina slippers and bag can be slung over her shoulders when she is ready for another adventure.

As you can see, she is highly beloved.


Thank you, Penny, for making such a sweet Mousie
to warm the Valentine hearts in all of us here.


On a parting note, I will leave you with a glowing image from a day we spent at my daughter Tomi's farm last week.
Can you believe this is a winter picture?!
Not a snow flake on the horizon, and the rain stopped just long enough for the children to play outside on the tire swing.
As Kipper the Dog would say...
"What a lovely day...I don't think I have ever seen such a
lovely, lovely day!"

May your Valentine's Day
bring you a day full of
and sweet imagination!



  1. Rose, the distressing you have done is beautiful and adds such depth and emotion to the setting - and the beauty of Maid Maleen. Maid Maleen herself, is again, a testiment to your incredible talent and the whole piece is masterful! Oh gosh, my heart longs for her!


  2. I am in love with Maid Maleen's story. The whole piece is beyond lovely and the distressing that you applied to your work adds to the sadness that is felt by Maid. You captured not just the character but the world she lives in, and as a lover of stories, your piece has really touched me.

  3. Each time I look at your dolls I can’t stop getting amazed with the amount of details you add, with all those tinny layers, laces and beads... Everything marches together in such a wonderful harmony! Absolutely beautiful work!

  4. My Dear Rose
    So that is how dear Maid Maleen came to life through your most gentle and masterful hands.. It was meant to be.. Her face alone tells a story, but I must admit I am in awe of her clothing that you have so beautifully distressed.. Where ever she travels I know she will be treasured..
    How very humbled and honored I am that you have given Fifi a ~spotlight~ among such beauty...
    I love seeing your childrens faces as they meet her... priceless... This has been a most wonderful Valentine gift.. Thank you my dear friend...
    Yes indeed, what a beautiful day for ride on the tire swing at Tomi's farm.. Life is good dear Rose...
    Loving thoughts and wishes

  5. Ti sei fatta attendere eh? Mi chiedevo quando saresti ritornata con le tue creature e guarda cosa vedo? sei nuovamente qui, per stupirci ancora una volta!
    Un carissimo abbraccio!

  6. Dearest Rose
    Back for another breathtaking view.. Could there be anything more beautiful than Maid Maleen? I think not.. She absolutely takes my breath away Rose... Every time I look at her I see more detail. Exquisite!
    Love and blessings,

  7. She is STUNNING - such lovely craftsmanship!

  8. Hola querida amiga Rose!
    No dejo de asombrarme y emocionarme cada vez que entro en tu maravillosa casa encantada!
    Es Tan hermoso lo que haces y dices que no hay palabras para describirlo.
    La bella Maid Maleen con su vestido de novia en cautividad...una representación mágnifica!
    Rose tus manos siempre he dicho que son mágicas, me gustaría vivir ceca de ti para aprender de tu " magia " , de tu arte!
    Que Dios te bendiga !
    Un enorme abrazo de tu amiga que nunca te olvida
    Mª del Carmen

  9. Your work is beautiful beyond words! I am in awe.

  10. Rose dearest,
    I have been waiting for what seems like months to see another one of your magical posts! Thank you for this treat and I GOT TO SEE MY SWEET FIFI! Penny is an angel herself, and I so love her work. Between your incredible work, Penny and my sweet friend Patricia, I have plenty of inspiration for dreaming of what I love so much: faeries, magical creatures and a child's heart and imagination. Thank you dearest, Anita

  11. Rose dear,

    As I was looking at this French paper artist's incredible work, I am reminded of my absolute favorite French paper you know the work of Le Jardin de Miss Clara? If not, please google the title and then step into a land of MERVEILLES! Anita

  12. Maid Maleen is simply a masterpiece! The details are just amazing, and the distressed wedding gown is perfect! Some day, I will own one of your beautiful works! I must say your children are beautiful! The photos of them watching you unwrap Pennys sweet little Fifi are pricless.You are an incredibly remarkable lady! I am so proud to call you friend. Thank you for the Valentines Day Card Love, Christel

  13. Your art is breathtaking ... so magical ...

  14. I just arrived back from your blog, Sue and sadly discovered that Cordula was going to another...sigh. But then again, how could I not be thrilled for the winner!! She really is an exceptional doll with SO much thought put into her. Thank You for letting me know you are enjoying Maid Maleen...I think she took up an entire chapter of my, Rose

  15. Warm greetings Melissa, Your words mean a lot...I have carefully examined your illustrations. They skillfully tell their own story within the fine details and wonderful colors. You are truly gifted and I am quite honored my work touches your sensitive soul...and I'll be watching closely your first doll project!! love, Rose

  16. So good of you to write, Dorote. We both happily lose ourselves in the lovely details of doll making and that is only one reason why I love your work so much. Your costume beading is heavenly...but then again, so is EVERYTHING you put your hands to. Thank you for your kind words, and I am excitedly looking forward to seeing your first BJD completed!! love, Rose

  17. Little Fifi is soundly sleeping, Penny. Her days are quite full here and I have wondered if she might sometimes miss her more peaceful moments with you and Jasper. The girls tend to wear her out because they each must have their turn playing with her...but I do think she is happy with all the attention. And she wanted me to tell you she is still practicing her ballet faithfully. Thank you ever so much for sharing her with us...lovingly, Rose

  18. Dearest Rose,
    It is so good to see you back in action blogging; I have missed you since the first day I met you; I had been waiting for you to post again. Thank you for coming to my DANCE post and jumping right into the fantasy! But of course, anyone who could create the beauty that you do HAS TO KNOW HOW TO "pretend", shhhhhh....not too loud, Fifi might hear us!

    Have fun dear artist! Anita

  19. Dear Rosa....So much has been said and it is so true. This is a masterpeice and everything aboutthis piece is perfect. I love the story behind and the love that comes from each of your magnificent work. Just lovely...

  20. Dearest Rose
    Thank you so much for your visit last evening..
    Oh my! It sounds like Fifi is having the time of her life.. She will be missed, but I am sure she is happy in her new home, she loves attention! I don't think she will have time to miss us much...
    Thank you for reminding her to keep practicing her ballet.
    My heart thanks you dear friend for your support and very kind, Penny

  21. It seems I am spending way too much time on the computer, but I am addicted to your beautiful blogs Rose! Nearly every day, I visit here, and also at Elven Slippers, and once again am completely enthralled in the magical souls you have created. You are truely gifted, in so many ways. Love, Christel

  22. Ciao il mio amico. .. Non ringraziarla dimentica di me! Quest'anno le mie bambole di arte saranno meno nell'ammontare ma spero di dare più tempo ai dettagli a ogni bambola! I miei bambini chiedono più della mia attenzione, quindi l'esperienza di bilanciare il mio tempo di arte con i loro bisogni importanti. Always wonderful to hear from you,, Rose

  23. It seems that I develop a deeply unique relationship with each doll who comes into *being* here, Penny. Maid Maleen is no exception. Our time together has been somewhat complicated. She challeneged me to persevere along with her to completion. Her story (of her creation and her fairytale) has reminded me that sometimes we must persevere with our human relationships in the same manner...and that is the true meaning of Love. I know you profoundly understand this with what your heart has endured over the last couple of years. Of all gifts,"...the greatest of these is love..." ever your friend, Rose

  24. Hi, I have just found you, how happy am I, beautiful artistic creations, cheers from New Zealand Marie

  25. Que se puede decir de ella, simplemente maravillosa, rodeadad de tantos detalles en su ropa,
    Preciosa, besoss.

  26. Rose,
    I am late coming to see your precious Maid Maleen. Her changes were magnificent and well worth the evolution. I am always humbled by the beauty of your work, and your latest doll is no exception. A very fine piece of craftsmanship and exquisite in every detail. Thank you for sharing your lovely creation with the world.


  27. It is good to meet you Val! I am just back from visiting your *studio* and marveling over your intricately detailed jewelry and brand new painting. Really Lovely!
    Thank you for your welcomed visit and leaving such a kind note upon my, Rose

  28. Rose you are truly a master in your art form. So intricate and ethereal!


  29. Cordiales saludos invernal, mi querido amigo,
    Mi corazón siempre salta de alegría cuando veo su cara dulce! Tú vienes a mi mente a menudo, también ... este mundo de los blogs ha sido una bendición para tantos artistas para ofrecer el tesoro de las amistades que de otro modo nunca hubiera sido saber. Que ha hecho mi corazón la luz brillante con sus palabras ... que Dios los bendiga en todo lo que a su vez a sus manos ... y me alegro de mucama Maleen ha tocado su corazón, Maria del Carmen!!! lovingly, Rose

  30. Hey Laura...Happy Birthday, you wonderful bear maker! I will hope for very good things in the coming year for you...but honestly you are one blessed woman already. A husband who sends you Facebook Valentines while spending your days creating your heart's delight. And a great sense of humor through it all. May your next decade continue to be blessed...and thank you very much for your vist and your gentle kiss for Maid Maleen!! love, Rose

  31. Dearest Rose,

    I am honored to have your visit among all the other wonderful people that come to indulge me in my whims!!! But truly, the magic of the Netherlands has just captured me. After getting to know the three fine women I featured, I became curious about their country, and then when I saw the movie, which of course doesn't reveal the real thing, I was touched even more. You too, you have the Dutch bug too? :)

    Your art Rose, is stunning. You and Patricia both just boggle my mind with the fine details. I also so love Penny's little mice; they literally make me laugh with the adorable expressions. I was trying to make a necklace the other day and my fingers were so clumsy! Yet, I play the harp and my digits are useful for that!

    Have a lovely Sunday and thank you for your visit!


  32. Dearest Anita, Please forgive me if I say so...but I do believe you are the Queen of Blog Land! Your cheerful encouragements and place of wonder that you call home is such a source of blessing for so many. Thank you for taking me and so many others under your wings!!
    Your Le Jardin de Miss Clara is vaugely familiar...Some time agao, One Late Night, I think I might have read an interview she gave in her unique home...but I could not locate it again. I visited her website and fell totally in love her wispy elegance. She is so...French!! much love, Rose

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  34. My dear Christel...I know what you mean about getting lost in our blog travels. The late evening is my primary time to spend in my Doll Room. It is also the time I visit my friends' studios. So, I divide my time wisely (or at least I try) between them both. And I feel that both are important. Even though my family is enthusiastically supportive of my art, they are very busy with their own unique endeavors. Fellow ooak artists are such an inspiration and encouragemnt to one another's creating process. God has blessed us with one another and I love to indulge in that blessing each time I visit your *studio* to meet a brand new character who has just flown out of your diligent hands. You have become such a treasured, Rose

  35. Greetings dear Pat, It is always like a little piece of heaven when I hear from you. Thank you for your welcome visit and ever kind words! I was just thinking about your polar bears today in amazement. It is time for another visit to gaze at them in total awe...see you, Rosa

  36. Warm greetings Nesca, I have just met your whimsical Candy and very serious (and naughty) Cinnamon. Marvelously made figures with tons of personality!! A bit of brilliance, I think...Thank you for stopping by and telling me that you enjoy Maid Maleen! love, Rose

  37. Hi, Maid Maleen is so gorgeous simply incredible the detail is amazing. Thank you for sharing Penny's Fi Fi how adorable! I love the picture with the children looking at her its precious.Thank You Sincerely, Jonny

  38. Rose muchas gracias por tus palabras y tu visita a mi blog.
    También te agradezco enormemente el esfuerzo por escribir en español.
    Eres una mujer encantadora!!!

  39. My Dear Rose
    When you have time please stop by and visit.. I have a gift for you.
    Love and blessings

  40. My sweet and awesome Rose. I can certainly feel the depth of imagination and love that you put into Maid Maleen. She brings tears to my eyes and humility to my heart. I am so very honored to call you my friend. I tell my friends about bb flockling and they think I live in a magic world. I truly do, and I am so very lucky.

    One of these days!

    Love and big Hugs

  41. Welcome Marie...all the way from New Zealand! I have visited your studio as well and so enjoyed meeting your gentle woolen folk. Are they as soft as they look? Now that we have found one another, let's not be strangers...hope to see you again! love, Rose

  42. Yo me siento el mismo de sus diseños de earrings, Kenyadria. la sencillez ..beautiful con muchos detalles finos dentro. ¡Gracias por escribir y muy bueno encontrarle!

  43. Greetings dear Lori...It has been way too long since we have last talked. So, I must stop by tonight to see what your creative mind and hands have been up to! Thank You for visiting and letting me know you enjoyed meeting Maid, Rose

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  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Good to meet you Karena. I just found my way back from being lost in your vibrant expanses of colors. You know, the older I grow the more closely I am examining...what it is I am devoting my minutes to. Anita from Castles Crowns and Cottages recently posted an eloquently poetic essay on the joys of Simplicity. And although she and I adore our many *details*...I am allowing more time to appreciate each one. Your art delightfully encourages that...thank you for finding a little of that delight in mine! love, Rose
    (p.s. my 3 trash-canned comments are due to late night typos from groggy fingers on an antique

  47. Hello Jonny, Isn't Penny's Fifi the sweetest little creature? It never ceases to amaze me how such a tiny piece of fur and clay can bring so much joy. It is surely because of the heart that created her...thank you so much for visiting all of us! love, Rose

  48. Thank you, Penny, for sending a cheerful spring flower! I am pleased and honored to receive it!! I have found some new friends fresh to the blogging world and would love to perhaps send some visitors along the path to discovering their lovely work. Hopefully very soon...thank you again my friend...lovingly, Rose

  49. Dear Rose
    I wish it could have been a bouquet of flowers…. The precious creations that emerge from your skillful heart and hands are always a sight to behold.. I am looking forward to meeting your new found blogger friends.
    Bless you dear friend... Always, Penny

  50. Oh wow, just so blown away with your gift. These dolls are just pure beauty. I am lost for words!

  51. Beautiful Rose! I love the glass dome that she is magical! Masterpiece!! ;-)

  52. Dear Rose

    I come here every evening before I call it a day, to gaze at Maid Maleen. It is so apparent that the love you put into your beautiful sculptures comes through in every detail.
    Sweet dreams my dear friend... You are in my thoughts...lovingly, Penny

  53. Warm wintry greetings Julie-Ann. I could not be more pleased that Maid Maleen has touched your heart! Thank you for telling me. And oh my, your paintings contain that sweet intensity I am striving for in my dolls. It is very good to meet you! Your work is quite, Rose

  54. Beautiful Marcie!! Late last night I peeked into the window of your studio and spotted sweet little characters from long ago that you lovingly have brought back to life for Easter. What a gift you have, my friend, and bless you for encouraging me...lovingly, Rose

  55. she is truly amazing...I am inlove with your blog


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