Sunday, May 20, 2012

Adi, a Forest Baby



Hello everyone!
   Have we really not talked since the middle of winter...
 It seems like it's only been been a moment or two.
I can hardly believe that Spring is here in full bloom
 and winter is now all wrapped up in memories. 
Memories made of long winter hours spent bent over my desk
laboring the hidden details of dollmaking.
 Hours that passed by without my even knowing.
Do any of you ever get lost in the details?!
Details like jointing.
Honestly, I am shamed to tell you that ball jointing stymies the nontechnical area of my brain.  And since there seems to be no technical area there at all,
ball jointing evades me. 
 In my Doll Room right now sits my efforts at sculpting a winsomely beautiful BJD girl. 
She has had to grow used to living with me, because she is not going anywhere. 
Her body parts are not near as pretty as her face...sigh.  
So, I am content to watch from afar
 the tremendously awesome BJD artists who have mastered the art
of sculpting perfectly matched doll body parts. 
 I am one of their greatest admirers.
 In the meantime, I have been carrying on with my own little jointing configuration.
In the form should I say it... SJD...silicone jointed doll.  :)
Please meet Adi, a Forest Baby, my first SJD. 
 She is 8 inch scale, measuring 6 inches in a curled up position,
and has has 14 points of friendly articulation, including her wrists and ankles.
 Although her movement is hindered by layers upon layers of permanent clothing,
she is still able to cuddle down into her moss bed comfortably.  
 Her legs and arms are sculpted of Apoxie for strength and durability,
 built around an armature of silicone cable with other assorted things to help her hold her pose. 
Adi's head, hands and feet are sculpted of Cernit and Fimo.
 Detailed with genesis paints, earth powders and chalks.
Tiny elven slippers, too. 
A  baby needs a cradle.
This winter, cabin fever was often cured by spending afternoons walking through the forest. 
One such afternoon, my sons found a beautiful large knothole
  next to the remnants of a campfire.
After cleaning and adding moss, the shape of a heart appeared!
 The cradle base is the sawed off end piece of a small log from my husband's wood yard.
   A small branch serves as a dowel to secure the knothole to the wood base. 
 Overall, the piece measures 8 inches tall by 11 inches long. 
If the forest were thy nursery,  it's canopy the shade, 
 If ancient stumps formed thy cradle, and it's moss the bed made,
If fallen leaves became the quilting, with tiny acorns for thy play....
I would gladly make the dream she flies on, a forest-grown bouquet.
My forest grown bouquet.
I hope to show you next a miniature Pippi who is also an SJD :)
in a moment or twoooo...
love, Rose


  1. OMG Rose, Adi is absolutely gorgeous! Truly spellbinding!

  2. Dearest Rose,
    This is what I have been waiting for.. I can't even find the words right now because I am in complete awe here... What can I say but MAGIC! That's what you are... You, my dear Rose are a magical being... They both have taken my breath away..
    It is just not possible to have a favorite.. Every time I see one of your dolls I say ok, this one is it... But not so.. Leaps and bounds on each new doll.
    Adi's skin tones are just beautiful... I love her tiny little toes.. Oh I just love everything.. What always catches my eye is how you fashion such exquisite clothes... The details are amazing.. Her heart cradle is just perfect!
    Pippi is the sweetest little wonder, cannot wait to see more.
    SJD... I would not even have a clue as to where to start or how to do... You never cease to amaze me.
    So good to see you post my dear Rose.
    Love and blessings to you and family,

  3. Rose,
    Adi is so amazingly adorable!! I love the concept of the SJD. I am like you in the fact that if my Ball jointed dolls joints do not match perfectly...I cannot sell or for that matter look at the I have banished so many from my mind and into the deep dark drawer to live forever...

    Your Adi is so perfect!! I love the color scheme and her beautiful little face...
    Her bed is precious!!

    The poetry is beautiful...

    I love seeing your little creations!!

    Dessa Rae

  4. Hello to you too, Penny! I hope my curiosity meanderings keep my dolls evolving down the right road. Functional poseability has been an option I have hoped to offer for a long time now...and I think I may have just turned the corner onto that path.
    Your words of encouragement mean more than you know. After looking at a work for so long, objectivity tends to fly out the window. It is a blessing to see through another's eyes. Thank you for that!!
    I hope to visit your studio this evening and see where your imagination has been leading, Rose

  5. Greetings Dessa Rae! Boy oh boy, I know what you're many PIECES in my deep dark drawer too. It is a true art, and I deeply respect those dedicated artists who have perfected it. But, for me, it is like beading together a doll. While becoming overly obsessive with matching everything. And in the meantime I have lost the It's the weird way my mind works and I am kind of glad I'm not alone here. Let's have, Rose

  6. Oh my goodness. Oh my. I read it through and then went back and looked at it all again. Such a gorgeous baby. Her dress looks like it's made of mist and spun sugar, so sweet and her toes! Dear me, those lovely weeny toes!

    Silicone joints? I'm intrigued. Oh, and welcome back! You've brought such a treasure!

  7. OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! SOOOOOO WONDERFUL!!!!! She is magical! I love the delicate feel to this little peaceful setting. She has the most beautiful face. I love the colors and the assortment of materials. Such a feast for our eyes. Your photography is breathtaking! You bring us so much joy Rose. You create art that feeds our souls.
    Lots of XXXOOO
    Much love,

  8. Ha sido tan emocionante seguir tu relato e ir viendo esas fantasticas fotografias.
    Como un cuento de hadas en el que el pequeño personaje es esa verdadera maravilla, preciosa!!!!!
    La cuna es absolutamente genial y con ella encima maravilloso conjunto.
    besitos ascension

  9. I have to say that I gasped when I saw her. her delicate baby features and soft coloring perfection...There are many amazing doll artists out there but none who capture the beauty and sweetness of an innocent spirit like you do. Absolutely beautiful and the cradle...

  10. Hello Rose,

    What a lovely surprise when I returned from Greece to see your new additions.

    Adi is so adorable - I love her!

    Oh I wish I was half as good at making little people as you are. You are my favourite little people maker!

    Love and lots of hugs x

  11. Ohhhhhh my...such magnificence! Your dolls are the most beautiful to me!!!!

  12. Dearest Rose
    What a joy it was to see such a lovely note from you.. Thank you so much for coming over to visit for a while.. Your words always warm my heart.
    I could sit all evening and gaze at Adi and little Pippi... They are so very life like.. You are truly an inspiration to me. I love that you have some of your past works on the sidebar. Pieces of your heart and masterful hands. They bring back fond memories.
    Love and blessings,

  13. you are incredible!!! so lovely!!!

  14. Adi is so sweet! And so is your new Pippi!
    As a fan of BJD I can only say: do not give in dear Rose! I am sure we will soon see your beautiful first BJD and will love her to the bits!
    Lots of love from P'Nilli and me.:)

  15. My Dear Rose, it never ceases to amaze me that a human being can create such joy, wonder and peace with just bits and baubles of this earth. I am not sure that you truly realize the wonder and magic that you release into the world with each of your creations. And to think that you do it all amidst the day-to-day activities of making a home and raising a boggles the mind. To be a child of yours must be one of the most incredible blessings anyone can experience. Thank you so much for the love and hope you sprinkle so gently among us all.
    Blessings to you and the flockling,

  16. Hi Rose,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!
    b.b.flockling and the word novice should never appear in the same You are very kind!! It is I who should thank you for the beautiful art you create. Every creation is a masterpiece and the photography is an art in itself...
    I look forward to every piece of art you create...
    Dessa Rae

  17. My dearest friend, wow... you never cease me to make my jaw drop. This is such a precious baby and all jointed? wow! how much fun for the one that will keep her. your magic is everywhere... it shows ... it shines!*smiles*

    Rosa, Like you,, I am very impressed when I see many artists making bdj in clay. It took me 'forever" to make a prototype and i used drills, sanders and many tools that a polymer clay would not allow me to use and keep it smooth. i truly appreciate when I see a polymer clay bjd because I TRULY know how much work and time is put into.

    If you truly want to make them , I know YOU will make some marvelous dolls. You are so dedicated and you take your time. the work of your hands is always a pleasure to all of us and I am no ANXIOUS to see her!
    Thank you so much for your note on our little clip of Hershey. i had a big smile and I saw it.
    Send my love to the children... and a tight hug with a kiss to you!

  18. dear Rose, I sent you an e-mail, did it arrive to you? :)

  19. She is perfect such a sweet little one!!!

  20. My dear Rose
    You were in my thoughts today as I wandered through my rose garden.. I wanted to come back and visit the beauty I find here created by your masterful hands.. I just want to pick her up and kiss her gently.
    My love to you, Gary and the children

  21. Rhissanna...your kind words are the treasure...thank you for leaving some beautiful ones for me! After stopping by your blog, I marveled that some of us thankfully never outgrow our love of tea parties with our dolls. You have inspired me to plan one tomorrow with my daughters and their dolls! love, Rose

    Oh Morena, I've just spent some very peaceful time admiring your many have my deep admiration. Miniature babes all the way to lifesize, you have beautifully tended to them all. Thank you for the sweet moments and encouragement, Rose

  22. Dearest Rose
    Bebe will be traveling to Paris on Friday the 8th - 15th, to join everyone at Anita's virtual Paris Party.. We would love to have you join the party if you can.. The link is on my sidebar... Hope to see you there my dear friend.
    With love and blessings,

  23. Dear Rose, Hello! I am just back from vacation to Florida, a wonderful visit with my younger sister, and her family. It was great to reconnect with her in person, even though we talk daily on the phone. I am however, so glad to be they say, "there's no place like home"..part of "home" for me, is the beautiful sculptures, and here is sweet tiny Adi, so perfect, so quiet, and peaceful, heaven sent once again through your hands. Rose, she is perfect! I too am mystified by the BJD process, and have tried, to no avail many times to create some similance of a luck yet! I find the articulation so graceful among these dolls. I see you have found your own way to master the art of articulation..silicone! Tiny Pippi will be yet another timeless treasure for some lucky collector to cherish. Little Adi has such a beautiful face, and as you know, I love the way you create the rosey glow only a baby has! Beautiful work my friend, sending you and yours much love always,Peace and Blessings, Christel

  24. your world is magic. I love your beautiful creatures and their melancholic faces. Congratulation! I´m dreaming...

    I´m sorry, my English is very bad. If I could write best...

    A greeting from Spain!

  25. Hi Rose, thanks for your nice visit and comment! very grateful! Every time you look carefully at each visit and creating your own, came to the same conclusion. Just a gift from God, can take you to create wonderful things, your children, details, dolls' are inspirational! and have the 'power' to blow up our imagination, affection. Rose M

  26. I love your humility. Your dolls are beautiful and don't need to be any different. They are perfect just the way they are and I have enjoyed looking at them.

  27. Oh....Rose !!!!!!! I'm in LOVe with your Forest baby....i'm enchanted !!!! She is sooooooo beautiful and charming and her forest cradle is fantastic !!!! You are a Magical doll-maker !!!!! Every creature you create is fantastic and your photos too !!!! I so admire your work and your Faery talent !!!!! Kisses my lovely friend !!!! Have a great summertime !!! ;o))

  28. It is just amazing what you are creating, Rose! The forest baby is stunnig! I love the colors that you use. Your work is just magic, from an other world!

    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog, Rose! Your words are so encouraging! I am working on my new project.
      I wish you a very nice day and much of inspiration!

  29. Greetings to you Ron!, Ascension, Johanna (enjoy your vacation!), Ana, Anita (congratulations on your beautiful shop!) rosarod, Thilda, mirsini,and Lucy! Thank you for your kind and generous words. For being such a Blessing. It is a privilege knowing each of, Rose

  30. Greetings barefootmuse, Penny and Bebe, Lena, the Old Maid (and P'Nilli), Suzanne and Pixie Andrew, globe trotting Patricia :), Liliane, and welcome home, Christel! So good of you to stop in for a visit. Your presence is a friendly reminder for me to wander over to your own special place in the Forest. Over the past couple weeks, I have immensely enjoyed visiting you and seeing the wonders of the works of your hands. The thoughtfulness you extend by taking the time to leave a note is such a great encouragement to my continued efforts at creating.


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