Sunday, April 7, 2013


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To brighten the long grey days of winter, a welcomed note arrived from Japan
 requesting a crystal faerie sculpture.  
 Since a maiden has not visited the Doll Room in a long time,
  this was an opportunity I quickly embraced.
Little did I know it was to be an eventful one! 
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After sculpting, what I thought was a very lovely face,
 a Doggie Disaster quickly derailed my progress. 
 Our spunky Yorkie did a thorough job of chewing up the first head while I was away...
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As much as I loved the first sculpted face, it was a second one
that was meant to be.
 photo immaculee5.jpg
 I decided to call her Immaculee.
 (after reading a remarkable biography of a woman by this name in Live to Tell.). 
When closely looking at pictures from her first photo shoot,
I noticed that her face seemed to change expressions.
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Depending on the angle and lighting, her mood went from
to peaceful
to firmly resolved.
  How that was possible is beyond certainly was not intentional.
 But I figured...since her personality and story was rather complex,
 her face would just naturally reflect that.

 photo immaculee3.jpg
Immaculee is a 12 inch scale sculpt. 
 She is a puresculpt except for her torso which is wrapped.  
 I could not resist allowing her to lean forward expectantly or sit straight up.
 photo imaculee3.jpg
  A  "spun" icicle created by a talented Oregon glass artist became her hand-rest.
 photo immaculee6.jpg 
Six blue wings were made by the one-and-only Carie Schoen using actual leaves as molds.  They have been "crystalized" by adding fine German glass glitter.
 photo facebook28.jpg
Art from several talented artists was used to create this multi-faceted piece and it shows. Many hands contributed to her detailing which adds depth and sentiment to this sculpture.
Immaculee sits upon a crystal lotus flower on a handmade rose (etsy) as a cushion. 
 photo facebook58.jpg
 In the evening light, Immaculee's figure and gown takes on the appearance
of a pale ivory cloud ... 
and emits a soft, comforting glow. 
It was such a privilege bringing the essence of this sculpture together.
I hope she brings a sense of love and peace to her new home.
 photo immaculee2.jpg
While working through the many processes of this piece,
my thoughts often turned to Japan. 
She has seen her share of troubles over the last two years,
and I hoped for God to breathe fresh blessings on the land and her people.
Immaculee is a prayer for Japan. 
 photo immaculee1.jpg

Immaculee will soon fly home to Mayumi
who has been gracious and patient with her progress. 
Bless you, Mayumi and thank you!
  love, Rose



  1. You are a wonderful your creations....they are a always they tell a them....I'm glad to have found your blog...will continue to follow you. I do follow you on FB as well....I also sculpt & love looking at others creations....thanks for sharing.
    *FAIRY HUGS*, Joyce

  2. She is wonderful and beautiful made! Her eyes have a lovely and dreaming look love that.

  3. I'm enchanted by your dolls, they are so beautiful!
    I can not look at the little face chewed by the dog, I'm gonna cry.
    Congrats on your great talent! =)

  4. Absolutely wonderful, Rose! She is a very special one and you were right, maybe some things must be broken to be made once again, but this time much better. (although I think the first face was pretty too)Immaculee is a beauty. I can't imagine anyone not loving her peaceful face.:) Love her eyes and her lips and everything else too! Beautiful work, dear Rose!
    Hugs from P'Nilli and me.:)

  5. Dear Rose,
    What a beautiful doll you have created and such a lovely description of why she was created.
    You are so right about the second face being the one that was meant to be, but naughty, naughty dog was lucky that this was the case. Perhaps your little yorkie got jealous of her beauty and thought "I am number 1 in Rosies' life and I will have to do something about this!" In all seriousness though, dogs will be dogs and dolls will be dolls, so it turned out right in the end. I expect you saw the funny side after it was all over.
    She is lovely rose and well done to you, Carrie Shoen, the glass worker and other good artists who helped create this little wonder.

  6. WOW!!! All your dolls are really amazing and magical!

  7. Always a thrill to see the magic that comes from your creative soul.
    Much love,

  8. Amazing beautiful dolls! Love them all!

  9. Dearest Rose,
    I have no idea how I missed this... It just now came up on my blog roll.

    Immaculee, what a beautiful name.. One that suits her for sure.. She is simply exquisite!! It is very difficult to look at the poor little head that was used as a chew toy.. (so sorry) But you know, things happen for a reason, and this was it.. What emerged was pure heaven. I find this so interesting how her expression changes.. Truly a wonder. I feel such peace when I look at her.

    How wonderful that there were other talented artists who had a hand in her detailing... And dear Carie! Oh I must send her a note.. Her wings are just amazing!
    Thank you so much my dear friend for sharing this enchanting piece!
    Much love to you and family,

  10. she does look lovely! I could sit here and look at her all day

  11. Oh so marvelous she is, simply marvelous ~ and marvelous she was meant to be .

  12. Dear Rose, A beautiful face indeed! She does possess each of those characteristics, and grace as well! Another timeless beauty, I know dear Mayumi will treasure her always. Something stirred within me this morning, telling me I should visit, I knew I would be greeted with one of your tiny masterworks..never disapointed, always inspired! Much love my friend, Christel

  13. Dear Rose,
    Thinking of you today... When you have a little quite time, please come visit my roses.. Sit awhile with me on the front porch. Oh how I wish you really could be here.
    Love and blessings my dear friend.

  14. Dear Rose!!!
    I like You creations!! Wow!!

    Big big big hugs

  15. Dearest Rose,
    What a lovely surprise it was to see you had come for a visit! I was just thinking of you.. I am so happy you enjoyed the roses, these are the ones that Leo and I had picked out from David Austin rose catalog.. My brother and sister-in-law purchased them for me and I planted them on his birthday 3 years ago. Somehow I know he is enjoying them and watching over me as I tend to them. They give me such comfort and pleasure.
    Take care my dear friend. Sending love to you and yours.

  16. Your work is stunning, The dolls and everything are so beautiful

    Lil on Lilsdolls

  17. Dear Rosa,
    Immaculee is breath taking. Her eyes are amazing.... really! Rosa, your work have grown so much in beauty and softness... even when bright colors are chosen, they still holds a special sense that I have yet to see elsewhere,

    I have always been found of not only your sculpts but how you dress them in such beauty... I even asked you permission to copy you in the past, haha , remember that? but I failed terribly as what you create is from your OWN soul!

    The picture of you hold her in your hands is such a good remind of how our Heavenly father holds "us" in his hands with love and protection ....grin

    With a tender heart....

    "your" Pat

  18. You must have fairy blood in you for you to be able to create such a breath-taking sculpture. Oh, my...
    And being able to use other artists glorious embellishments to complement this treasure of Immaculee makes her even more priceless. Your dolls should have their own place in a world renowned art museum.
    I know the person to whom this beautiful doll is going to in Japan will be in awe of the indescribable, ethereal quality of this doll. (Yes between you and Christel, you both are in the upper 1 per cent of doll makers who can't be compared to anyone else as far as being magically endowed with such amazing creativity)!!!
    Have a blessed rest of the weekend.
    Teresa in California


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