Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lighthearted Dollmaking!

Ice Cream Raggelys

Raggelys measure 3 1/2 inches small and are Poseable!

OOAK Features:
Sculpted Heads, mittens, feet
Ball jointed hips and neck
Silicone cable arms and legs
Wrapped wire/silicone torso
Sewn clothing, fabric painted stockings
Luscious Ice Cream Cones sculpted by Carie Schoen
Woolie Sleeping Bags from the Netherlands crafted/embroidered by Nelleke de Jong
With careful balancing Raggelys can stand and sit on their own...
but they prefer company!
Guaranteed to bring a smile wherever they nestle. 

 photo srnyellow.jpg

Raggely Nellie
Not Available

Flying to lovely Mayumi in Japan!

  photo srn6.jpg

Nellie likes chocolate but prefers it in mint ice cream...

 photo srnellie.jpg

Now that all three little Raggelys are going separate ways,,
Nellie is wishing to share ALL her ice cream
with her friends before they leave.


 photo srnblue2.jpg
Raggely Anastacia

Thank you, sweet Jayne!!


 photo srnblue1.jpg

Anastacia on the other hand, loves to share
with Nellie and Neddie...  

 photo srndelphinia.jpg

And that's why she never gets ice cream drips on her dress!

 photo srn5.jpg


 photo srnn1.jpg

  Neddie Raggely
Thank you dear Mara!!

Eating chocolate always makes Neddie break out in song!!

 photo srn4.jpg

But he never gets a bite of this chocolate
 because the ice cream always melts
before his song is done!

 photo snreddie.jpg

Thank you for meeting my little Raggely children!
 For a very long time I have been wanting to create more affordable ooak children.
  So, these little cartoon dollies are a dream come true.
I hope they find a special place in your heart
as they have mine...
love, Rose



  1. They are all so precious! I love them! Hugs, Janice

  2. Glad Neddie and Anastacia has been adopted!
    They are all so beautiful!
    I'm sure Nellie will not wait long for a new home.

  3. Dearest Rose,
    Your Ice Cream Raggelys are too sweet for words!
    You my dear friend are a master doll maker.. Dolls that warm hearts and souls..
    Caries ice cream cones are outstanding, and Nellkes wollie sleeping bags are just beautiful! Such details!
    I wish my pockets were full, I would have adopted one.. I am so excited that you have sold two already!
    Love and blessings to you and family.

  4. Oh my God, they are sooo sweeeet!

  5. Oh MY... Rose! These are just the cutest tiny things! I absolutely am in love! Were these commissions? did you have them on ebay? if so, I totally missed them. They are so sweet and full of magic! There are no ends to your talents sweet friend. Hope you continue to create these, although I'm sure you will sell them as fast as you can make them! They each have a huge personality, and SO much charater! Love them, and you! xoxox Christel

  6. Wow such great expressions so life like. Fantastic!

  7. What a lovely collection of little darlings they are! The hand embroidery on the little sleeping nests is a lovely touch. I love the ice cream too. What a fabulous texture!

  8. Hello Sweet Rose. It's been quite awhile since we visited. That first doll from the doll room looks like my youngest grandchild. Your work still touches me deeply.

    My blog is back, so come visit!


  9. Dearest Rose,
    New computer today, mother board shot on old one.
    Lost all my contacts... Please email me. Same address. I will respond tomorrow.
    Thank you so much for your kindness.
    Love to you and family,

  10. Wow! Nellie is such a sweetheart and all her friends. You are so talented. I just recently started sculpting and look here for inspiration.


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